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Aer Lingus has tickets available for a fantastic travel experience. The airline offers all of the inflight amenities that a passenger desires, including seat comfort, meals, and in-flight entertainment. When it comes to reserving a ticket with Aer Lingus flights, travellers have complete flexibility. Passengers can make Aer Lingus Airlines Flight Booking using a variety of methods, including phone number booking, mobile app booking, and online booking. As a result, you can book an Aer Lingus flight using a phone number that is most convenient for you. 

Book Flight With Aer Lingus Phone Number

On a daily basis, thousands of people book Aer Lingus Airlines flights tickets to numerous destinations. When they have a problem or difficulty understanding the booking method, what should they do? They require an Aer Lingus customer service number to obtain immediate assistance in order to resolve their issue in a professional manner.

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Methods of Aer Lingus Flight Tickets Booking

Aer Lingus Booking Phone Number

Some passengers prefer Aer Lingus Airlines flight tickets booking using the conventional offline method. No worries, you can go to the airport and purchase an Aer Lingus flight booking without too much trouble. Aer Lingus dedicated employees will assist and assist passengers in booking tickets offline. You may also book a ticket by calling the helpline number 1-800-474-4724 or 1-800-998-6716 or +44-208-638-7369 which will offer you all the necessary assistance and information.

Aer Lingus Booking Website 

Making a reservation with Aer Lingus booking is quick using this method. Passengers can visit Aer Lingus official website, which will assist them through the process of reserving a flight with them. The website is incredibly user-friendly and simple to navigate. Passengers can choose their destination, the number of tickets, and other options.

Airlines also make it simple to pay; you can pay with a credit card, debit card, electronic wallet, or another method. 

In case, if any problem persists in making a booking with Aer Lingus, call us any time. All the professionals are well-versed in the aviation industry and avail the best deals for you.

Aer Lingus Flight Booking Mobile App

Everyone nowadays owns a smartphone. As a result, booking a flight using a mobile application is extremely simple and convenient. Passengers can use this hassle-free service to book an Aer Lingus flight. Debit cards, credit cards, and other payment methods are available through the mobile app. The smartphone application is incredibly user-friendly, and anyone may quickly learn how to use it. You may see all of the information about your reservations and even make a new reservation using the mobile app.

How do I connect with Aer Lingus Airlines Booking Customer Service?

You may easily contact Aer Lingus customer support by tapping on the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page or Click here finding the Aer Lingus Contact Number. Travellers can also post their questions on the Flyinguidlines website comment section.

Aer Lingus Airlines Phone Number is open 24 hours a day, and the whole week. You can reach us at any time. Alternatively, you can use live chat option. We make every effort to respond to all interactions in real-time.

Cabins Class of Aer Lingus Flights

Aer Lingus Economy Class

You will receive everything you would expect from an Economy class. This class of seats is suitable for passengers on a tight budget. Economy class tickets do not burn a hole in your wallet, and you get basic in-flight amenities. Seats and amenities in this class are adequate for a budget-conscious traveller.

Premium Economy is the most luxurious option

Premium Economy class offers spacious cabins and lots of legroom for stretching. As a result, there will be increased comfort and convenience. Premium Economy class tickets are more expensive than Economy class tickets, but it provides a better-balanced experience and additional amenities.

Aer Lingus Business Class

Business class tickets are perfect for people who do not want to skimp on luxury or amenities. You will have to pay a premium for the Premium class, but you will undoubtedly benefit from superior comfort and amenities.

If you need any sort of additional information regarding Aer Lingus flight classes. Call freely at flyinguidelines phone number. Our Professionals are the best in the Aviation industry. 

Online Check-in

You can check in for your flight in one of three ways: online, on your phone, or at the airport. Only valid flights are eligible for mobile check-in.

Check-in over the internet

Except for specific flights that offer 30-day advance check-in, web check-in is available between 30 hours and 2 hours before the planned departure time.

Check-in at the airport

Long-haul: Check-in is recommended 3.5 hours prior to departure, and check-in closes 60 minutes prior to departure.

Short-haul: Check-in is recommended 2.5 hours prior to departure, and check-in closes 45 minutes prior to departure.

Getting there from City Airport: Check-in is recommended 2.5 hours prior to departure, and check-in ends 30 minutes prior to departure.

Aer Lingus Manage Booking

Aer Lingus is an Irish flag career and is also the second-largest airline in Ireland. Popular for its brilliance in providing quality flying experience, the airlines are most of the time the first preference of travellers who are planning to travel by air.

The airlines have very flexible policies which ensure that no inconvenience caused to the travellers in any case. In this article, we are going to talk about Aer Lingus Manage Booking facility for those who have Aer Lingus booking.

Aer Lingus Manage Booking Process

The entire process for managing the booking is very easy and causes no inconvenience. Here are the steps that you are required to follow to manage your bookings:

  1. The first step is to open the official website of Aer Lingus Airlines on the web browser of your choice.
  2. The next step is to sign in with your credentials. You can also proceed without signing in with your credentials, but signing in is recommended because it makes two-way communication easier.
  3. After you have logged in yourself, you will see the homepage of the website on your screen. On the homepage, you are required to click on the Aer Lingus Manage Booking option.
  4. As you click on the manage booking option, you will be required to enter the details of your booking reference number and the passenger name that is printed on the ticket. Entering these details helps you in having the details of your flight in which you need to make changes.
  5. After you are done entering the details, you can proceed with making the changes required in your reservations like cancellation, additional baggage, refund, modifying the dates of journey etc. You can also make certain additions like booking meals, advanced car parking, travel insurance etc.

