Qatar Airways overview

Qatar Airways is one of the youngest airlines. This airline serving 6 continents was founded in 1997. Aircrafts operated by this airline carry 46000 plus professionals in a day. The in-flight staff can speak multiple languages. You can say they are bi-lingual and change language according to the area or flight routes. 

Why fly with Qatar Airways?

  • Its website is well designed and user friendly, you will get all the details regarding the flight.
  • In-Flight and other staff representatives are very humble and always nimble and curious to resolve your queries. 
  • Flights are on time and neat-clean seats are made available to you.
  • They provide good service, hospitality, delicious food, entertainment facility, and security to customers.
  • They also offer beverages and snacks time-to-time to travelers.
  • The airline also has a 24/7 customer support team.

Classes of air travel on Qatar Airways

Qatar airline operates millions of flights over the year. Cabin allotment depends on your reservation/ tickets. They have 3 types of classes. The details for each class are mentioned below:

Qatar Airways First Class

It is a luxurious world in the sky just slides your doors and privatizes yourself by closing them. It is a unique and expensive way to travel around the globe. You will get services in first class: 

  • By closing doors, you can enjoy a private cinema on the plane. 
  • You will experience a private cabin with ambient lighting.
  • You don’t have to stand in baggage clearance, security queue.
  • You can do seamless check-ins.
  • You can fix your seat into a comfortable flat-bed. You will get a sanitized pillow for comfortable sleep. 
  • You will also enjoy world-class entertainment services.
  • It offers food with delicious dishes, meticulous beverages, meals, and expensive snacks.
  • You can have meals on-demand or at a fixed time, food is prepared by top chefs.

Qatar Airways Business Class

In business class, everything is well managed and redefined. You will get a larger seat, luxurious services, and extra legroom. You will have these facilities mentioned below:

  • You will get a washed sheet/blanket and a well-sanitized pillow. 
  • You will get a USB port for charging your devices.
  • You can enjoy the latest movies, music albums, and documentaries.
  • You can carry 2 checked bags.

Qatar Airways Economy Class

In this class, you will enjoy common services like regional cuisine and beverages. You can carry only 1 checked bag. In Economy class, common onboard services are available like entertainment, on-demand Wi-Fi. You can enjoy lots of thrills, endless laughter, the latest web series, and documentaries. 

How to make a Qatar Airways Reservation?

You can do bookings from modern ways of bookings. Currently, booking is not a complicated task. There are two easy and extraordinary online ways of booking a ticket in this airline. These two online ways are official mobile booking and website. These are the fastest way of making bookings. You will also get multiple ways of doing all payment activities like Google Pay, PayPal, and MasterCard, etc. There are no booking/reservation fees and hidden charges. By doing booking in these ways, the airline will give you 2000 ‘Qmiles’ for the first booking and 500 ‘Qmiles’ for every consecutive reservation as a bonus.

Visit the official website of Qatar Airways

Visit for bookings. You can also get a price drop offer on the website. You can also avail of discount coupons. The website of Qatar is full of details, guidance and you can get help easily. You have to enter a login credential and select your preferred seat. The process of booking a ticket is given below:


  • Type on the search bar of your web browser. 
  • Create a fresh account and if already made, just log in. 
  • Now select your route, dates, and suitable flight. 
  • Now select seats.
  • Finally, go for payments. 

If facing any problem then call a curious customer care executive. 

Through Qatar Airways Mobile Application

Handling the mobile application is a more convenient way of doing a booking. Download the latest application on both android and ios based smartphones. However, the process is similar to the website. Just make an account for all reservations, don’t need to log in separately for every reservation. You can handle all tasks like check-in, booking, flight status, and boarding pass. Steps are detailed below:

  • Download the official application. 
  • Open it, after installation.
  • Sign in or sign up (for existing users Sign in and for new users Sign up)
  • Search your flights and select your seats.
  • Pay for the fare. 

Qatar Airways Reservation in-flight services & Phone Number +1-800-998-6716

Best Services to travelers is the main priority for Qatar airways. Customers are warmly welcomed at the airport. The in-flight staff helps you to find your seat and always curious to resolve your all problems. Delicious food is offered to customers and prepared by top chefs. Entertainment facilities provided on flights will never let you bore. Important headings are mentioned below:

  • In-flight meal

The airline serves you, food prepared by the top chefs. Different meals are served in all types of classes. Mouth-watering food gives you a joy of local and international cuisine. All meals are offered at different times (depending on flight time and route). Apart from regular meals, the airline also serves beverages like coffee, beer, soft drinks, tea, wines, and juice, etc. 

