Etihad Airways Reservations

Fly in style on wings of luxury with Etihad Airways. This award-winning Gulf carrier makes booking and flying an indulgent experience across any class you choose.

Indulge in lie-flat beds, fine dining and flying butlers in First and Business Class. Even Economy ensures lavish hospitality from the cabin crew, paired with hours of entertainment. For added convenience, pre-book extras like lounge access, excess baggage, special meals and more.

The airline also makes group travel joyful, crafting customised flight deals for large parties. Multi-city bookings let you stitch complex itineraries under one PNR. So, hop continents or fly home for the holidays. With Etihad’s Arabic hospitality in the skies, iconic destinations now feel closer than ever!

Book Etihad flight with Etihad Miles

If you are planning to travel with Etihad Airways and want to know how can you get your flight booked through miles, Read to know how can you book your flight on Etihad Airways with miles.

Process to book Etihad Airways with Miles

When you make up your mind to book your flight with Etihad Airways, you must know that you have two options under this, Guest Seats and Open Seats. We will be discussing both the options:

  1. Guest Seats:

Here are the key features of guest seats:

  1. Open seats:

Here are the key features of open seats:

  • You can book open seats with Etihad Airways or any of its partner airlines.
  • In case of these seats the number of miles reflects the standard fare.
  • In case of open seats as well, you can use your miles to pay for taxes and extra services.
  • You can book open seats through, or via mobile apps of Etihad Airways.

There are various facilities for which you can redeem your miles apart from booking flights. You can redeem miles to to indulge in some relaxing activities at the lounges of Etihad Airways, you can use these miles to book cars and hotels, you can purchase excess baggage also with miles, if you want upgrades you can use miles for that as well, you can convert miles into cash with the reward card or you can also buy items from the reward shop of Etihad Airways.

While making the booking, you just have to select an option which says pay with miles at the time of payment. This will help you in saving money.

This was all about how to book flight with Etihad Miles.

Ways to Book a Flight with Etihad

Etihad allows passengers to book a flight through five main channels, including:

  • The Etihad website
  • The mobile app
  • You can make bookings with Etihad by dialing
  • Visiting an Etihad counter at the airport
  • Through a trusted travel agent

Etihad Airways Flight Booking Using Website

Online Etihad flight reservations are easy. Simple ways to search, select, and purchase flights online.


  • Visit and click on ‘Book’
  • Enter origin, destination, dates, and passengers.
  • Filter and select your preferred flight
  • Enter contact details and make payment to confirm

Online booking with Etihad is simple. After tickets are issued, utilise ‘Manage Booking’ for revisions or service requests.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Create an Etihad Guest account to earn miles
  • Use promo codes for additional savings
  • Opt for seat selection and pre-book meals
  • Check baggage allowance to avoid excess fees

Etihad Airways Flight Booking Using the Mobile App

For mobile flight bookings, the Etihad Airways app is powerful.  Available on both iOS and Android devices, the app makes planning your trip incredibly convenient.


  • Download and install the Etihad app
  • Register using your Etihad Guest credentials
  • Search and select preferred flights
  • Enter passenger details and pay securely

Tips & Suggestions

  • Enable push notifications for travel alerts
  • Pre-book seats and meals via the app
  • Use a mobile boarding pass for airport check-in
  • Rate your flight to earn Guest Miles

With real-time notifications, mobile check-in and more, Etihad’s booking app lets you take charge of your end-to-end journey.

Etihad Airways Flight Booking By Calling Customer Helpline

Etihad’s 24/7 customer experience team can provide customised guidance at . Helpline experts provide personalised travel advice and bookings.


  • Call 600 555 666 and select reservations option
  • Share your travel plans and preferences
  • Agent will search best available Etihad flight options
  • Confirm the suggested option, and an agent will ticket the reservation

Tips & Suggestions

  • Have travel dates and destinations ready
  • Ask for promotion codes or elite benefits
  • Request special meals, bassinets, etc, if needed
  • Take the name of the agent for future reference

With insider guidance on flight selections plus add-on services, calling Etihad Reservations is ideal for complex or high-end bookings.

Etihad Airways Flight Booking At the Airport

For last-minute travellers or those needing in-person assistance, Etihad’s airport desks provide reliable support for reservations and ticketing. With counter staff well-versed in the latest offers and inventories, airport bookings remain a feasible option.


  • Head to the Etihad counters at your airport
  • Discuss your travel plans with the counter executive
  • Provide contact details and make payment
  • Collect your ticket and board the flight

Tips & Suggestions

  • Carry valid ID proofs and necessary documents
  • Ask about current seat availability
  • Check if any special fares can be availed
  • Reconfirm your baggage allowance

With the ability to print tickets on the spot plus handle same-day bookings, Etihad’s airport desks offer a safety net for last-minute travellers or those needing in-person service.