You can make changes if your ticket allows you to do so without any extra charges. If there are charges applicable for making changes, then, you will have to pay those depending on the fare class of your ticket. After you are done making the changes, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding the same on your registered email ID which will inform you about all the changes that you have made in your travel itinerary.

The Aer Lingus manage booking option also allows you to view your travel history. This option has all your personal details saved so that you can access them without any hassle. This option enables the travellers to check in from 30 hours to 30 days before flights.

If you have booked a flight through Aer Lingus book flights option, then you can easily make alterations in your bookings. The manage booking option allows you to make the following alterations in your bookings:

Select your food

  • Get the itinerary detail
  • Change your name
  • Add more services to your trips
  • Add extra baggage
  • Change or cancel your flight
  • Check-in and boarding pass online
  • Select your seat during check-in
  • Add more services to your trips

Offline Mode- Passengers can call the Aer Lingus Airlines contact number at and request adjustments to their reservations. The passenger will be assisted and guided by the customer service professional of Flyinguidelines in making the requested changes.

Online Method – You can also manage your reservations using the online approach. The online method consists of two parts: managing your bookings via the Aer Lingus mobile app or the official website. For more information, call the Aer Lingus contact number.

Aer Lingus Airlines manage booking with customer service phone number

  • Make a direct call to the Aer Lingus phone number provided to manage your booking.
  • Then give your last name and flight confirmation number. Because the flight confirmation number is listed on the tickets, you can read it from here directly.
  • This will assist you in understanding your booking summary and identifying the exact booking you wish to cancel or amend.
  • Tell them to change/cancel after that. If any changes or cancellations are necessary, send them additional information if you wish to add seats, meals, or other items.

Aer Lingus Frequent Flyer Programme

Aer Lingus’ frequent flyer club, the Gold Circle Club, allows members to earn and redeem frequent flyer points on Aer Lingus and partner airline flights.

Aer Lingus Flight Status & Timetables

Up-to-date flight status information is accessible online because scheduled departure and arrival times for some flights may fluctuate. Similarly, timetables for flights with scheduled departure and arrival times can be found online.

Hand baggage allowance

Per passenger, only one piece of cabin baggage is permitted. Customers travelling in Business Class, Gold Circle cardholders, and Flex Fare can carry one additional personal item (briefcase, purse) to put under the seat in front of them.

For all flights except Aer Lingus Regional, your bag must be 55cm x 40cm x 24cm and weigh no more than 10kg (size limits are 48cm x 33cm x 20cm and 7kgs).

Checked Baggage allowance

Passengers can bring a total of 29kg (44lbs) in checked luggage on short-haul flights. There is a surcharge for excess weight.

  • Baggage costs apply for each checked bag on Economy – Low Fare flights.
  • Baggage fees apply for the second checked bag on the Economy Plus Fare.
  • Baggage costs apply for the third checked bag on Economy – Flex Fare.
  • Long-distance flights.
  • Low Fare Economy – 1 bag under 23kgs (50lbs) free
  • 2 bags under 23kg (50lbs) each are free on the Economy – Flex Fare.
  • Business Class passengers are entitled to three complimentary bags weighing less than 23 kilograms (50 pounds).

Aer Lingus Pet Policy

Pets are welcome to travel with their owners on Aer Lingus, however, they must be checked as cargo. If you want to bring your pet with you, you must notify the airlines ahead of time. Passengers can make arrangements for their dogs by contacting the customer service crew. The pet policies, charges, and forbidden breeds of pets will all be explained to you by the customer support team. The maximum weight allowance for pets is 64kg; pets weighing more than this will not be allowed to travel. Aer Lingus Airlines Flight Booking Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

For regional flights, airlines charge $40 for each pet, while for long-distance flights, they charge $160 per pet. In order to travel with airlines, pets must be at least 10 weeks old. For further information, give a call on Aer Lingus Contact Number.

Aer Lingus Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Are you travelling alone? Before making your flight reservations, it’s crucial to understand the basics of Aer Lingus unaccompanied minor policy. Aer Lingus will not accept a youngster under the age of 12 on a flight by themselves. If your youngster is under the age of 12, he or she must be accompanied by an adult of at least 16 years of age.

On an Aer Lingus flight, children aged 12 to 15 will be considered unaccompanied minors. 

You will need to contact Aer Lingus customer service to arrange separate reservations for such passengers.

Before making reservations, unaccompanied kids must fill out an indemnity form. For further information regarding the Minor Policy of Aer Lingus, contact the flyinguidelines which helped many passengers before for best deals to keep their children safe at any cost.

Aer Lingus Customer Service

Aer Lingus can be reached at the following address: Aer Lingus airline customer service information, including phone and address, is included below. For new flight bookings, cancellations, refunds, baggage claims, discount tickets, specials, or other Aer Lingus inquiries, please contact the contact listed below. 

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