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JetBlue Airline is a New York based Airline. They are operating 900+ flights in a year. They carry 35 million customers in one year. The in-flight staff are bi-lingual and can speak multiple languages. They change their language according to the area or routes. The JetBlue Airway is considered to be the safest one. 

Why fly with JetBlue Airline?

  • The reservation process is simpler. Its website is user friendly; you will get all the details regarding the flight routes.
  • In-Flight and other staff representatives are nimble and humble. 
  • Flights are always on time. You will get the cheapest fare.
  • They provide hospitality, delicious food, good service, entertainment facility, and the security of travelers is the main priority.
  • They also light snacks and beverages to travelers.
  • They also support customers with a 24/7 helpline number.

Classes of air travel on JetBlue Airline 

JetBlue airline operates millions of flights and carries a billion travelers from one destination to another. Its services are based on different classes. They uniquely define their classes. The names of classes are Blue Basic, Blue Extra, Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint. The table mentioned below will help you to choose your class according to your needs and budget.

Features                       Blue Basic                    Blue                Blue Plus              Blue Extra                  Mint  

1 Carry-on bag           Yes                         Yes                   Yes                      Yes                     Yes

Personal Item

No. of checked               0                             0                        1                           0                         2


Changes                  Not Allowed            Allowed             Allowed               Allowed                200$

                                                                 (75$ fees)          (75$ fees)

Boarding                      Last                     General              General                 Early                   Early

Note: – JetBlue Mint is a luxurious way of traveling. It is the premium service that JetBlue is providing. You can slide down the doors and make a private cabin.  

How to make a JetBlue Airline Reservation?

Making a reservation is not a complicated task now. Modern ways are developed by this airline of bookings. You need not add a middle man for reservation. Online ways include website and mobile bookings. Presently, doing a booking is not a difficult task. No hidden charges are added on final payments when you book a ticket from these online sources. Payment gateway will also accept multiple payment methods like PayPal, Google Pay, and MasterCard, etc. 

Visit the official website of JetBlue Airline

Visit for any reservation. You can also get price drop offers on the official website. You can get some discount coupons. Just make a new account. For existing users login is preferred for a new reservation. The steps are beautifully listed below:


  • Go to through a web browser.
  • Create a new fresh account or log in. 
  • Now select your preferred flight. 
  • Now select seats.
  • Do all payments. 

Through JetBlue Airline Mobile Application

Reservation through an official mobile application is easier than website booking. Application is downloadable from and works on both android and ios based smart devices. Somehow the process is similar to web bookings. The only thing is only creating an account. You can handle all tasks like booking, flight status, boarding pass, and check-in process, etc. Steps are detailed below:

  • Download the official application. 
  • Open it, after installation.
  • Sign in or sign up as per your status.
  • Search your flights and select your seats.
  • Pay for the fare. 

JetBlue Airline in-flight services

Safety and best services to travelers are the main priority of the JetBlue airline. Travelers are warmly welcomed at the airport and on the flight. The crew staff is very humble. They will help to resolve all your problems. In-flight services include food, entertainment facilities, etc. Delicious food is offered and well prepared by the experienced and top-chefs. Entertainment sources will never feel you bore on the flight. Children can also play games on some aircraft. Important headings are mentioned below:

  • In-flight meal

The airline serves you mouth-watering dishes, all the food is prepared by the highly experienced top-chefs. How many meals are served depends upon the flight route and time. You will enjoy the international and local cuisine. Apart from regular meals, stay hydrated with beverages like coffee, beer, soft drinks, tea, wines, and juice, etc. You can also buy snacks from the brand name ‘nut-free’.

You can also order your favorite food and pay for it online.

  • In-flight entertainment

Very high-quality entertainment sources are provided at every seat on the plane. You can enjoy the latest movies, the latest music reels, documentaries, and the newly launched web series. Just search your favorite one on the main screen and put on your headphones and enjoy! You will have all kinds of entertainment. At every seat free SiriusXM and DIRECTV movies are available. Kids can also watch their favorite cartoon TV programs like Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon. Children can also enjoy audio from Radio Disney. The airline entertainment system will never feel bored while traveling.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Baggage policy is determined by many things like class, aircraft, routes, and airline. If our bags are considered to be oversized then it can incur your fare/charges. You can carry two checked baggage and two hand baggage. If you want to carry more than 2 checked bags then add those bags to your reservation 24 hrs before the departure time. If the flight is canceled then the charges made on checked baggage are refundable, read all information regarding this refund policy. The hand baggage list is mentioned below. You can read the following details:- 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy is different for all airlines. You must read the policy of the respected airline of which you are making a reservation. You can take up to 2 bags with you. A mentionable point is that checked bag charges are not included in your fare; you can do payments in advance and save on baggage fees. The limits are mentioned below:

  • Weight limits: The maximum weight you can carry is 50 pounds or 22.68 Kg.
  • Dimensions Limit: The dimensions of the bags do not exceed 157.48 cm or 60 inches. The dimensions are calculated as (Length+Breadth+Height). 

