Avelo Airlines Reservations

Avelo Airlines is one of the airlines for traveling within the United States(US). The headquarter of Avelo Airlines is situated in Houston. The hub of Avelo Airlines is Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR). It flies domestically serving both the east coast and west coast within the US. The flights of Avelo Airlines were launched in 2021. The launcher of the flights of Avelo Airlines was Andrew Levy.

Avelo Airlines contains very low rates for ticket bookings and operates regularly scheduled flights within the United States of America. Avelo Airlines contains very high reliability with very low rates possible to book tickets.

Avelo Airlines serve mainly the routes which are not or very less served by other airlines and travels mainly within California towards Western Coast along with Oregon, Washington, and Arizona.

So for enjoying the trip just go to www.aveloair.com and book your tickets as soon as possible for the reservation on Avelo Airlines Flights with very low and affordable prices and with the best deals and offers during festive seasons.

Avelo Airlines Reservations through website

For online booking tickets on Avelo Airlines, you can go to the official website of Avelo Airlines. There are many ways for booking tickets and among them, this is one of the ways for a reservation.

Following are the step for booking tickets on Avelo Airlines:-

  • Open google chrome.
  • Visit the official website of Avelo Airlines www.aveloair.com.
  • Select the flight option.
  • Their three options will be visible- Return, One-way, and Multi-city.
  • Select the option of your choice.
  • If you select a return ticket you will have to add the nearby airports in both the from and to destinations.
  • Now add the departure date and return date.
  • Select your class/cabin for the flights to travel in.
  • Select the “Search Flights” button placed at the bottom.
  • Select your flights according to the rates and different classes.
  • Then scroll down and read all the conditions.
  • Now go to the next page.
  • Fill in the details as asked.
  • Now go to the selection part.
  • Select your seats according to the availability as per your decided class.
  • Finally, go to the next page to make payments.
  • Select credit/debit card and enter the details asked.
  • Make payments.
  • Your seats are booked at Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines Reservation through a mobile app

You can also book tickets online through the application of Avelo Airlines using a mobile. You can book very easily using the official application of Avelo Airlines.

Follow the following steps for registration:-

  • Open play store.
  • Search “Avelo” application.
  • Install the app on your mobile.
  • Open the app and select a flight option.
  • Select options among round trip one-way and multi-city according to your choice.
  • If you have selected a round trip enter your departure and arrival airports.
  • Enter dates of departure and arrival.
  • Enter the number of customers and select the class.
  • Select the search button at the bottom.
  • You will have to select the flights, according to the rates you can afford.
  • Click on the next button.
  • Add the details asked.
  • Click on the select seat button.
  • Select your seats according to the class you selected.
  • Finally, your selection is over and now go to the payment option.
  • Make payments using a credit card/debit card.
  • Your reservation is done.

Avelo Airlines Reservations by dialing the airline’s number

We also have an option for offline reservations of flights by contacting the service center of Avelo Airlines. The service number of Avelo Airlines is (346) 616-9500. Dial this number and call the Avelo Airlines service center also for any booking inquiries. You can book your tickets faster by contacting the Avelo Airlines helpline number. You will get an instant reply by making a single call to the service center of Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Airlines Reservation through the KIOSK system

KIOSK system is available at every airport. At the airport,
passengers can check in with a credit card/debit card using the KIOSK system. It is not much hard to check in through the KIOSK system, it can be done easily without any worries. At the airport, you don’t have to stand in a queue or face any traffic to check in because the reservation is very quick.

Avelo Airlines Baggage Policy

Avelo Airlines helps you to book tickets at a very low cost and so the airline does not allow free baggage to carry on the flight. If any of the passengers want to carry their luggage they have to purchase it as a flight add-on. Avelo Airlines charges carry-on baggage but it allows passengers to bring a personal item free of charge on the flight.

As we said a personal item will be free of charge to carry, each passenger can only borrow any one item along with them on the flight. The item or thing should be fitted under the seat of the plane. The size should be 14″ ×9″ ×9.5″.

In Flight Amenities

Avelo Airlines allows pets on the flight.

Pets like small cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds are allowed which can be safely kept in front under your seats.

Avelo Airlines charge $125 for the pets traveling.

The pets are not allowed to be kept in a cargo bin.

Avelo Airlines allows less than 8 or 8 pets per aircraft.

FAQ’s on Avelo Airlines:-

How many classes are there at Avelo Airlines?

There are four different classes at Avelo Airlines which are mentioned below;
* First-class- economy class
* Second class- premium economy class
* Third class- business class
* Forth class- first class
* All the seats in all the classes are available at low rates very easily.

Q. Does Avelo Airlines allows pets on the flight?

Ans. YES!! Avelo Airlines allows pets to travel on the flight. Pets like small cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds are only allowed to carry and kept under the seat safely. Avelo Airlines allowed only 8 or less than 8 pets per aircraft.

Q. Which is the official website for booking tickets online on Avelo Airlines?

Ans. The official website of Avelo Airlines for online ticket booking is www.aveloair.com.

Q. What is the average number of flights of Avelo Airlines per week?

Ans. The average number of flights per week is 306.

Q. What is the difference between Avelo Airlines compared to other airlines?

Ans. Avelo Airlines goes to or serves the routes that other airlines serve not or very less.

Q. At which destinations does Avelo Airlines fly?

Ans. Avelo Airlines flies to 34 destinations directly including New Haven, Orlando, and Burbank.

Q. What are the helpline or service center contact numbers of Avelo Airlines?

Ans.The helpline number of Avelo Airlines is (346) 616-9500. You can contact Avelo Airlines at any time at this number for any guidance or inquiry regarding any issues related to Avelo Flights.

Q. What is the baggage policy of Avelo Airlines?

Ans. Avelo Airlines helps you to book tickets at a very low cost and so the airline does not allow free baggage to carry on the flight.

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