You can also order your favorite food and pay for it online.

  • In-flight entertainment

Entertainment sources are available in every class but the quality of entertainment is different in all classes. You can enjoy newly released music labels, the latest movies, and knowledgeable documentaries. Just search your favorite one on the main screen and put on your headphones and enjoy! You will have all kinds of entertainment.

Baggage Allowance Policy

The baggage allowance policy is different for every class and airlines. Baggage allowance also varies on the flight’s route. Infants/children have the same baggage allowance policy. You can carry checked baggage and hand baggage. You can read the following details:- 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy is simple to read and categorized according to classes. Your allowance of bags also depends upon the weight and dimensions limit of bags. Maximum dimensions (length + breadth + height) are 158 cm (Piece concept) and 300 cm (weight concept) Please read the mentioned ways:

  • Economy Class: – In economy class, the number of bags allowance depends upon the routes. Details are here:
 Economy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations25 kg (55 lb)30 kg (66 lb)35 kg (77 lb)
Flights to/from Americas2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)
Journeys originating in Africa2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)2 pieces (23 kg/50 lb each)
  • Business Class: – In business class 2 bags are allowed with a traveler.
Economy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations40 kg (88 lb)40 kg (88 lb)40 kg (88 lb)
Flights to/from Americas2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)
Journeys originating in Africa2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)
  • First Class: It is one of the prominent classes; this class allows you to carry maximum baggage. Details are listed below:
                                                            First Elite
Flights to/from all destinations                                                                                            50 kg (110 lb)
Flights to/from Americas & Africa2 pieces (32 kg/70 lb each)

Note: If the limit (weight and dimension) exceeds, then you have to pay according to your baggage. However, aircraft capacity influences the baggage policy.

Baggage Allowance in Cabin

Baggage allowed in Cabins varies and depends on your cabin class. Each piece of personal items does not exceed dimensions 20*15*10in (50*37*25 cm). A laptop bag is also a part of the handbag allowance.

  • Economy class: – One can take one handy bag with him/her in every economy class cabin. The limit for weight is 15 lbs/7 Kg.
  • Business-class: – Passengers can take 2 pieces having a total limit of weight is 33 lb/ 15 Kg). 
  • First Class: – Total number of handbags allowed is 2. The total weight limit is (33 LB/ 15 Kg).

You can carry extra baggage in cabins. 

Examples of personal or extra baggage are:

  1. Handy-bags, Small Backpack
  2. Laptop with its bag
  3. Duty-free purchases at the Airport.
  4. Small pet animal but should be carried in its carrier.
  5. Consular bag and Camera bag.
  6. Sports items like squash and tennis. 
  7. Musical instruments but some restrictions on size.

Note: For flights originating from Brazil, baggage weight is limited to 22 lbs or 10 kg.

With infants Baggage Freedom

If you are traveling with a newborn/infant baby and having a baby ticket. Then the same baggage policy is applied. So you can take advantage of carrying the same amount of baggage. 

Extra baggage allowance policy

If your bag weight/dimensions exceed the limit, then pay for extra baggage. The fees/charges depend upon the following reasons:

  • Flight route
  • Extra baggage’s dimensions. 
  • Your increased/extra baggage weight.
  • Extra space availability in aircraft.

It is good to have all knowledge and you can also pay charges/fees online.

Check-in for Qatar Airways flights

To acquaint you read all check-in details. You must know all methods to check-in and enhance your experience. You can check-in in an online way to save your precious time. You can also check-in in an offline way. Online check-in starts 1 day/24hrs before the departure time. Read all related details mentioned below:

Web check-in

It is one of the easiest and exclusive ways of performing check-in. Web check-in is processed through tablet, PC, mobile, and computer. Just enter your booking reference number and get your boarding pass. You can also submit an e-ticket number instead of the reference number. You can save your crucial time instead of boarding physically. The steps are written here, highly recommended to read before check-in.

  • Visit  
  • Sign up (for new users) or login (for existing users).  
  • Click on the ‘web check-in’.
  • Enter all required details.
  • Now select a particular seat.  
  • Pay your payments online.
  • At last, click on “check-in”. 

The check-in process starts 1 day ahead of the flying time. You can also start the above steps 2-3 hours before departure.