Note: If the limit (weight and dimension) exceeds, then fees will be charged from you. Somehow baggage policy is also influenced by aircraft capacity. Items like a fishing rod, skis, skimboard, golf bags, and snowboard are counted as 1 checked bag.

Baggage Allowance in Cabin

Baggage allowed in Cabins is mainly known as carrying bags. Carry bags can be fit into the underneath of the front seat or overhead bin. Taking hanging garment bags inside the cabin is not allowed. You can carry 2 baggage items, a personal item, and a carry-on bag. No weight limits are set on cabin baggage. The restrictions on dimensions are there and mentioned below:-

  • Overhead bin: The bag dimension’s limit is 55.88cm*35.56cm*22.86cm (Length*Breadth*Height). These dimension limits include handles and wheels.
  • Under the seat:  The baggage dimensions do not exceed (Length*Breadth*Height) 43.2cm*33cm*20.32cm. 

Examples of personal or extra baggage are:

  1. Duty-free purchases at the Airport.
  2. Handy-bags, Small Backpack
  3. Laptop with its bag 
  4. Small pet animal (carrier of the respected pet is mandatory)
  5. Consular bag and Camera bag.
  6. Musical instruments but some restrictions on size.
  7. Sports items like squash and tennis. 

Extra baggage allowance policy

If your bag weight or dimensions exceed the limit, you have to pay for it. The limits and charges are mentioned here:

  • If the weight of the bag lies between 23.13 Kg to 44.91 Kg (51 lbs to 99 lbs), then 150 dollars per bag is charged.
  • If the dimensions of the bag (including the handle of the bag) are between 160 cm to 203.3 cm (63 inches to 80 inches), then pay 150 dollars for it.

The charges/fees of extra baggage depend on the following reasons:

  • Flight route
  • Your increased/extra baggage weight.
  • Extra baggage’s dimensions. 
  • Extra space availability in aircraft.

You should have all knowledge about baggage and pay online for extra baggage.

Check-in for JetBlue Airline flights

To ease you, all details are mentioned. Please read all check-in related details carefully. There are many ways to check-in at the airport. You must know all methods to check-in and enhance your experience. Online checking is a convenient and time-saving method of check-in. The offline way of check-in at the airport is also available. Online check-in starts 24 hrs before the departure time. Just check your flight on and do check-in. One unique fastest method named TSA Pre is there for customers. In TSA Pre check-in, travelers don’t have to remove belts, light jackets, shoes, outerwear, 3-1-1 liquids, and laptops, etc. Read all related details mentioned below:

Web check-in

Web check-in is one of the easiest ways of doing check-in. It can be done via mobile, Laptop, Computer. To get your boarding pass, go to the website, and add your e-ticket number or booking reference number. The soft copy will be downloaded. Now you can scan your mobile on the kiosk at the airport. You will get your boarding pass. The steps are described below:

  • Go to site on your mobile browser.   
  • Sign up or log in (for new users or existing users respectively).  
  • Click on the ‘web check-in’ icon.
  • Enter all about your flight details.
  • Now please select your preferred seat.  
  • Pay your fare online securely.
  • Finally, click on the “check-in” icon. 

The web check-in process will start 24 hrs before flight time.

Check-in through JetBlue Airline App

Check-in through the mobile application of JetBlue is the most convenient method of check-in. The mobile application is easily available on the android and ios platforms. If an application is already downloaded then you can jump on the 4th step. This mobile application process is easier than the web process. The steps of check-in through mobile application are mentioned below:

  • Search “JetBlue” on your app store. 
  • Click on the “install” icon.
  • After installation, open the respected app.
  • Now create an account or log in.
  • Now tap on the “check-in option”.
  • Enter seminal required details.
  • Select a seat.
  • Do a secure payment process. 
  • Finally, tap on the “check-in” icon.