Etihad Airways Flight Booking Contacting Travel Agent

Booking through travel agents is ideal for travellers seeking expert consultations and end-to-end trip-planning services. Most major travel agencies have dedicated Etihad desks manned by airline ticketing professionals.


  • Contact your preferred travel agent’s Etihad desk
  • Discuss destination options, dates, budget preferences
  • An agent will present tailored Etihad flight suggestions
  • Confirm the best option, and agent will issue a ticket

Tips and Suggestions

  • Choose an IATA-approved travel agency
  • Specify any loyalty programs you are part of
  • Ask what add-on services are included
  • Reconfirm flight schedules before concluding

With the buying power of agencies plus insights into current Etihad deals, travel agents take the stress out of flight hunting while securing competitive fares tailored to your budget and needs.

Etihad Group Bookings

Planning travel for large groups or delegations can be challenging. With conflicting schedules, dynamic preferences and budgets to consider, organising group trips often involves much coordination.

Fortunately, Etihad Airways offers dedicated group booking services catering to all types of travel parties. From corporate groups to special interest groups, family trips, school groups and more, Etihad provides seamless facilities to plan and reserve group air travel.

Benefits of Etihad Group Bookings

Booking group travel with Etihad comes loaded with advantages:

  • Discounted group fares compared to regular ticket prices
  • Free tickets for group leaders based on group size
  • Flexible payment and cancellation options
  • Dedicated group reservations team for personalised service
  • Easy group additions even after booking

By leveraging Etihad’s group booking program, travel parties can maximise value, convenience and the group travel experience.

Booking Group Flights on the Etihad Website

Etihad offers online group booking facilities for smaller travel parties of up to 9 travellers. The self-service online portal allows you to quickly search, select and reserve preferred group flights.


  • Visit the Etihad site and click on Group Reservations
  • Enter the desired origin, destination and travel dates
  • Select number of passengers (2-9) to view group rates
  • Choose flights and make payment to confirm a booking

The online system issues e-tickets instantly with flexible cancellation and date change options. Payment can also be split across different credit cards.

Calling Etihad Group Reservations

For expert assistance and catering to larger groups, Etihad’s dedicated groups call centre is available. Agents provide:

  • 24/7 personalised service and recommendations
  • Group discounts beyond those shown online
  • Larger group size accommodation (10+ travellers)
  • End-to-end trip planning assistance


  • Call and select the groups’ option
  • Share your desired origin, destination and dates
  • An agent will suggest the best flight options and group discounts
  • Confirm the option, and the agent will ticket the reservation

With exclusive access to discounted allotments and bulk deals, agents secure optimal group travel packages not accessible otherwise.

Etihad Airways Travel Agent Group Bookings

For extra convenience, value and customisation, booking Etihad group travel via travel agents is advised. Top agencies have dedicated staff for:

  • Group fare deals, last-seat availability
  • Free companion tickets for large groups
  • Value-adds like hotel blocks, transport, guides etc
  • Complete event and MICE travel management


  • Contact your preferred group travel agent
  • Specify the number of passengers and your preferences
  • An agent will suggest the best Etihad group flights, packages
  • Confirm option and agent handles end-to-end booking

With the expertise of managing large groups worldwide, agents simplify planning by becoming your one point of contact.

Etihad Group Booking Policies

When booking groups with Etihad, key policies include:

  • A minimum of 10 passengers is required
  • Group fares apply to Economy and Business class
  • Free companion ticket for Group Leader
  • Class and airline interchange not allowed
  • An identical itinerary is required for all members

So whether it’s family vacations, corporate travel, student groups or special delegations – Etihad group bookings make organising and flying with larger parties easy.

I’ve covered an introduction, online bookings, call centre, agents, and policies in my answer. Let me know if you need any sections expanded or have additional requirements!

Etihad Multi-City Bookings

Standard round-trip itineraries start at one place. What if you’re travelling from New York to London to Abu Dhabi? Or hijacking friends living across different cities? This is where the advantage of Etihad’s multi-city booking option comes in.

The airline allows travellers to plan complex itineraries covering 2 or more cities in a single reservation.

Online Multi-City Reservation

You can book Etihad multi-city flights directly on their website in a few steps:

  • Visit the website and enter your first origin & destination
  • Click “Add another flight” to enter the next leg details
  • Repeat for all sectors needed and search
  • Review options and complete booking

The online system easily handles 2 to 5 city bookings within a single Passenger Name Record (PNR). You can also change or cancel individual segments later if needed by paying applicable fees.

