Qatar Airways Reservations

Qatar’s official flag carrier is owned by Qatar Airways (QR). Its central hub, Hamad International Airport, provides connections to more than 150 domestic and international airports. The company is based in Doha. The fleet of Qatar Airways consists of over 237 aircraft. You can travel to more than 172 locations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania with a Qatar Airways reservation. 

First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class are the three travel classes (cabin configurations) that Qatar Airlines offers. 

The airline of the year, Best Airline in the Middle East, Best Business Class Seat (Skytrax), Best Economy Class: Middle East (TripAdvisor), Best Seat Comfort, Best Cabin Service (APEX), and World’s Best Business Class (Skytrax and TripAdvisor) are just a few of the honours that Qatar Airways has recently won.

Skytrax has certified Qatar Airways as a 5-star airline. The Qatar Aircraft Catering Company, United Media International, Qatar Airways Cargo, Qatar Duty-Free, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Executive, and Qatar Distribution Company are some of its subsidiaries.

Ways to Book a Flight With Qatar Airways

You can easily make your Qatar Airways booking through:

  • Online
  • By phone 
  • With the mobile app 

Online Booking for Qatar Airways

Here’s the way to book a flight on Qatar Airways online:

  • Check out
  • Type in the details of your trip. 
  • Select the “Show flights” option.
  • Choose your flight. 

Observe the instructions to:

  • Put the passenger’s information in. 
  • Decide on a payment option.
  • Put in the required information.
  • Verify your reservation.
  • Pay

Soon after you make your payment, you will receive an email with your e-ticket.

Phone Booking Through Qatar Airways

The best place to find a cheap ticket isn’t at the airport when making a reservation. By calling to reserve your Qatar Airways ticket, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and last-minute offers that will result in the lowest possible airfare. 

Speak with a travel agent at Qatar Airways to arrange your airfare at a discounted rate. The booking reservation number for Qatar Airways is available around the clock.

With Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to book your ticket with Qatar Airways. To begin booking flights with Qatar Airways using your mobile device, download the app and create a free account. The mobile application can be downloaded for free and is compatible with both Android and iOS phones.

Qatar Airways Group Reservations

Tickets for group travel can be purchased on Qatar Airlines, and you can also contact them by phone or email with questions. Organising group travel can be done as follows:

  • First, make a reservation by calling , the Qatar Airways group booking number.
  • You must inform the expert you speak with about the specifics of the group travel as soon as possible.
  • Inform them about the total number of passengers, adults and children, the destination of departure and arrival, and the dates of the trip.
  • They will find flights that work for you and provide you with a quote.
  • They will respond to you with a quote in a maximum of two business days if they are unable to provide immediate assistance.
  • If you accept the quoted prices from Qatar Airways, you can purchase the tickets.

Qatar Airways Multi-City Booking

Your multi-city flight can be scheduled over the phone. In other words, you can make a call to book your flight. You can book your flight from anywhere by just giving them a call. Take note of these measures to place a call.

  • Dial +44-203-287-3155 is Qatar Airways’ phone number.
  • Select your preferred language and book your flight using the IVR as well.
  • To connect the call, give it a few seconds.
  • You must provide the assistant with all the necessary information so they can arrange your flight.
  • Before presenting the assistant with the completed submission, remember the details.
  • The assistant will quickly schedule your flight.

Qatar Airways Classes and Flight Amenities

Cabin Classes

You can choose from three different cabin classes on Qatar Airways. They are First Class, Business, and Economy.

Economy Class

Travel on one of the newest fleets and take advantage of one of the most significant and spacious seats in the industry. 

What Kind of Seats Are in Economy Class?

Qatar is committed to giving you the most comfortable and convenient travel experience once you’re in your seat. Every seat comes equipped with all the comfort essentials, including socks, earplugs, and eye masks. To keep your laptop powered on, make sure you have your own phone, USB cord, and power outlet.

Business Class

Travelling in business class on Qatar Airways offers an unparalleled experience! The first cabin with seats facing both forward and backwards for optimal passenger comfort is Qatar’s Business Suite.  The airline’s signature colours, burgundy as well as grey, with gold detailing, are used to decorate the cabin’s interior.

First Class

British Airways First Class

Aside from the extra in-flight entertainment options, a luxurious and spacious First Class cabin, gourmet dining, dedicated lounge access, spa treatments, and more, purchasing first-class tickets with Qatar Airways comes with a number of benefits not often found in lower class fares.

Travellers can rest and sleep comfortably in the First Class cabin of Qatar Airlines thanks to its spacious and private suites with lie-flat seats. Soft bedding, toiletries, and chic amenity kits are just a few of the upscale amenities available to you.

How to Grab Latest Deals With Qatar Airways 

Travelling doesn’t have to be costly due to Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines in the world, has affordable tickets and first-rate customer support. You may also get better bargains on your subsequent trip if you know a few tricks.

Use Social Media to Keep up with Qatar Airways

Keeping up with Qatar Airways on social media will allow you to see the most recent offers. On their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, they often share information about flash sales, discount codes, and one-time deals. To ensure you get all sales, be sure to enable notifications for their posts as well.

Sign Up For Their Newsletter

In addition, Qatar Airways provides its subscribers with newsletters that include details on current promotions and exclusive deals. You can easily stay updated about the newest deals by subscribing to their newsletter, which will deliver these updates straight to your email inbox.

