United Airlines Reservations (Manage My Booking)

United Airlines is one of the prominent airlines. This Airline is operating more than 5000 flights a day. It is providing services across 5 continents in association with more than 350 airports. It is a member of the world’s largest code-sharing and marketing group named Star Alliance. The company had changed its brand name to United Airlines Holdings, INC. It is one of the best, safe, and trustworthy airlines. It is having 160 plus happy customers.

Why fly with United Airlines?

  • United Airlines provides a credit card for Mileage Plus members (through Chase Bank). Mileage Plus is a loyalty program, which offers benefits, advance services, and awards.  
  • It gives travelers a comfortable and enjoyable ride.
  • Its reviews and feedback of people report that it provides an extraordinary experience.
  • They are also known for their highly hospitable in-flight services.
  • They provide high-quality in-flight beverages, complimentary snacks, and meals.
  • This airline is also having 24 hours customer care support.

Classes of Air Travel on United Airlines 

With the operation of 1.7 million flights in a year, it offers 3 types of classes categorized and describes as follows:

United Airline Business Class

If you choose the Business class of United Airline, you will experience the following mentioned features:

  • It provides you a personal amenity kit, which includes all essentials items for traveling.
  • It is a luxurious way to reach your desired destinations.
  • It offers a more comfortable flight experience with priority check-ins and delicious meals, dishes, expensive snacks, and meticulous beverages.
  • It also provides a relaxed check-in flight experience.
  • You will get full-flats beds with superb quality mattresses if you are traveling on a long route. You will get a three-course meal with dishes of different cuisines and cocktails. Top-chefs are available on such routes.  

United Airline Economy Class

If we compare economy flights of other Airlines, United Airlines provides you a comfortable space. Some of the facilities available for travelers in this respected airline are:

  • On most flights, snack boxes of your choice from the menu are made available. Besides, you will get delicious snacks and pre-ordered beverages.
  • For long routes, the airline provides personal entertainment systems like a led console with headphones, the main screen, and personal device entertainment.
  • You will get a cushy and comfortable sitting space. We Provide United Airlines Customer Care Phone Number

How to make a United Airlines Reservations?

There are extraordinary and modern ways and tools by which you can book multiple flights. If you book your flights on united.com then you can save on ticketing service charge. Other ways include the ticketing service charge. 

Visit official website of United Airlines

Visit the official website of United Airlines i.e. united.com and avail of a discount on flight bookings. Many discount coupons are also available on their websites. 

The website of United Airlines is a cheap and convenient way for flight booking. Just enter your details and make a reservation of your choice. All the process of making a reservation is mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of the airline i.e. www.united.com on your web browser. 
  • Create a new account by adding your details and just follow the sign-up procedure.
  • In case you are already a user, then log in with your credentials.
  • After logging in to the website, you have to fill up some necessary details required as per the reservation form.
    • —>Now select your preferred flight.
    • —>Select your preferable seat.
  • Now you will go through a payment gateway. 

If you are facing any problem then contact dedicated United Airlines Reservation customer support to have solutions to your queries. 

Through Interactive Voice Recognition

This airline helps travelers to book a reservation by phone system. It is an automated IVR booking process. It asks to choose between touch-tone and speech recognition. After choosing your desired option, the next command is “Press 2”. 

Flight Reservations Through United Airline Mobile Application

The company’s official app is available on both ios and android platforms. By launching the application, the company made it a more convenient process of booking reservations. App gives access to manage all flight-related tasks like seat booking, checking your flight status, your flight status, performing a web-check in, etc. Please, consider the following steps before using the application:

  • Please, download the application of United Airline from the app store.
  • Firstly sign in if you are an existing customer or sign up by providing seminal details.
  • Just search your needed flight, scroll over, and select a preferred flight.
  • Now, after selecting seat and flight, the application directs you to the payment gateway.
  • Then click on the ‘search flights’ option to view a list of preferred flights to appear on your screen.

United Airlines Reservation in-flight services

The passengers are adorably welcomed by the decent staff. In-flight staff is highly devoted to travelers. The flights have a nice and comfortable sitting arrangement. Business-class compartments have reclining seats so that travelers can sleep. The customers are served hygienic food, snacks, and different beverages. Several Entertainment facilities are available on the flights. To know more, we refer you to read the following details:

  • In-flight meals:

United Airlines provides you access to the great hospitality and a variety of international multi-ethnic cuisines. In beverages, airlines offer complimentary wines, beer, juice, soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Liqueurs and spirits are available but you have to purchase them. The airline also offers a mid-flight snack (on flights that have more than 12 hrs of travel time). But for long routes, the entire meal is provided.

