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About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa City. Etihad Airways has a 113-plane fleet that serves more than 75 domestic and international destinations. In 2018, Etihad Airways transported 14.8 million passengers from its primary hub, Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Alliance Arab Air Carriers Organization is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon, that is non-political.

The League of Arab States’ Transport Committee recommended that the organization be established. With the primary purpose of promoting cooperation, quality, and safety standards, they provide industry courses in various aviation management programs as well as Human Resources training to assist Arab airlines in meeting their training budgets. The International Civil Aviation Organization and AACO struck an agreement in which the airlines agreed to have a 0% increase in emissions by 2020.

How can I make an Etihad Airways reservation with?

•To make an Etihad Airways flight booking, go to Etihad Airline’s official website at

•The preference “Plan and Book” is noticeable at the top of the page.

•When you hover your mouse over this menu, you will see “Book Flights.”

•Click on “Book Flights” now.

•In this section, you must input the necessary information.

•You must enter the “From” and “To” locations. Then choose either “Return” or “One Way.”

•If you need to go to many locations or have stopovers, select “Multiple destinations/stopovers.”

•Based on your demands, select dates and the type of Class, either “Economy,” “Business,” “First,” or “The Residence.”

•All travellers must be in the same age group.

•Enter your offer code here and then click “Search flights” if you have one.

•To purchase your ticket, follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have any difficulty while booking an Etihad Airways flight ticket, you can contact the Etihad Airways phone number 844-793-2170 or book tickets with Flyinguidelines to help you further with the procedure.

Book Etihad Airways Flights Phone Number +1-800-998-6716

Etihad flight booking using offline method

Passengers can also buy tickets the traditional way, in person. You can visit and book flights at the local airport’s Etihad Airways booking centre, where airline personnel will assist you in booking tickets or resolving any booking-related questions. Passengers can also book tickets by calling the Etihad Airways ticket booking/customer service hotline number 844-793-2170.

Mobile App for Etihad Airways Booking

Etihad Airways has a dedicated mobile app that allows users to book tickets from their phones. Customers may book a ticket with ease and simplicity using Etihad Airways’ mobile application, which includes all of the airline’s services and features. The mobile app also allows travelers to pay for tickets and services using any of the accessible payment methods. Etihad Airways Change Policy For easy Changes process Contact us

Etihad Airways flies to the following destinations:

If you want to book Etihad Airways flight ticket online but are unsure about the airline’s destinations, read on to learn more about the places (an illustrative list) where you can fly by booking an Etihad Airways flight ticket:

  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Dhaka
  • Minks
  • Sofia
  • Toronto
  • Beijing
  • Chengdu
  • Larnaca
  • Cairo
  • Paris
  • Dusseldorf
  • Munich
  • Athens
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangalore
  • Dammam
  • Jeddah
  • Belgrade

Etihad Airways Travel Classes

Travellingwith Etihad must be the best experience for travellers with their top-notch world-famous travel classes. It has all the facilities provided to make the journey more comfortable and luxurious. Etihad Airways book flights with flyinguidelines to experience the best journey.

Etihad Airways has four different travel classes usable

Residence suit- ‘The Residence’ by Etihad is a suite with a sitting area, bedroom, and shower room. There is a beautifully decorated leather sofa along with a set of two dining tables, and 32-inch high-resolution wide TV with a Sennheiser noise-cancelling headset in the residence room. The bedroom has a bed and an en suite bathroom with a full-height shower, bathrobe, and hairdryer. The residence includes a full-time in-flight butler to meet the needs of guests, and the Vanity Kit includes hand-picked lotions and hand creams. Guests have the option of ordering a bottle of Cognac or selecting the best bottle of wine.

First Class – Etihad’s First Class is one of the most opulent in the airline industry. A separate 6ft and 10′ long bed with a vanity unit with a mirror and LED lights, as well as a full-length closet and a separate refreshment cabinet. There is a shower in the onboard bathroom, as well as complimentary loungewear. Guests can choose from a selection of wines on board and are served delicious in-house meals.

Business Class –  All seats in Business class can be converted into a fully flat bed with an in-seat massager. While relaxing or working, passengers can also modify the lighting mood. The 10.6-inch touch screen is jam-packed with entertainment, including noise-cancelling headphones. Passengers in business class have access to ‘The Lobby,’ an Upper Deck space where they can hold a conference or socialize with other passengers while watching a game on the large-screen TV. Each visitor receives an Acqua di Parma bundle that includes cologne and hand cream.

