Most fares have no change fees, making JetBlue’s change flight policy more passenger-friendly. Except for Blue Basic, you can change any flight ticket at no cost and rebook it online or over the phone for the original ticket’s validity. 

The JetBlue standard ticket change flight policy states: 

  • If you change up to the day before the departure of your flight, there won’t be a change fee for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares. 

The following change fee will be added to the applicable fare difference for Blue Basic fares:

  • Travel inside North America, Central America, and the Caribbean is USD 100 per passenger.
  • For all other routes, it is USD 200 per passenger.

JetBlue Flight Change Fee

You will be charged a service fee of USD 25 per passenger for changing your flight reservation over the phone, on top of any applicable change fee.

For BlueBasic fares, the change fees are:

  • The cost per passenger for travel within the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America is USD 100.
  • Each additional route: USD 200 per passenger.
  • The same-day change fee for fares in Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint is USD 75. 
  • Members of Mosaic and Blue Extra fares are exempt from same-day change fees.

JetBlue Name Change on Ticket

Passengers can change their names through the airline’s official website, mobile app, customer support, sales offices, and airport counters. In this section, we have outlined the steps you can take to change your name.

Method 1: Name Change Online

  • Select the appropriate or accessible mode (website or app).
  • Choose the “manage my booking” page from the homepage. It can be necessary for you to finish the user authentication procedure.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and confirmation code in the corresponding field.
  • Select the Continue tab.
  • Choose the trip.
  • Select the tab labelled “Change or Modify.”
  • Assign a new name to your passport or official government identification.
  • Add supporting documentation.
  • Click the continue tab to submit the change form.

Method 2: Change Name Offline

Using offline mode, you can also update your name. For this, you will have to speak with representatives via customer service or stop by local sales offices or airport counters. Contact the appropriate team and, with the assigned agent’s help, make the necessary changes to your name. A passport ID or official government documents must be submitted as supporting documentation. 

JetBlue Date Change

There are various ways to change your flight date with JetBlue Airlines. You can select the approach that works best for you. The following are the ways to change the date of a JetBlue Airlines flight:

Online Method

You can change the date of your flight online with JetBlue Airlines. Changing your reservation in this way is the most convenient option. To do this:

  • Visit the JetBlue Airlines website and complete the process by entering your information and checking in to My Trip.
  • You need to enter the departure and destination cities, the confirmation code, and your last name as it appears on the ticket booking when utilising the online selection.

Offline Method

JetBlue Airlines offers an offline way to change your flight date. You have three options while offline:

  • Use the airline’s phone number.
  • Go to the flight change counter.
  • Utilise the airport kiosk.

You can get help from the airline customer executive representative to make the required adjustments to your reservation. JetBlue Airlines’ phone number is

JetBlue Same-Day Change 

You can change your flight on JetBlue Airways on the same day with their same-day flight change service. Before your flight is scheduled to depart, you can visit the JetBlue booking centre or kiosk to make a same-day flight change. You can speak with an agent from JetBlue Airways at the counter.

  • On the same day, passengers can travel on an earlier or later flight.
  • Only the same city pairs or designated airports are available for travel. 
  • No same-day change option is available for cities with a daily direct flight.
  • A full day before the originally scheduled flight, passengers can confirm their same-day changes at the airport.
  • For same-day changes, there is no fee.

JetBlue Scheduled Flight

Depending on how long the change will take, you have the following choices if JetBlue modifies your flight:

  • A sixty-minute flight change or less
  • Any voluntarily made changes will incur an increase in airfare in addition to the relevant fee.
  • Based on the kind of fee waiver, you can modify or cancel your flight without incurring any fees if it qualifies. 
  • Switching flights for 61 to 119 minutes
  • Take an alternative JetBlue flight on the same day, the day before, or the day following your initial flight without incurring extra fees or
  • Get a JetBlue Travel Bank credit by cancelling your trip.
  • Changing a nonstop flight for a connecting or stopover flight that lasts at least two hours
  • Take a different JetBlue flight within seven days of your initial flight or, for no additional cost,
  • Receive a JetBlue Travel Bank credit by cancelling your trip, or
  • Refund your original payment method if you need to cancel your flight.