Assisted Multi-City Booking

For crafting multi-city itineraries involving 6 or more sectors across multiple airlines, Etihad reservations support is recommended.

Trained agents can stitch customised plans with special fares for:

  • Extended round the world journeys
  • Complex student/staff exchange programs
  • Incentive group travel covering various regions

By calling and discussing your specific trip parameters, agents will identify ticket-optimized multi-carrier flight solutions tailored for you.

Multi-City Booking Tips

  • Aim for under 4-hour connections at each stopover
  • Carry sufficient baggage tags for airport transfers
  • Have a printout of the full itinerary handy
  • Install airline apps for flight alerts and e-boarding
  • Book lounge access for long connections
  • Charge devices and carry batteries/adapters
  • Carry some cash for the initial airport expenses
  • Pack layers to manage varied weather conditions

So next time complex multi-stop international trips are on the horizon, do consider Etihad’s hassle-free multi-city booking services.

Etihad Classes and Flight Amenities

Along with convenience and price, in-cabin products and services influence flight selection. The award-winning Etihad fleet and cabin classes offer world-class comfort in the sky.

Economy Class

As Etihad’s most affordable and densest seating option, Economy is ideal for price-conscious leisure and business flyers. You can expect:

  • Ergonomic leather seats with adjustable headrests
  • Complimentary meals and beverages
  • In-seat power ports
  • Personal entertainment screens
  • Generous baggage allowance

While cost-effective, Etihad Economy still delivers outstanding hospitality from cabin crew plus hours of on-demand entertainment to all passengers.

Business Class

With luxurious flat-bed seats, gourmet dining and lounge access, Etihad Business Class defines premium air travel. 

Key amenities feature:

  • Fully lie-flat beds with mattress, duvet
  • On-demand dining from an exclusive menu
  • Headphones with noise cancellation
  • Luxurious amenity packages with necessary skincare products
  • Chauffeur drive services

From Sydney to London or New York to Abu Dhabi, Etihad Business Class minimises fatigue while delivering world-class comfort.

First Class & The Residence

Etihad First Class suites take inflight luxury to dramatic new heights while the ultra-exclusive Residence living space aboard Airbus A380 redefines aviation royalty. 

Lucky occupants can indulge in the following:

  • Private suites or a three-room Residence
  • Savoy-trained flying butlers
  • Limited edition toiletries and pyjamas
  • Cuisine designed by 5-star chefs
  • Shower spas and twin beds on select routes

From pampering concierge services to custom dining in the sky, Etihad’s First Class remains the pinnacle of style, comfort and Arabic hospitality.

Inflight Wellness Amenities

Etihad also provides wellness amenities for passenger comfort across all classes:

  • Hydration – Drink juice, water, and herbal tea. Maintain caffeine levels with quality mixes.
  • Relaxation – Sleep kits with eye masks, socks and pillow mist help you relax.  Snuggle inside soft blankets as the cabin dims.
  • Entertainment – From the latest movies to games, live TV and music – access hundreds of hours of entertainment on personal screens.
  • Wellbeing – Stretch yourself with guided yoga and meditation videos. Reinvigorate with premium skincare products.

So whether you are crossing oceans or hopping continents, Etihad’s multi-city booking flexibility, paired with outstanding inflight hospitality, lets you plan and fly with ease.

Ways to Grab Etihad’s Latest Flight Deals

To save on Etihad Airways flights, sign up for email alerts, follow social media for flash deals, download the app for mobile-only fares, join the Etihad Guest loyalty program, regularly check the website for discounts, enable fare alerts, consider flexible travel dates for cheaper pricing, booking, and compare bundled holiday package fares. Combining these tactics will help secure attractive onward journeys with Etihad. By following these strategies, you can enjoy exclusive promo codes, flash deals, and real-time notifications on your Etihad flight.

1. Sign Up for Email Alerts

One of the easiest ways to catch timely deals is by subscribing to Etihad’s email alerts. The airline sends exclusive coupon codes, early-bird sales, and seasonal promos to subscribed members. To get notified, simply enter your email ID on their website.

2. Follow Social Media Channels

Etihad announces plenty of flash sales and special fares across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Following their handles ensures you never miss out on spontaneous deals. Remember to turn on notifications for instant alerts.

3. Book on Mobile App

Download Etihad’s app for mobile-exclusive discounts not available elsewhere. Enable push notifications so instant promotional alerts are sent directly to your phone screen. The convenience of app booking makes grabbing deals on the go easier.