In this method, you don’t need to open anything. The airline will send you a link as a text message on your respected mobile application. Just click on that link and this link will be directed to your digital boarding pass. You can download your boarding pass and make a print of it. If you are not able to print it because of not the presence of a printer then don’t worry! You will get a physical copy from the kiosk or airline counter at the airport. 

How to get an Automatic check-in service?

Automatic check-in service is developed for the customer for enhancing the experience of the check-in process. To avail of this process, you have to enter your mobile details i.e. number. You can add a mobile number while registering, creating an account, or making any reservation. You will get a digital copy or a soft copy of your boarding pass. Just print it out and go for departure. 

Check-in directly at the airport

You can also do check-in directly at the airport. It is the physical way and tiring soon. To do an offline check-in, visit the airport 2-4 hours before departure. The process of the offline check-in will start at the airport. Visit the airline desk or kiosk. Have some words with the customer executive. Ask for your boarding pass from them. 

JetBlue Airline Customer Service

JetBlue Airways have separate numbers of different countries. The staff are good and always curious to resolve all your problems. Just go to JetBlue’s “contact us” section, you will get a number according to your country.

  • For North America region countries: 
  • The United States and Bahamas (1-800-538-2583), 
  • Costa Rica (0800-012-1666), 
  • Bermuda  (1-800-884-9616), 
  • Dominican Republic (809-200-9898), 
  • Cuba (80052583), 
  • Grenada (1-8558402106), 
  • Grand Cayman (1-855-710-2951), 
  • Jamaica (1-800-963-3014), 
  • Haiti (2229-2583), 
  • Mexico (001-800-861-3372),
  • St. Maarten (001-877-306-4939), 
  • Turks & Caicos (1-877-390-5447), 
  • Saint Lucia (1-877-766-9614).
  • For European region countries: 
  • Ireland (1-800-657427), 
  • Germany (08006648288).
  • For South America region countries: 
  • Colombia (01800-9-156761), 
  • Ecuador (080051061), 
  • Trinidad & Tobago (1-800-538-2583), 
  • Peru (080051061), 
  • Aruba (297-588-5388), 
  • Curacao (0800-0258). 
  • For other countries: 1-801-449-2525.

Text message options: iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, and, Viber, etc.

For further details visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Yes, you can fulfill your journey with a newborn baby. You have to bring a diaper bag (included in cabin baggage). You must select Blue, Blue extra, and Blue Plus as these services allow set selection. You always want to sit with your children so go for these reservations. In-flight staff is so kind and the safe journey of your child is their main priority.

How soon do I get my refund from the airline?

The refund policy depends upon your bought ticket. Not all the ticket fare is refundable. It also depends upon the route. Please check about your ticket or flight details. Select the method of getting money back; just fill in all details in the refund form. This refund process takes 2-3 weeks. Airline officials will study your case and will pass a claim.

Does JetBlue Airline have internet connectivity on the flight?

Yes, internet connectivity is available on every seat and flight. JetBlue Airline provides high-speed internet services in the air. You can easily work on the internet and it is the only airline which is providing free Wi-Fi to customers. 

What is the JetBlue Airline hotline/customer care number?

For any query, JetBlue opened a toll free no for all countries. Just dial 1-801-449-2525. You can call the customer executive for reservation related problems or any query. Customer call service is available 24/7.

Does JetBlue Airline accept multiple bookings for first class?

No, multiple bookings are not accepted. Multiple bookings mean duplicate bookings. Two or more bookings made by a person for one or more flights is prohibited. The airline will cancel your duplicate bookings if executives identify your multiple bookings. 

How do I change my travel dates?

Now, Changing your travel dates is a convenient task. Visit the website or open a mobile application. Then click/tap on “manage your flight”. Now adjust your new flight days. If your booking is made by an agent, in this case, you must contact him/her (your agent).

Note: – For any problem you are facing, contact the customer executive.

Do I get food on the flight?

Yes, delicious food is served on flights. You will be served delicious mouth-watering meals. Different meals are offered at different times. If traveling on an international flight, the crew will serve you 3 times a meal. Beverages are also served from time to time. Liquids like tea, beers, coffee, cold drinks, liquor, and juice. You can also adjust the meal time. All dishes are well-prepared by experienced and top-chefs. 

What is the benefit/advantage of having a JetBlue Airline account?

Now, Official account creation is not a complicated task. This task has many benefits. If you are making a reservation, then you can handle all flight-related work easily. You don’t have to sign-in repeatedly. You can also do all flight-related payments securely. The account management is very easy, for any new reservation you don’t need to contact an agent.