Check-in through Qatar Airways App

Qatar’s mobile application is easily available. Just download it on your smartphone and install it quickly. If you already have it then jump to the 4th step. This mobile application process is easier than the web process. Follow the following mentioned steps:

  • Open your play store or ios app store. 
  • Search and install the Qatar Airways application.
  • Open the official app after installation.
  • Login and start the check-in process.
  • Went to the “check-in option” section.
  • Enter your flight ticket details.
  • Select a seat. 
  • Complete a secure payment process. 
  • After paying the fare, tap “check-in”.


In this automatic check-in system, you will get a link on your registered mobile number. It is developed for the customer and designed in such a way to make the process easy and convenient. You have to link your self mobile number with your account. The provided link is to the boarding pass. You can print it by yourself after downloading it. No printer available, no worries! After reaching the airport print your boarding pass from self-operated machines or ask it from the airways staff at kiosks. 

How to get an Automatic check-in service?

Automatic check-in service is developed for making the check-in process remarkably easier. Just provide your mobile number while registering. When your reservation is done, then a link as a text message will be sent to your registered mobile number. This provided link will redirect to the soft copy of the boarding pass.

Check-in directly at the airport

Apart from the online process, the offline way is also easy but tiring. Please reach 2-3 hrs before the departure of the flight. You can get your boarding pass from self-operated machines or airline executives. Just reach the airline desk and ask for your boarding pass. 

Qatar Airways Customer Service

Qatar Airways has separate contact numbers for different countries. Just visit the “Call us” option and select your contact center, you will get your desired number.

The number for the Qatar region is +1-800-998-6716.

Text message options: iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Line, etc.

You can also send feedback and grievances on text message service and mail. You can also visit. for clearing all doubts. Qatar Airways Reservations Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Ans. Yes, you can travel with a newborn baby/ infant. You need to submit a medical report of yours (mother) and baby. After analyzing your report you will be allowed to take your child with you during the flight. The cabin crew will make the mother’s and child’s journey comfortable. Not sure, that you will get a bassinet facility.

Q. How soon do I get my refund from the airline?

Ans. The refund policy depends upon your bought ticket. Not all the ticket fare is refundable. It also depends upon the route. Please check about your ticket or flight details. Select the method of getting money back; just fill in all details in the refund form. This refund process takes 4-5 weeks. Airline officials will study your case and will pass a claim.

Q. Does Qatar Airways have internet connectivity on the flight?

Ans. Yes. Qatar Airways sells Super Wi-Fi at 10 USD. You can use high-speed super Wi-Fi in the clouds. You can also purchase packs before and after boarding the flight. 

Q. What is the Qatar Airways hotline/customer care number?

Ans. For reservation related problems or any query, make a call to the customer executive. Qatar Airline customer care number +1-800-998-6716. Customer service is available 24/7.

Q. Does Qatar Airways accept multiple bookings for first class?

Ans. Yes, these Qatar Airways make your way to book multiple tickets for first class. You can easily do it by just visiting its official website or by downloading its application. Just search for an option and add one more destination.

Q. How do I change my travel dates?

Ans. Changing travel dates is an easier task. If your reservation is made by an agent, then you must contact your agent. You can manage dates through the official application and website. Just enter your login credential and adjust your new dates.

Note: – For any query, contact the customer executive.

Q. Do I get food on the flight?

Ans. Yes, you will be served with mouth-watering food. The food served is marvelous and delicious. The dishes and liquids offered to customers depend upon the booked class, routes, and flight time. During flights of international routes, a full-time meal is offered. Many times, beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks, beers, liquor, and juice. In business class, you can arrange your fixed time for the meal. All dishes are well cooked by top-chefs. 

Q. What is the benefit/advantage of having a Qatar Airways account?

Ans. Official account making is not a very big task. It is a simpler task and has many benefits. For multiple reservations, you don’t need to add details several times. Your details are not exposed to 3rd party organizations. You can manage travel dates; buy many services like Wi-Fi. You can do all payments processes securely using your account. You can do all reservations by yourself without contacting an agent or a travel agency. 

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    I was surprised by Qatar Airlines customer service for changing a flight ticket. Due to a last-minute change in the organisation of my business plans, I wanted to change the dates of my departure and arrival but didn’t know how, so one of my friends suggested their customer service. Their staff is very courteous and considerate of your needs. Finally, because of them, I was able to get to my meeting in time.

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