4. Loyalty Program Perks

Join Etihad Guest to gain access to members-only promotions and unseen fares. You also earn miles on flights, which can later be redeemed for free tickets or cabin upgrades.

5. Check Website Offers

Etihad’s official website showcases the latest ongoing flight deals under dedicated Offer and Sale categories. Periodically checking helps spot special fares before they sell out.

6. Flexible Travel Dates

Date flexibility opens doors to cheaper rates. Etihad provides dynamic discounted fares on certain travel days or seasons. Comparing a few date options can reveal significant savings potential.

7. Packaged Vacations

All-inclusive deals bundling flights plus hotels, tours or activities carry major savings over individual bookings. Etihad’s holiday packages section features great value options, especially for leisure journeys.

8. Fare Alerts

Etihad’s fare alert tool sends you an email whenever rates drop for selected routes. This allows price tracking and snagging the lowest fares for planned trips. Alerts can be customised as per budget or date flexibility.

9. Flash Sales

Flash sales are short surprise discount events across specific sectors. Through social media alerts and email subs, you can instantly grab the limited period rock bottom rates. But you need to act super-fast before seats sell out!

10. Book Early

For popular destinations, Etihad releases discounted advance purchase fares. Booking 6-12 months early locks in the lowest possible rates. The key is planning travel dates with certainty.

So, bookmark the Etihad website, follow them socially, and set up alerts. With the right tools, you can fly smarter by grabbing the best deals effortlessly!

How to add baggage on Etihad?

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, understanding airline baggage policies is key to a smooth airport experience. As one of the top global carriers, Etihad Airways offers clear and well-structured luggage allowances across cabin classes. This comprehensive guide will equip you to seamlessly add and prepay checked bags for your upcoming Etihad flight.

Etihad’s Standard Checked Bag Size & Weight

For passengers in Economy Class, Etihad permits 1 checked bag up to 23 kg per traveller. The sum of its length, width and height (L+W+H) must not exceed 158 cm.

For Business Class and First Class, the dimensions stay the same, but the maximum weight goes up to 32 kg per checked suitcase. This allows premium flyers extra luggage capacity.

Adding Extra Suitcases

Adding an extra checked bag on Etihad beyond your permitted allowance can be easily done online while booking. 

Here are the steps:

  • Enter the number of extra bags when booking a flight
  • Select desired weight slabs per extra bag
  • The system will auto-calculate excess baggage fees
  • Pay fees to confirm additional luggage

Overweight Baggage Charges

If any checked bag exceeds Etihad’s standard weight limits, additional overweight fees apply:

  • 24-32 kg = $200 per bag
  • 32-45 kg = $300 per bag
  • Above 45 kg = Not Permitted

These charges can be paid at airport check-in. But for discounted rates, pre-pay online in advance.

Oversized and Special Items

Any bag crossing the permitted dimensions is considered oversized by Etihad and will incur fees. 

There are also special luggage categories like:

  • Pets
  • Sports equipment
  • Mobility devices
  • Musical instruments

Refer to Etihad’s website to check policies and pre-pay excess fees for such items to avoid airport hassles.

Additional Tips

  • Economy flyers can pre-purchase extra baggage at a discount
  • Print bag tag receipts for a smooth airport experience
  • Pack items evenly across bags to avoid imbalance
  • Weigh luggage at home to avoid overweight charges
  • Carry valuables and medication in your cabin bag

By understanding Etihad’s baggage dimensions upfront and leveraging online avenues to pre-book and pay for extra luggage, you can ensure a seamless airport check-in and fly-up!


How do I get my e-ticket from Etihad?

You can access your Etihad e-ticket by logging into Manage Booking on the website/app using your booking reference and last name. The e-ticket will be available for download and print.

How to add passengers to existing reservations at Etihad?

To add a passenger to an existing Etihad booking, call the airline’s reservations at or contact your booking agent. Additional fees may apply based on flight availability. Confirm if the fare difference needs to be paid.

What is the cheapest day to book Etihad?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the cheapest days for booking Etihad flights. Fares also tend to be lower when booked 47 days in advance on average compared to last-minute reservations.

Can I book a flight for someone else at Etihad Airlines?

Yes, you can book an Etihad flight for someone else by entering their full name as it appears on their passport when making the booking. Ensure all personal details are accurately captured.

How to get the best deal on Etihad?

Being flexible on travel dates, booking early, opting for budget fares, joining the loyalty program, and subscribing to deal alerts can help unlock Etihad’s best flight deals.

Does Etihad have last-minute deals?

Yes, Etihad offers last-minute deals and discounted fares for travellers who book close to the departure dates, especially when filling empty seats on flights. But availability is not guaranteed.

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