  • In-flight entertainment

You will never feel bored while traveling on United Airlines as they have a United Private Screening entertainment system. It includes seatback on-demand, personal device entertainment, and the main screen. You can enjoy 100 plus live channels. Be captivated by documentaries, films, audio, songs, and short movies. The entertainment services also include video games. You will easily be able to find sounds with famous Vevo’s playlist. 

If you don’t know how to manage bookings for United Airlines, then read this article till the end to know all about the process of United Airlines Manage Booking.

United Airlines Manage Booking Process

The United Airlines manage booking process is a very simple and convenient procedure which does not involve anything that is complicated or typical. The airline has a very flexible approach towards managing bookings so that the travellers can remain relaxed and have a good flying experience. Here is the entire process for United Airlines manage flight bookings:

  • If you have directly purchased your tickets through the airline, then you can easily manage the booking process online. All you have to do is visit the official website of the airline, which is www.united.com.
  • After you visit the website, you will see an option on the homepage which reads “My Trips”.
  • If you are using the mobile application of the airlines, then also you are required to follow the same process.
  • As you click on the “My Trips” section, you will be asked to fill in your details like name and booking number. You have to fill out those details. A point to be noted is that if you are a Mileage Plus member, you can log in to your account with your credentials and to have all the details.
  • Now you will have a managing booking page displayed on your screen. You now have to look for a tab which says “Change Flight” and click on it.
  • After clicking on the “Change Flight” option, you have to go to the “Edit” option and make whatever changes you want to make in your travel itinerary.
  • If you wish to make any further changes to your trip, then you have to click on the tab which says “Trip Details”.
  • If you want, you can also cancel your flight or make some changes to your travel itinerary while you are at the airport. All you have to do is go to the Check-in desk and tell the concerned agent about your requirements.

The online United Airlines manage booking process is very convenient and is just a matter of a few minutes. With just a few clicks, you can manage your bookings and make whatever modifications you want to make in your flight tickets by sitting at your home or office or whatever place you are at. Although the process is very simple, and you will not face any problem while managing your booking, still, if you encounter any difficulty you can always reach out to the customer support team of the airline. The customer support team will assist you and will help you in resolving whatever issues you are facing.

United Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

The baggage policy is different for all classes. It mainly depends upon the seat that you booked in flights of United Airlines. It also varies on the period of the flight, whether the flight is of a long or short journey. There is always a limit on carrying baggage. Customers with Mileageplus status can carry up to a weight of 70 pounds (32 kilograms). You remove in-convenience; please read the following mentioned details and information:

Check-in Baggage Allowance

Check-in baggage allowed to carry depends upon the package that you have. We have categorized all details of baggage with size limit and weight and size limit. You must know that limits are depending upon the class of ticket. 

  • Economy class- 1 bag is allowed which has a weight limited to 50 pounds (23kgs). Baggage’s outer dimensions are listed as (length + breadth +height) and have a limit of 62 inches (158 cm). If you fulfill these conditions then no additional charge is applicable.
  • Business-class– 2 bags are allowed, having weight limited to 32kgs (70 pounds). Baggage’s external dimensions are listed as (length + breadth +height) and limit up 62 inches (158 cm). Considering all these conditions, extra charges are not included and exempted.
  • You can carry one extra baggage of sports equipment or a musical instrument of the same above measurements. 

Extra Baggage Allowance for United Airlines Plus members

Travelers, who are members of the loyalty program Mileage Plus, have some additional benefits as per United Airlines Guidelines. They have the advantage of carrying one additional bag and can carry baggage according to rules for business class reservations. 

Large/Heavy Baggage policy

  • Oversized Bags: The airline does not accept baggage that has measure more than 155 inches or 292 centimeters, dimension measures according to the concept (length + breadth + height).
  • Overweight Bags: The airline does not allow customers to carry bags weighing more than 45 kilograms (100 pounds). Musical instruments are allowed up to 75 kilograms (165 pounds). 
  • Extra Bags: The airline accepts extra bags if they have some space in the aircraft. Sometimes airlines accept baggage for free; it depends upon your luck.

Extra baggage allowance policy

If you want to carry extra luggage then you have to pay some amount/fees. All the charges are decided by the United Airline Baggage policy. It is recommendable to pay the fees online methods and at the time of reservation. 

