If you are thinking about a vacation, then Allegiant Airline will help adorably to reach your desired destination. It will make your journey luxurious and comfortable at an affordable fare. Its ticket prices do not cut your pockets. Airline’s staff is well trained and in addition to their munificent, professionalism, and caring nature, they are very nimble and always curious to solve customer’s grievances. Allegiant Airline is one of the prominent and top-rated airlines in the aviation industry. It is well-renowned and famous for providing amazing benefits and discounts on ticket prices. You will get a well comfortable experience and grandeur that is beautifully managed and decorated by the in-flight staff. Just make a reservation and be ready to be in heaven. 

Allegiant Airlines is one of the seminal and prominent airlines certified by DOT (Department of Transportation of the U.S.). The airline also provides charter service between Mexico and Canada. It has more than 4 thousand employees. 106 is the fleet size. It covers almost 128 destinations. The airline is having lots of satisfied and happy customers.

Steps to do Allegiant Airlines reservations online

In this modern era, reservation is now an easier process. If you are lucky, you can get some offers on tickets and discount coupons for redemption. You can also confirm Allegiant Airlines reservations through these modern ways. The steps are so easy and listed below:

  • Open your suitable browser and visit www.allegiantair.com.  
  • On the top bar, the “Flight” icon is there. Click on that icon. 
  • Fill in your desired route i.e. starting destination & final destination.
  • Select your departure date and return date.
  • Choose from two options- One way or a Round trip.
  • Add traveler details i.e. Children and Adults.
  • Now click on search flights. 
  • The next directed page will show you all available flights.
  • If you get your suitable flight then select that flight and click “Continue”.
  • Now you have to select baggage allowance. (Also read baggage allowance policy).
  • After selection of baggage, you can now book the best affordable hotels through the next page.
  • Now you will be directed to the cab service page, here you can book a cab.
  • On the next appeared page, you have to add the traveler’s details like full name, contact information, address, and mobile number, etc.
  • After doing all this process, select your preferred seat.
  • Now enter your checked baggage details.
  • Now pay securely for your Allegiant Airlines Reservations Number.

You can perform all these steps to do an Allegiant Airlines Reservations check-in.

Get help, directly contact Allegiant Airlines representatives:

Allegiant Airlines Reservations Number           

Why Make Allegiant Airlines Reservations for Your travel?

It is a renowned and prominent airline. The airline has millions of happy customers. The airline operates millions of flights on different routes. Some of the facilities are mentioned below:

  • You can choose your traveling class according to your pocket and needs. 
  • You will get in-flight world-class entertainment facilities. You can enjoy these facilities in the clouds and it will never make you feel bored.
  • The staff of the respected airline is very humble and nimble.
  • Delicious mouth-watering dishes are offered. You can also select your dishes and the period of meals can also be adjusted. You will also get a freshly prepared salad with meals.
  • You can avail of the online facility of check-in and you can also manage all tasks related to flights through online ways. You can also save your sapient time by adopting the online facilities. 
  • Get 24/7 customer call service is available for assistance. 
  • No hidden charges are included in the final payment if online bookings are made by you. Also, a reservation made via phone does not add any extra charges to the final payment. 

Travel Tips for Travelers:

To enhance your experience, please follow these tips:

  • You can download the official application and you can make multiple reservations by using one account. You don’t have to download and sign in again and again. Application is downloadable from both android and ios based platforms. You can do so many things regarding flight from the mobile application.  You can also perform a check-in process and download a soft copy of the boarding pass.
  • Before packing, it is advisable to read baggage policy so that you can adjust your bags according to limits set by the airline. To avoid extra fees/charges, pack bags according to baggage policy.
  • Download and print your boarding pass to avoid rushing while boarding. 
  • Don’t take prohibited items with your baggage. Please read all details about restricted goods to experience a streamlined security process.
  • If you have any problem regarding your flight. Then don’t feel shy to call a customer care executive. Staff will provide a valuable solution to your grievances.

How to manage Allegiant Airlines booking?

In this modern era, making changes in your bookings is an easier task. You can do it on your fingers without any hassle. You can do all changes through a mobile application and website. Just go to the “Manage your Booking” section to do all tasks. Steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website or you can use the official mobile application. (Steps are similar in both online ways). 
  • Go to the “Manage your booking” tab. 
  • You have to fill in your e-ticket number or booking reference number.
  • Now manage all tasks regarding the flight.

Some of the tasks you can do in the “Manage your Booking” tab are:

  • Select a seat or change your seat.
  • Cancel or change your present booking. 
  • Change your travel time or date. 
  • Check out the trip information and flight status. 
  • Add extra baggage and adjust your meal as per your need.  
  • Pay for your fare.
  • Get a receipt of your money transfer as payments.