JetBlue Classes Change Fee Tips

When changing your flight reservation over the phone, be prepared with the following details:

  • Your flight confirmation number
  • The flight number 
  • Your travel date
  • Passenger date of birth, contact details, etc.

When making an online flight reservation change, be prepared with the following details:

  • Your confirmation code
  • Your last name
  • Both your destination and origin cities 

You cannot change your online flight reservation if:

  • The code for your confirmation
  • Your surname
  • Your starting and final cities 

Online flight booking changes are not possible if:

  • You used a travel certificate or a JetBlue voucher to purchase your ticket.
  • You scheduled a unique service. 
  • The city on your return flight differs from your original reservation’s. 
  • A third party bought your ticket.
  • You must contact JetBlue (or the third party from whom you purchased your ticket) for assistance in all such cases.

Jetblue Airlines Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can you change a nonrefundable airline ticket to JetBlue? 

Changes or cancellations for JetBlue nonrefundable fares are possible up to the scheduled departure date for a fee per person and any applicable airfare difference.

  1. Can I transfer JetBlue tickets to another person? 

Name changes on a PNR are not allowed after the PNR has been ticketed. However, if you book a new PNR, charge the higher fare, and pay the relevant change fees at the time of the exchange, JetBlue will let you use the ticket for another customer.

  1. Can I change my flight destination to JetBlue? 

Can you change your flight after you check in JetBlue 

Yes, even if you’ve already checked in, you can change your flight ten minutes before the scheduled departure time.

  1. Can you change the return date on a round-trip ticket with JetBlue?

It is possible to change your JetBlue flight schedule. For travellers who need to make changes to their itinerary, JetBlue provides flexibility.

  1. Can I change my flight to the main cabin JetBlue? 

Any ticket, excluding the basic economy fare, can be changed for a new flight. 

  1. Can I switch my JetBlue flight?

For a one-time fee of $75, JetBlue customers could make a confirmed same-day switch (no fare difference applies). Only on the day of departure, starting at midnight in the time zone of your departure flight, is it possible to make a same-day switch. 

  1. If JetBlue changes my flight, can I cancel

Before the planned departure, changes and cancellations are accepted with a full refund. Any applicable airfare difference and availability are the only conditions for changes.

  1. How to select a seat on JetBlue 

Just enter the number of seats you want to reserve. Look through the seat map and select the options you want. There are three options: Mint Studio, Even More Space, and Standard Seats. Pay the JetBlue seat selection fee to finish the process after you’ve made up your mind.

  1. Can I change the passenger name on an airline ticket from JetBlue? 

Name changes are not allowed on a PNR once it has been ticketed. JetBlue will let you use the ticket for a different passenger if you make a new Jetblue reservation, pay the increased fare, and pay the relevant change fees when you exchange your ticket.

  1. JetBlue will keep my flight the same

Cancellations and changes must be made before the planned departure time. Unlike Blue Basic, most fares do not have change or cancellation fees. Changes to the itinerary for Blue Basic fares are subject to a $100 per person change fee for routes within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.

  1. Does JetBlue make price adjustments?

You can always find the cheapest JetBlue fares here on Additionally, you’ll receive a $50 credit for travel on JetBlue and a refund of the fare difference if you discover a lower JetBlue fare somewhere else on the day of purchase.

  1. JetBlue changed my flight without telling me

You are entitled to flight compensation if you were not informed of the original flight’s schedule change.

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    We had paid $1,000 for two tickets on Jetblue Airline for my colleague and me to travel to Florida for a Teachers event on November 15, 2022. However, the trip was cancelled, so we were given a credit of $1,000 for the two tickets. Due to my wife’s underlying illness, we won’t be able to travel at the time this credit expires, and given our advanced age and health, we cannot afford to lose this money. I called this number to get help with Jetblue Airlines change fees and asked that the expiration be extended by another year or that the credit be reimbursed. Excellent service by them. They did not trouble us and helped me right away.

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