Make Advance Flight Arrangements

Booking your flights as early as possible is a good idea if you know your travel schedule well in advance. When travellers reserve their tickets months in advance, Qatar Airways often provides them with a discount.

How to Add Baggage on Qatar Airways

In addition to checking in your bags at the Qatar Airways counter, you can make an online reservation and add more baggage to it. By selecting this option, you can save time and avoid any potential long lines at the airport. 

  • To access your Qatar Airways account, enter your ticket number or booking reference.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “My Bookings” section.
  • After choosing your flight reservation, click the “Manage Booking” button.
  • On the new page, click the “Add Baggage” option.
  • After deciding how many bags to add, finish the payment process.
  • An email verifying your reservation and extra luggage will be sent to you.
  • Economy Class: – In economy class, the number of bags allowance depends upon the routes. Details are here:
 Economy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations25 kg (55 lb)30 kg (66 lb)35 kg (77 lb)
Flights to/from Americas2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)
Journeys originating in Africa2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)
  • Business Class: – In business class 2 bags are allowed with a traveler.
Economy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations40 kg (88 lb)40 kg (88 lb)40 kg (88 lb)
Flights to/from Americas2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)
Journeys originating in Africa2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)

Note: If the limit (weight and dimension) exceeds, then you have to pay according to your baggage. However, aircraft capacity influences the baggage policy.

Check-in for Qatar Airways flights

To acquaint you read all check-in details. You must know all methods to check-in and enhance your experience. You can check-in in an online way to save your precious time. You can also check-in in an offline way. Online check-in starts 1 day/24hrs before the departure time. Read all related details mentioned below:

Web check-in

It is one of the easiest and exclusive ways of performing check-in. Web check-in is processed through tablet, PC, mobile, and computer. Just enter your booking reference number and get your boarding pass. You can also submit an e-ticket number instead of the reference number. You can save your crucial time instead of boarding physically. The steps are written here, highly recommended to read before check-in.

  • Visit  
  • Sign up (for new users) or login (for existing users).  
  • Click on the ‘web check-in’.
  • Enter all required details.
  • Now select a particular seat.  
  • Pay your payments online.
  • At last, click on “check-in”. 

The check-in process starts 1 day ahead of the flying time. You can also start the above steps 2-3 hours before departure.

Check-in through Qatar Airways App

Qatar’s mobile application is easily available. Just download it on your smartphone and install it quickly. If you already have it then jump to the 4th step. This mobile application process is easier than the web process. Follow the following mentioned steps:

  • Open your play store or ios app store. 
  • Search and install the Qatar Airways application.
  • Open the official app after installation.
  • Login and start the check-in process.
  • Went to the “check-in option” section.
  • Enter your flight ticket details.
  • Select a seat. 
  • Complete a secure payment process. 
  • After paying the fare, tap “check-in”.


Q1. How do I get my e-ticket from Qatar Airways? 

The booking reference and the passenger’s last name are usually required to access the official Qatar Airways website and obtain your e-ticket. Choose the “Manage Booking” or “My Trips” section and select the option to view or download your electronic ticket. Directly contacting Qatar Airways customer service may also be beneficial if you are facing any problems.

Q2. How do you add passengers to existing reservations at Qatar Airways? 

  • Open your Qatar Airways account and log in. 
  • Navigate to the “My Trips” area. 
  • Choose the reservation to which you wish to add a passenger, then click “Manage Booking”. 
  • Choose “Add Passenger” after swiping down.
  • Input the new passenger’s information, including name, birthdate, and passport details. 
  • Check and verify the changes. 
  • If there are any additional fees, pay them.
  • Once finished, an email containing the updated reservation details will be sent to you as a confirmation.

Q3. What is the cheapest day to book Qatar Airways?

You can save 15% on airfare by actually flying domestically on a Wednesday, even though booking your flight on a Sunday will still get you the best deal. 

Q4. Can I book a flight for someone else on Qatar Airways?

In any Qatar Airways office, you can use your card to buy tickets for your family or even for someone else. If you plan to purchase a ticket online with your card on the Qatar Airways website, you must present the card to the person when you check-in.

Q5. How to get the best deal on Qatar Airways?

If you want to get the best deal on a flight with Qatar Airways, think about booking in advance of time, being flexible with your travel dates, and keeping an eye out for promotions. To be aware of deals, use price comparison websites and subscribe to airline newsletters. Finding more affordable options may also be made more accessible by making reservations during off-peak times or by using package discounts.

Q6. Does Qatar Airways have last-minute deals?

Yes, passengers searching for affordable flights can find them with Qatar Airways at the last minute. These offers are available via a travel agency or on the airline’s official website. These last-minute offers frequently have lower costs, which can help travellers save money on their airfare.

Q7. Can I travel with a newborn baby on the Qatar Airways flight?

Ans. Yes, you can travel with a newborn baby/ infant. You need to submit a medical report of yours (mother) and baby. After analyzing your report you will be allowed to take your child with you during the flight. The cabin crew will make the mother’s and child’s journey comfortable. Not sure, that you will get a bassinet facility.

Q8. Does Qatar Airways accept multiple bookings for first class?

Ans. Yes, these Qatar Airways make your way to book multiple tickets for first class. You can easily do it by just visiting its official website or by downloading its application. Just search for an option and add one more destination.


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