There’s no need to be concerned if you’ve purchased a Lufthansa ticket and your trip plans have been revised. With Lufthansa Airlines flight change policy, you can simply and affordably change your flight. With its flexible and economical flight change policy, Lufthansa allows you to rearrange your plans whenever you want. 

How do I change my Lufthansa flight?

Passengers can easily change their flight on Lufthansa by following the simple steps outlined below:

  • Visit Lufthansa’s official website.
  • Select Lufthansa Manage Booking from the drop-down menu.
  • Double-click the option to change flights.
  • You will now be directed to a new page where you must input your flight booking number and hit enter.
  • Select the flight you want to make changes to.
  • The fare difference must be paid.
  • You’ve completed the flight change procedure.

How to change Lufthansa flight offline:

As per Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change, Passengers can always opt for the oldest and most traditional method of Lusthansa booking flights with an airline. Lufthansa also offers offline ticket booking through its booking center/kiosk at the nearest airport. Passengers can also call the Lufthansa flight change phone number to book tickets. The Lufthansa airlines’ dedicated representatives and staff members will help and assist you at the airport as well as on the phone with your flight change process or any other booking-related problem. For certain passengers, the offline way of changing flights may be more convenient and desirable. Lufthansa Airlines Flight Change Policy For easy Changes process Contact us

What is Lufthansa Flight Change Policy?

  • You will not be charged for changing your flight in Lufthansa if you do it within 24 hours of making your purchase. After the 24-hour window has passed, the airlines will charge you a price for modifying your ticket, which will vary depending on the type of ticket you have. The cost of changing a flight depends on the ticket type.
  • Passengers who make adjustments to their scheduled flight within 24 hours of booking will not be charged any change costs by Lufthansa.
  • If the passenger has already completed the check-in process, the airline will not accept change requests.
  • If the airline changes the flight departure date, passengers can make free modifications to their tickets.
  • Even if the traveler possesses a refundable fare ticket, the Lufthansa flight change policy stipulates that requests for flight changes made outside of the permitted channels are not available for adjustments.
  • To seek a Lufthansa flight change, the traveler must have a valid ticket received through authorized sources.
  • If a change request is made within 30 minutes of the flight’s departure, the airline will forfeit the ticket fee.
  • A traveler with a non-refundable ticket must alter their scheduled flight during the risk-free period, according to the Lufthansa flight change policy. Following that, as a Lufthansa change fee, the airline will charge the full ticket amount. Contact flyinguidelines for more details.

Lufthansa flight change fee

If you’re flying from the United States, changing your tickets with Lufthansa can cost between $250 and $1,000. Furthermore, the flight change cost is calculated based on a number of parameters. The following are the factors that go towards calculating the new fare:

  • The fare rules of airlines.
  • There is still time to depart.
  • Type of ticket.
  • The total distance traveled.
  • The flight’s current fare.

Passengers holding non-refundable tickets are not entitled to reschedule their flights, according to the Lufthansa flight change fee policy. If the traveler continues to make modifications for the same, Lufthansa will charge the entire ticket amount as change fees. If you are still facing some confusion in your mind, contact flyinguidelines with any worry.

Lufthansa flight Change policy on the Same Day

If you plan to alter your flight on the same day of your departure, keep the following points in mind:

  • A change can only be made if a seat in your selected flight and class is available.
  • You can do it at the airport or online at the time of check-in.
  • It is not possible to modify or rebook a code share flight after it has been booked.

To learn more about Lufthansa Airlines flight change policy, contact Lufthansa Airlines’ customer service department and speak with a live person.

General rules of Lufthansa Flight change policy

  • Passengers have until the day of departure to make changes to their scheduled flights.
  • You must pay the Lufthansa change fee based on the fare categories if you want to change the name of a passenger or a co-passenger.
  • According to the Lufthansa flight change policy, if you modify your flight date or time on the same day as your booking, you will not be charged a change fee.
  • Outside of the risk-free period, changes to passenger names will be subject to change fees. After evaluating the Lufthansa Airlines change policy, the fees will be calculated.
  • If you upgrade your seat, you must pay the difference in price as well as change fees, according to Lufthansa Airline flight change policy.

If you are still facing trouble regarding the Lufthansa flight change policy, please contact flying guidelines for further assistance.

Can I Change My Flight Date to Lufthansa

There are occasions when you need to adjust your flight, whether due to an unforeseen circumstance or an error in booking. The Lufthansa flight date change policy, including fees, will be explained in this blog post. If you need to change your reservation, read on to ensure a simple and hassle-free experience.

How to Change Your Lufthansa Flight Date

Your travel agent, a ticket office, a mobile app, the internet, or a phone call can all be used to change the date of your Lufthansa flight reservation. Based on the ticket’s fare conditions, you can change your flight’s departure date, destination, and travel class.

To make an online change to your Lufthansa reservation:

  • Access
  • Select My Reservations 
  • Put the booking code first and last names. 
  • All refundable reservations will appear in your booking summary when you click the “Find Bookings” button. 
  • Pick the reservation that you wish to change the date. 
  • Make a flight date change by following the instructions. 
  • You can also change the date of your Lufthansa flight by using the smartphone app. Contact Lufthansa for assistance if you have issues or want to make a new reservation.

Lufthansa Flight Date Change Fee

Depending on the pricing and ticket requirements, Lufthansa occasionally permits route changes. However, your old and new ticket prices can change if you change your flight path. The new ticket price includes this difference and any additional change fees, if any. The type of ticket or rate you purchased will determine the charges and change the cost.

The Lufthansa Airlines fee schedule is listed below, subject to vary based on various circumstances.

Cost to change a flight date on Lufthansa:

  • $60 USD, 70 CHF, or €50 EUR
  • To switch to a Same-Day Award fare type, add €150/220 CHF.
  • Changes in destination costs are not permitted.

Miles refunds, cancellations, and redeposit fees:

  • $60 USD, 70 CHF, or €50 EUR


  • For some award fares, the amount could shift or be waived. 
  • The reduced flight awards cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by passengers.

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