Check-in for United Airline Flights

Once you read all the details. You can find all the significant details and the easiest method to check-in. You can choose your convenient method. Some ways of check-in are mentioned below:

Web check-in

It is one of the most convenient methods. You can save your precious time if you are opting for this method. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit www.united.com. 
  • Log in to your account.  
  • Then click on the “web check-in” option
  • Please enter the required booking details.
  • Just select your seat or you can change your seat.
  • Now the website will refer you to the payment gateway. Pay your fare for the selected route.
  • Click on “check-in” 

This process should be done 2 hours before boarding time. The check-in process starts usually 48 hours before the boarding time or fight time.

Check-in through United Airlines App

The check-in through application has the same process for your reservation of United Airline Flight. This is an easy process as compared to the web-check process for your United Airlines reservation. Please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your app store and search the United Airline application.
  • Download the app.
  • Open the app after the installation process.
  • Then enter your login credentials and start the process.
  • Just go to the “check-in option” section.
  • Now enter your flight details.
  • Select your wanted seat and complete your payment process. 
  • After completion of these steps, tap “check-in”.


For customer convenience, this Automatic Check-In is designed and developed. What you have to do is- leave your check-in part on the counter operated by United’s dedicated staff. You also get your boarding pass on your registered mobile number.

How to get an Automatic check-in service?

To get the benefits of this service, you have to register your mobile number on their website or mobile app. Just visit, link your number with your profile. Now, book your reservation. United Airlines Reservations Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

How does it work?

  • After booking a reservation, you will get an SMS alert. You can check your allotted or selected seat, which is linked to the boarding pass of the customer.
  • If you want to alter your allotted seat, then follow the link provided as a text message on your registered mobile number. From that link, you can easily change your seat.
  • Your check-in information and details can also be changed at the United’s self-service kiosks. Just go to the counter and do changes. If you face any difficulties ask for help from dedicated staff members.

Check-in directly at the airport

You can easily check-in directly. Just go to the official counter, have some words with the staff members. You can also try self-service kiosks for direct check-in at the airport. 

United Airlines Customer Service

United always cares for its travelers. It provides a very supportive solution to every problem. You can contact me for your trip, future travel plans, and reservation. 

  • Contact Number:
  • You can also add grievances on social media: 3454421
  • For more information regarding flights, you can visit www.united.com. 

New Airline route by United Airlines in 2023

United Airlines is going to start operating on a new route, Washington to Berlin. The seasonal service will commence this year and will be the only direct and uninterrupted service from Washington to Berlin.

This route was due to be inaugurated in 2022 but will now start from May 23, 2023 and will operate daily using a B767-400ER aircraft. This route will be complimenting the airline’s existing route of New York Newark-Berlin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Ans: Yes, but family safety is the main priority. The on-board crew handles the situation and provides all suitable conditions to make the journey of baby and mother comfortable. You have to submit a medical report or proof of the baby duly signed by the doctor. United does not allow infants younger than 1 week.

Q: How soon do I get my refund from the airline?

Ans: Currently, United Airlines have a great refund policy. If you cancel the reservation then request a refund. It depends upon your ticket type, how long the company refunds your money. The company may offer a refund back (in the original form of payment) or a future flight credit. The new policy of the company demands at least 14 business days from the customer for a refund. 

Q: Does United Airlines have internet connectivity on the flight?

Ans: Yes. United Airlines had tied up with four different companies for providing in-flight Wi-Fi. These four companies are Panasonic, Gago, ViaSat, and Thales. But you have to pay for that facility. It is recommendable to purchase an internet pack while booking a reservation. 

Q: What is the United Airlines hotline/customer care number?

Ans: For any help or reservation contact the customer support, dedicated team. You can contact the social care team also. 
Customer support team:
Social care team: 46544

Q: Does United Airlines accept multiple bookings for first class?

Ans: No, only a single booking is available on the first call. You should call directly at United’s Groups and meeting desk for group bookings. Here is their contact number. 

Q: How do I change my travel dates?

Ans: You need to contact your agent. If you book a flight from a third-party website or official website/mobile application, then visit again on a particular platform. Click on ‘manage to book’. If your date is not changing then you must contact customer support for further assistance.

Q: Do I get food on the flight?

Ans: Yes, you will get the food. On international flights, the entire meal is provided. It serves beverages and meals on your preference or choice. But if you are traveling on a domestic flight, then you have to buy the food. The meal usually includes light snacks and beverages like coffee, tea. 

Q: What is the benefit/advantage of having a United Airlines account?

Ans: You can easily make a United Airlines Account online on their respected airline. Online account creation saves you time. It saves your personal information so that you if not get frustrated in submitting your bio again and again. You can consider only one account for further booking. By making one account you will be able to book multiple reservations without re-entering the details.

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