Economy Class – All economy passengers on Etihad Airways are provided with adjustable headrests and comfy pillows. Long-haul passengers are provided with soft king size fleece coverings as well as a convenience kit comprising a couple of socks, a toothbrush, earplugs, and an eye protection mask. All visitors are served meals, with three main courses to choose from. Light beverages and snacks are available at the onboard cafe. Furthermore, Etihad Airways distinguishes itself by providing long-haul passengers with complimentary bar service.

What is the baggage policy of Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airway has pioneered the online booking and cancellation of flight tickets. It provides cutting-edge flight services in terms of online booking and check-in operations. You can not only cancel your airline ticket online with managed booking, but you also have a variety of other options such as luggage policy, flight schedule, last-minute flight booking, and much more. Those who are looking for information on the luggage policy, on the other hand, have chosen an ideal platform where they can understand the in-depth requirements for the baggage allowance in accordance with its policy. For more details contact our customer representatives at flyinguidelines.

Etihad Airways baggage policy is as follows:

Etihad Airways provides baggage allowance based on the cabin class you select. If you are travelling in Economy class, you are only allowed one bag that weighs no more than 7 kg. Infants are also allowed one bag that weighs no more than 5 kg. In general, it has been noted that passengers who do not have all of their belongings do not feel well, and they receive the poorest service of the flight, as well as having to pay for excess luggage when they need to do so. When it comes to additional baggage, it’s critical to understand the baggage policy so that you can bring your belongings with you and enjoy an exceptional travel experience in every way.

Carry-on Baggage: Luggage, often known as cabin baggage, refers to the sort of luggage that passengers are permitted to bring along in the passenger compartment of a vehicle rather than going to the cargo compartment. It might be better if you just have two baggage and have already booked a business class flight online.

Checked Baggage: Etihad Airways’ luggage is among the best, however it varies according to your itinerary and cabin class. As a result, if you have purchased an Economy class journey, the luggage restriction will allow you to buy the flight online swiftly due to the weight, size, and length restrictions. Furthermore, each piece of luggage must not exceed the 32kg limit; otherwise, you will be charged additional taxes.

Etihad Airways’ policy on musical instruments:

Because it may be transported as part of your cabin baggage allowance, your instrument must fit within the size, length, and dimension constraints for cabin luggage. As a result, in order to travel safely, you must be completely prepared. For more details, give a call on Etihad Airways contact number 1-800-998-6716.

Etihad Airways check-in

If you have a flight ticket from Etihad Airways, you can check-in online and escape the airport check-in lineups. However, if you need to learn the distinctions between online and airport check-in techniques, simply select the terms to comprehend the variations in every way.

Online check-in: Checking in online and avoiding the airport check-in process is straightforward. You may obtain crucial information, select your preferred seats, and print your boarding card with just a few simple clicks. With an internet-enabled smart device and a mobile boarding card, you may simply access the necessary information for the Etihad Airways check-in.

Check-in at the airport: You must give your bag to a customer representative who will weigh, measure, and lengthen it in order to certify the next stages. Not only that but you can check-in and get your printed boarding card at the airport with ease.

Book your Etihad Airways first-class flight to experience the ultimate in luxury air travel:

No matter which travels class is selected, Etihad Airways is famed for its exceptional services. If a customer purchases a first-class ticket, they will be provided with a variety of extra services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious journey.

Etihad Airways’ first-class services include:

When a traveller buys a first-class ticket on Etihad Airways, they get a lot of perks.

The following are a few of them:

  • Etihad chauffeur pick-up and drop-off service
  • First Lounge & Spa check-in priority
  • In the cabinet, there is a comfortable seat.
  • a complimentary beverage
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Amenity kit with free Wi-Fi
  • Relax in the lobby area.
  • Upgrade your status with miles

Upgrade to Etihad Airways’ first class

A traveller can choose the first class to sleep on a fully flat bed and eat at any time throughout the flight. If the seat is already booked in another class, it is simple to upgrade to first class.

The following are the many upgrade options:

Upgrade with miles- Etihad frequent travellers can use their miles to upgrade their seats. If the points are insufficient, the traveller will be responsible for the balance.

Bid for an upgrade- A passenger can offer a bid amount for an upgrade. If the bid is successful, the seat will be upgraded.

Ask for an update- Inquire about available upgrades by contacting the customer service department.

The Etihad airways reservations department can be contacted for further information on Etihad airway’s first-class flights. The Etihad airways flight website provides contact information.

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