Allegiant Airlines baggage policy

You and your baggage safety is the main priority. Before packing your bags you must go through all details regarding baggage policy. You can also pay extra baggage fees/charges online if you are opting for Allegiant Airline for completing your selected journey. Allegiant Airlines Reservations and Baggage related phone number are available and already mentioned nicely. Baggage policy is based on different things like class, routes, aircraft, and airline. You can carry 4 checked baggage but all four are payable and you have to do pre-bookings for these bags. You can 1 carry-on bag for free and one more is allowed, but you have to pay for it. You can read the following details of baggage policy:- 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy is dependable on many factors like routes, aircraft size, etc. You can carry 4 pieces of baggage with you but no one is free of cost. You have to pre-book the bags (according to your needs). If the limitations are crossed then you have to pay for it. The limits are mentioned below:

  • Weight limits: The maximum weight limit is 18 kilograms (40 pounds) for each bag.
  • Dimensions Limit: The total dimensions (sum of length, breadth, and height) of the bags are limited to 203 cm or 80 inches. 

Baggage Allowance in Cabin

Two carry-on bags are allowed on the flight one is free and another is chargeable. Taking hanging garment bags should be kept inside the overhead bin. No weight limits are placed by the airline. The limit on the dimensions is 9*14*22 inches or you may call (22.9*35.6*55.9). 

Examples of personal or extra baggage are:

  • Duty-free purchases at the Airport.
  • Laptop with its bag 
  • Handy-bags, Small Backpack
  • Small pet animal with its carrier.
  • Musical instruments but some restrictions on size.
  • Consular bag and Camera bag.
  • Sports items like squash and tennis. 

The charges/fees of extra baggage depend on the following reasons:

  • Your increased/extra baggage weight.
  • Flight route
  • Extra baggage’s dimensions. 
  • Extra space availability in aircraft or aircraft size.

You should have all knowledge about baggage and pay online for extra baggage.

How to reserve seats on Allegiant Airlines?

Every passenger while traveling chooses his/her favorite seat in advance. Allegiant Airline also allows passengers to select their seats from remaining seats. If you want to select your seat then two online options are available and these two options are mobile application and website. Passengers can select their seats according to their selected class. Just do an Allegiant Airlines Reservation and follow mentioned below steps to select a seat: 

Through Website:

  • Browse the Allegiant Airlines website i.e. www.allegiantair.com. 
  • Create a new fresh account or log in. 
  • Now enter your e-ticket number or booking reservation number.
  • You have to add your last name of yours (as mentioned in the passport).
  • Now click on the “Manage your booking” icon. 
  • Select your preferred seat. 
  • Complete all payments process with a secure process developed by the airline

Through Mobile Application

  • Open the installed application of Allegiant Airline. 
  • Now got to the “My Flights” section.
  • Your flight details will be shown to you.
  • Now tap “Manage your Flight”.
  • Then, select your favorite and preferred seat.
  • Do all payments online through the app.

How to reserve a meal on Allegiant Airlines?

For passengers’ convenience, the airline allows customers to buy an array of drinks and snacks. You will get an onboard menu for ordering meals. Meals and snacks can be changed according to climate, route, and flight duration. You will get lots of light snacks on the flight. Beer and wine are also served on demands from customers. You will get one free drink on the flight if you are having an Allegiant World MasterCard. You can also choose your meal through the mobile application and website. Meals can be pre-booked before the departure of the flight. Payments for meals are accepted via cards and online payments. No cash transaction is allowed on the flight. Allegiant Airlines Booking Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

Note: Alcoholic beverages are served to customers who are over 21 years. 

Some Allegiant Airlines Faq’s for Ticketing

Can I cancel my reservation on Allegiant Airlines?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation easily and conveniently. The amount will be fully refundable when you cancel your booking within 24 hours of reservation. If you select a Trip Flex, then cancellation fees are waived. You can abrogate your reservation any time or place without a hassle. You should also read the cancellation policy and refund policy of Allegiant Airline. You can cancel your tickets through digital ways.

Do I get a free checked bag with Allegiant Airlines?

No, you will not get any free checked bags. You can carry a maximum of 4 bags and you have to pay for it. But you can carry a personal item free of cost. The maximum dimension of a carry-on bag is 9*14*22 in (22.9*3.6*55.9 cm). The dimension limit of checked bags is 203 centimeters/80 linear inches (length+height+breadth).  The weight of every checked bag does not exceed 18 Kg/ 40 pounds. 

Does Allegiant offer free Wi-Fi on its flights?

No, Allegiant Airlines does not offer free Wi-Fi on their flights. No Wi-Fi (paid or free) is available on all flights. But you can purchase an array of beverages and snacks.

Do “myAllegiant” rewards expire on Allegiant Airlines?

“myAllegiant” points are gained by traveling on Allegiant flights. These points don’t expire; they stay in your account lifetime. These points are deducted after redeeming. You can use these points to decrease the final amount. 

What items are not allowed in the carry-on baggage of Allegiant Airlines?

Apart from all baggage allowance, there are some restrictions on carrying some articles on the flight. Some people carry these restricted items in their baggage and get stuck in the baggage clearance queue. So check the following mentioned items before check-in.  Some of the things are listed below:

  • Camping/ outdoor equipment 
  • Explosives
  • Alcohol 
  • Marijuana 
  • Personal air purifiers 
  • Pool chemicals 
  • Battery-operated self-balancing devices
  • Household items 
  • Sharp objects
  • Aerosols, gels, or liquids more than 3.4 oz 
  • Flammable solids or liquids
  • Printer and toner cartridges
  • Powder and powder-like substances 
  • Other hazardous materials
  • Wood, glass, or pottery
  • Internal combustion engines 

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