Turkish Airlines Book A Flight

Turkish Airlines offers its customers several convenient and flexible booking options through an easy-to-navigate website and mobile app. Turkish Airlines reservations have various methods to suit different interests, including internet platforms and the more traditional method of using a travel agency. Here, we’ll look at a few different ways to book a flight with Turkish Airlines.

How to book a Turkish Airlines flight?

With Turkish Airlines, booking a journey is a breeze, and they provide many simple options for travellers. Turkish Airlines aims to accommodate varied needs, whether you prefer the flexibility of online booking through the official website or mobile app, the personalised support of a customer hotline, the in-person experience at the airport, or the expertise of a travel agent. 

Here below we have discussed the way Turkish airlines book a flight for its passengers:

Process of Booking Turkish Airlines flight Through the Official Website:

Using the official Turkish Airlines website to book a flight is a popular and easy option. The intuitive design allows Travellers to easily and quickly complete the booking procedure. The main functions are as follows:

  • Visit the Website:– Go ahead and check out Turkish Airlines’ official website first. A search bar to enter your trip details is usually on the homepage.
  • Enter Travel Information:– Enter the cities of departure and arrival, along with the Turkish Airlines reservations number of passengers and your travel dates. Next, the website will show you all the available flight alternatives.
  • Select Flights:– Look at the available flights and choose one that suits your budget and tastes. First class, business class, and economy class are some of the options offered by Turkish Airlines.
  • Choose Extras:– Personalise your reservation by choosing extras like checked bags, in-flight food, and preferred seats.
  • Provide Passenger Details:– To avoid any problems during check-in, ensure you accurately enter the necessary information for every passenger.
  • Payment:– Please go to the “Payment” area to submit your payment information safely. Payment options accepted by Turkish Airlines usually include a variety of ways, including online payment systems and credit/debit cards.
  • Confirmation:– Your e-ticket and a confirmation email will be sent after your payment is processed. Remember to save and print the e-ticket for future reference on your trip.

How to Book Turkish Airlines flight tickets through Mobile App?

The Turkish Airlines mobile app simplifies the booking procedure for individuals who want to do it on the go. To use the app to book a flight, follow these steps:

  • Download the App:– You can begin by going to the App Store or Google Play and downloading the Turkish Airlines app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Install and Open:– Launch the app and enter your Turkish Airlines login details when ready. The software allows users to sign up for an account if they do not already have one.
  • Search for Flights:– Just as on the website, the app has a search bar to enter your trip details and see all the flights that match.
  • Select and Customise:– Pick the flight that best suits your needs and add any optional extras or services to make your reservation unique.
  • Payment:– The app’s payment gateway is a safe place to enter your payment info.
  • Confirmation:– The app will notify you when the payment is successful, and your registered email address will receive an e-ticket.

How to Book Turkish Airlines flight tickets By Connecting With Customer Helpline?

In case customers have one or more specific questions, then they can call the customer service helpline that Turkish Airlines offers. To book a flight over the phone, you need to do the following:

  • Locate the Helpline Number:– Visit the Turkish Airlines website to get the customer service phone number. When it comes to booking-related questions, the number is typically toll-free.
  • Call and Provide Details:– Get in touch with a support agent by calling the toll-free number. Just give them the rundown of your trip, and they’ll help you find the best flights.
  • Clarify Queries:– Ask about extra services, such as special meals, seat preferences, or travel limitations, or clear up any confusion.
  • Payment:– Over the phone, a customer support agent will walk you through the steps of making a safe payment.
  • Confirmation:– Upon completing the Turkish flight booking, the representative will provide you with a confirmation code. Additionally, you can get an email confirming your booking along with your e-ticket.

How To Book Turkish Airlines flight tickets Directly From Airport:

Turkish Airlines allows passengers to purchase tickets directly at the airport if they need pre-booked access. Allow me to show you the way:

  • Visit the Ticket Counter:– Go to the airport’s Turkish Airlines ticket booth. The departure hall is a common place to find these counters.
  • Provide Details:– Gather your trip information, including your destination and chosen travel dates, and present it to the airline staff.
  • Flight Options:– The staff will look into available flights and give you options based on your needs.
  • Payment:– You can pay for your flight at the counter once you’ve chosen it. Cash and credit/debit cards are among the many payment options used by Turkish Airlines.
  • Receive Confirmation:– Together with your electronic ticket, you will get a receipt confirming the transaction. Get ready for your journey by gathering all the required paperwork.

