With Hawaiian Airlines change flight, you can easily change your itinerary according to your changing needs.

Hawaiian Airlines is the most substantial airline operating flights to and fro Hawaii. They are based around Honolulu. When you’re travelling to the tropical paradise in the United States, this is your go-to airline. With easy online flight bookings, check-ins, and reliable staff, Hawaiian airlines should be your go-to airline option when travelling around the region. With no Hawaiian airlines change fee, you can rest assured that your trip will be stress-free and hassle-free.

How to Change Hawaiian Airlines Flights Online

With the Hawaiian Airline change policy, you can now easily change your Hawaiian Airlines flight through their official website without any hassle or third party involvement.

  • On the Hawaiian Airlines homepage www.hawaiianairlines.com or click on the hyperlink.
  • Go to the Manage Flights tab at the top
  • Go to My Trips.
  • Enter your itinerary number or confirmation code and last name.
  • You will be redirected to the itinerary page. Click on the “Change Flights”.
  • Select the flight that you want to change and click Continue.
  • Enter the route and travel dates and click on “Search for New Flights”.
  • Choose your new flight.
  • Check the itinerary and click on Continue.
  • Choose your new seats.
  • Click on Book This Trip to purchase.
  • You’ll receive a message confirming your changes.

How to Change Flight on Hawaiian Airlines via Mobile App

The Hawaiian Airline flight change policy allows you to access your flight details and make changes to your flight from the comfort of your home through their mobile app.

  • Download the “Hawaiian Airlines” app for android or IOS from the play store or app store.
    Open the app
  • Sign in to your account through your user id or phone number and password.
  • Go to my bookings and enter your flight PNR number and last name.
  • Now, select continue.
  • You will be reflected on a page showing your booking details.
  • Click on the option to manage my ticket
  • Now, you will make the desired changes you want to make on your flight.
  • After submitting the form, you will receive a text message confirming your changes.

How to Change Flights on Hawaiian Airlines – Offline Process

You can just take advantage of the Hawaiian Airlines no change fees to book your flights offline and make changes to them. You can now go to your nearest airport directly and visit the Hawaiian Airlines counter to request the agent help you make necessary changes to your itinerary. For that, you might need to provide the required information needed.

Change Your Hawaiian Airlines Flight at the Airport

To change Hawaiian airlines flight directly from the airport:

  • Visit your nearest airport with the Hawaiian airlines counter.
  • Request the agent to assist you in making changes to your flight.
  • Provide the required details necessary by the agent to comply with your requested changes.
  • Follow the steps asked by the agent.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Phone Number

You can call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service number and request the person attending to change Hawaiian flight or make any necessary changes. You can also ask them for any assistance regarding your flight.

You will need to provide them with some information through which they can make changes to your flight. Hawaiian Airlines change flight phone number is a great option for customers to ask for assistance.

How To Change Your Name On Hawaiian Airlines Flight Ticket?

Any name changes are to be made through your official HawaiianMiles account. Your Hawaiian flight change policy for names is made to protect you. For making a minor name correction in your Hawaiian Miles account, you must call Hawaiian Airlines and ask them to assist you. You change up to 3 letters in your name without any cost. After that, you will need to pay a fee of 25 USD. In case you’re making a legal name change, you must submit some documents to Hawaiian Airlines.

Legal documentation proving your new name- a marriage certificate, divorce decree, passport, or a driver’s license.

A signed request for the name change, along with your HawaiianMiles number.

How To Change Seat On Hawaiian Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can now change Hawaiian Airlines flight seats on your flights to ensure that you have seats of your choice. Flights are long and boring. So, it would help if you were comfortable during this journey.

  • Firstly visit the official website of Hawaiian Airlines which is www.hawaiianairlines.com.
  • Go to the Manage Flights tab at the top
  • Go to My Trips.
  • Enter your itinerary number or confirmation code and last name.
  • You will be redirected to the itinerary page.
  • Now, you need to choose your flight and select “Select Seats.”
  • Choose the seats you want and confirm.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Fee

There is no Hawaiian airline flight change fee added to your change in flight. However, when choosing a different flight, you will need to pay the extra amount if needed. Main Cabin Basic tickets are changeable for free until the waiver expires.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Policy

Hawaiian airline flight change is relatively easy. They have an easy and understandable policy which allows their customers to change their flights with no extra fee.
However, people booking through discounts or promotions are not eligible for flight changes.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Covid 19 Policy

Now that the newfound disease has gripped the world, you need to follow the norms and conditions being put forward.

For different places, the Hawaiian airlines’ covid policies are different.

However, Hawaiian Airlines has given some waivers under which your flight can be eligible for a free change. The Hawaiian airline change policy does allow for that until the expiry of the waivers.

Hawaiian Airlines 24 Hours Flight Change Policy (Same day)

The Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy allows their passengers to make changes in their flight reservations on the same day of their departure. Passengers can make changes until one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure. Passengers can choose a flight of the same route as per the original booking. If the passenger has already checked in, then they are not eligible for the flight change.

Can I change a returning date on Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Depending on the circumstances, passengers can pay a fee to switch to a different flight. Before making a flight change, keep in mind the following.

  • Up until the day of departure, you have the freedom to modify your flight. 
  • You won’t be charged a fee if you need to change your reservation within the first 24 hours.
  • The traveller is entitled to free flight changes if the carrier moves the departure date,
  • Similar to the booking process, passengers can make modifications to their flights. 
  • Any modifications you make will incur a cost after the initial 24 hours of your flight booking.
  • Tickets purchased with a discount or a promotional code is not eligible for a flight change.
  • Once you’ve purchased your ticket through the agency, you won’t be able to make any modifications. For updates, please get in touch with the agency directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Hawaiian charging change fees?

Ans. No, Hawaiian Airlines is not charging change fees for its flights. Now you can change your flight without any worries. For Covid 19, there are some waivers given under which the flight changes are free until the waiver expires.

Q. Can you change the date on Hawaiian Airlines?

Q. Hawaiian airlines transfer the ticket to another person

Q. Can I change my flight without paying extra? How?

Q. Can I cancel my Hawaiian Airlines flight within 24 hours?

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    Following the demise of my father, I want to bring back to my city with a load of valuable family items that I had to mail by post due to the weight of the package. As a result, I was required to change my flight with American Airlines to a later date. I made a call to customer service and they were extremely helpful, not charging me an excessive fee to do so. Thankfully all of my Grandparents and Father’s sentimental items arrived at home without any trouble, where I show off to my family and friends. I’m thankful to American Airlines for their support.

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