Book Turkish Airlines flight ticket Hassle-free Through a Travel Agent:

Travel agents can be a great resource for individuals who would rather not deal with the details of purchasing a flight or would like professional guidance. If you want to book a flight with Turkish Airlines via a travel agent, here’s how:

  • Find a Reputable Travel Agent:– Opt for a reputable travel firm that specialises in overseas trips. Agents can be located in local travel agencies or online.
  • Provide Details to the Agent:– Tell the travel agent all you need to know about your trip, including when you want to go, where you’re going, and any special requests you may have.
  • Flight Options and Recommendations:– The travel agency will search their databases for flights that meet your needs. They will take your tastes and financial situation into account while making suggestions.
  • Customisation:– Please mention any extra services or preferences you might have, including preferred seating, dietary restrictions, or transportation to and from the airport. 
  • Payment:– You can pay immediately, in installments, or with various other options; the travel agency will handle everything.
  • Receive Confirmation:– Upon confirmation of your reservation, the travel agency will send you all the relevant details, such as your electronic ticket and any other trip-related documents.

Turkish Airlines Group Reservations?

Booking a group trip might be more difficult because of the need to coordinate the schedules, preferences, and numbers of people involved. Airlines have addressed this issue by creating a streamlined procedure for the Turkish reservations group, which will be easy for everyone.

  • Ease of Coordination:– Using Turkish Airlines’ group reservations tool, event planners can easily handle bookings for a set number of guests. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to input the names and preferences of passengers, saving time and effort while organising the group’s travel.
  • Flexible Payment Options:– Turkish Airlines provides many payment methods for group reservations, recognising the cost implications of group travel. Among these features is the option to ease the financial load on organisers and participants by securing bookings with a deposit and making further payments closer to the departure date.
  • Dedicated Support:– Turkish Airlines offers specialised assistance for group Turkish Airlines flight reservations to improve the group travel experience further. To ensure the group’s journey is perfect for them, knowledgeable professionals are there to answer any questions, make any changes, or fulfil any special requests.

Details about Turkish Airlines Multi City Booking:

If you’re an adventure seeker who wants to make the most of your trip, you’ll love Turkish Airlines’ multi city booking feature. With this feature, vacationers can easily design their perfect itinerary, whether they’re jetting off to Asia, Europe, or the other side of the world.

  • Seamless Itinerary Planning:– Thanks to the multi-city booking function, vacationers may plan elaborate itineraries with more than one city. By simply entering their preferred cities, travel dates, and durations, Turkish Airlines’ booking interface and website make it easy for users to get a clear and brief overview of their route.
  • Cost-Efficiency:– Travellers flying to many cities frequently look for affordable options, and Turkish Airlines is no exception. Rather than purchasing separate one-way tickets for each leg of their trip, passengers can take advantage of the multicity booking function to save money on airfare overall.
  • Time Optimisation:– Passengers may optimise their travel itineraries with Turkish Airlines’ multicity booking in today’s linked world, where time is important. Designed to meet the demands of contemporary travellers who value practicality without sacrificing the quality of their travel experiences, this feature minimises layovers and maximises exploring time.

Know about Turkish Airlines classes and flight amenities

Two cabin classes are available to customers having flights with Turkish Airlines: economy and business.

  • Economy Class

From short flights to extended hauls, Economy Class has you covered in every way imaginable. There is a lot to love about this airline’s Economy Class, from entertainment to customisable seat support!

  • Premium Economy

The airline does not currently provide premium economy. On the other hand, economy-class travellers can enjoy premium meals and other perks that make their flight feel more like premium economy.

  • Business Class

Travelling in business class is the most relaxing way to travel. With its first-rate entertainment system and award-winning cuisine, the airline aims to give passengers the greatest experience possible at the airport and in the air.

  • First Class

There has yet to be a First Class cabin on any of these planes. Business Class is an option for those who want a more luxurious flight.

Amenities Provided to Turkish Airlines flight passengers:

Below are the top-quality amenities provided to passengers of Turkish Airlines:

  • On-board Media and Internet Access

Turkish Airlines always adds new and better media to its in-flight entertainment system. The wide variety of in-flight entertainment options ensures that everyone will find something to their liking.

  • TV

You can find a TV show that suits your taste onboard your flight, whether a classic American comedy or a riveting drama. Relax and enjoy Turkish Airlines’ interesting selection of television shows.

  • Movies

A wide variety of films are available. Pick from Hollywood oldies, Turkish classics, and world cinema. The whole family can enjoy both new releases and old favourites.

  • Other

Onboard, you may listen to podcasts from all around the globe and choose from thousands of pieces of music. All ages can enjoy the in-flight entertainment options.

  • WIFI

With the WIFI on board your Boeing B777, B787, Airbus A330, A321neo, or B737MAX, you may connect your device to the ground up with the help of Türk Telekom’s lightning-fast WIFI. Like being at home, you can watch your favourite films and TV series online uninterrupted and get a head start on your email. 

  • Drinks and Food

Guests on Turkish Airlines aircraft can choose from various foods and drink options, including those catering to specific dietary needs.

How to grab the latest deals with Turkish Airlines?

To satisfy their curiosity without breaking the bank, travel enthusiasts and savvy globetrotters are constantly searching for the finest offers. With Turkish Airlines, you can save a tonne of money while flying to fascinating places worldwide thanks to their stellar service and vast worldwide network. 

So that you can keep your ideal holiday within your budget, we will provide tactics to assist you in snagging the hottest offers with Turkish Airlines in this article.

  • Check the Official Site:– Before travelling through Turkish Airlines, you must check the official website often to avail discounted offers. Direct website announcements of limited-time specials, flash sales, and exclusive promos are commonplace for airlines. Check the “Deals” or “Special Offers” area if you’re looking for flight or vacation package deals.
  • Join The Newsletter List:– Sign up for Turkish Airlines’ newsletters to stay informed. Doing so will ensure that you are the first to know about sales, discounts, and new routes by sending you regular email updates. Airlines frequently provide subscribers exclusive deals, allowing you to get the best bargains before they’re known to the general public.
  • Stay connected on social media:– Among the many social media sites, Turkish Airlines maintains an active presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Airline companies often use their social media accounts to announce limited-time deals and flash sales. Keep up with the newest sales, contests, and exclusive offers from Turkish Airlines by following them on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Set Fare Alerts:– You can arrange for fare notifications for your desired Turkish Airlines itineraries using internet tools and travel apps. So that you may purchase your tickets at the best possible time, these alerts will let you know when prices decrease. You may also choose the optimal ticket-buying time using fare comparison websites and apps.
  • Consider Flexible Dates:– You can easily reduce the total cost of your trip by being flexible with your travel dates. Use their flexible date search function to find the cheapest days to fly with Turkish Airlines. To save a tonne of money on airfare, be flexible with your travel dates and be willing to move them around a day or two.
  • Sign up for the Loyalty Programme:– Miles & Miles is Turkish Airlines’ comprehensive loyalty programme. If you sign up for this programme, you can earn miles with every flight and use them to get free or discounted flights. Also, members of loyalty programmes typically get special deals, early boarding, and other advantages that make travelling more enjoyable.
  • Check for Student and Senior Discounts:– Some groups, like students and seniors, may be eligible for special discounts from Turkish Airlines. To make your trip more affordable, make sure you qualify and take advantage of these specific specials.
  • Explore Package Deals:– Turkish Airlines often partners with hotels, car rental agencies, and tour operators to provide customers with all-inclusive holiday packages. You can get an all-inclusive vacation package that includes airfare, hotel, and other services for a reduced price.

How to add baggage on Turkish airlines?

It’s important to think about everything, even your bags, to ensure your flight goes off without a hitch when flying with Turkish Airlines. You can easily add checked bags to your reservation using various methods. This tutorial will walk you through adding baggage to your Turkish Airlines booking, including the steps, available alternatives, and key suggestions.

  • Online Booking Process:– Including checked bags when making an online reservation is quick and easy. Turkish Airlines usually allows you to customize your reservation, including baggage choices, once you select your flight details. You can specify the kind and amount of checked luggage you want to include here.
  • Using the Turkish Airlines Website:– You can easily add baggage to your already-booked flight on the official Turkish Airlines website. To include checked bags in your reservation, go to your account’s “Manage Booking” tab and click the corresponding button. To select the correct travel luggage allowance, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Mobile App Convenience:– The Turkish Airlines app is a lifesaver for travellers who are always on the move. Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in, go to the “Manage Booking” section. Just as on the website, adding bags to your reservation is a breeze with the app, making your travel experience worry-free.
  • Airport Counter Assistance:– Turkish Airlines offers counter service at airports for those who want a more hands-on approach. Find the Turkish Airlines check-in counter at the airport early in the day and ask an employee for assistance adding bags to your reservation. Please ensure that you have your identity and booking details on hand.
  • Contacting Customer Support:– You can reach Turkish Airlines customer service team via phone or email, among other options. Feel free to contact the customer service staff for help with any baggage-related difficulties or queries you may have. You can ask those questions and get answers as they walk you through it.
  • Types of Baggage and Their Fees:– Checked bags, cabin bags, and excess baggage are all options available with Turkish Airlines. For peace of mind, check the airline’s website for their luggage policy, which should include the maximum allowed weight and size of bags. Also, there may be fines if you exceed your limit. Extra luggage that weighs between 23 kg and 32 kg will cost 80 USD per piece.
  • Advice for an Easy Procedure:– If you want to add checked bags to your Turkish Airlines reservation without any problems, follow these steps: To learn about fees and weight restrictions, review the luggage policy. You can use applicable savings by adding baggage during the booking process. For a smooth check-in experience, be sure to provide precise information.

Check out the Turkish Airlines contact details table below:

Turkish Airlines Booking Number
Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number
Turkish Airlines Special Assistance +1-202-(366)-2220
Turkish Airlines group Booking Contact
Fax Number +90-212-46-21-21
Turkish Special Assistance Email [email protected]


Q1. How do I get my e-ticket from Turkish Airlines?

Ans. After 72 hours of receiving your ticket, you can obtain your authorised e-ticket and an invoice at http://ebiletfatura.turkishairlines.com. You can apply and get your invoice from the travel agent that issued your ticket.

Q2. How to add passengers to existing reservations on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Adding someone to your ticket is not possible. You will need to buy a new ticket for that person at the current price.

Q3. What is the cheapest day to book Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Midweek days like Tuesday and Wednesday are usually cheaper to fly. Price changes depend on travel dates, route attractiveness, and seasonal demand. Use search engines, set fare alerts, and be flexible with trip dates to discover the greatest deals.

Q4 Can I book a flight for someone else in Turkey?

Ans. Turkish Airlines lets you book a flight for someone else. You can enter the passenger’s name and contact information when booking. Make sure the information is correct to avoid check-in complications.

Q5 How to get the best deal on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Best Turkish Airlines deals include reserving early, being flexible with travel dates, and looking for discounts. Visit price comparison websites and subscribe to airline newsletters for exclusive bargains. Consider booking during sales for deals.

Q6 Does Turkish have last-minute deals?

Ans. Turkish offers last-minute flights and vacation packages. Travellers with flexible dates and places typically find these offers. For last-minute deals, check the airline’s website or call customer care.

Q7 Can I make reservations and pay later on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Many airlines are providing the option of Pay Later to their customers. Turkish Airlines also provides its travellers the facility of booking a flight in advance and paying the amount later on within the prescribed time which you chose while making the reservations. If you are finding some problem in doing so, then you can get in touch with the reservations team of Turkish Airlines to have the required assistance.

Q8. Where can I see my PNR number on Turkish Airlines?

Ans. You will find your PNR number on your Turkish Airlines ticket or in the confirmation email you got after completing the reservation process. Alternatively, you have the option of calling the Turkish Airlines phone number which is and talk to a live person to get the necessary information about the PNR number in a very quick manner.

Q9. How do I know if my ticket has been confirmed or not?

Ans. When you complete the booking process after making the payment, you will be receiving a confirmation email which will let you know that your reservation has been confirmed. Also, you can check whether your reservation has been confirmed or not by visiting the Turkish Airlines official site and go to the Manage Reservation section by entering your booking reference number and your last name. Apart from this, you can also call the Turkish Airlines phone number which is 1800-200-9329 and talk to a customer support representative who will help you with your PNR related queries.

Q17. What is an open ticket at Turkish Airlines?

Ans. Turkish airlines has this concept of open ticket. Open tickets are those which can be ticketed once again without having to pay any kind of additional charges. You will not be liable to pay any kind of fare difference or extra charges whenever you ticket your open ticket. To know in detail about open ticketing, you can either visit the official website of the airline, or you can call on the Turkish Airlines phone number.