This comprehensive guide will explain Ethiopian Airlines’ specific policies, fees, and flexibility afforded to passengers should they need to cancel, change, or request refunds for tickets after booking. Whether looking to reschedule dates for a future flight or obtain a complete reimbursement of airfare in qualifying circumstances, multiple options are revealed here based on an array of potential scenarios.

By equipping customers with improved visibility into Ethiopian Airlines’ standard cancellation, date/route change, and refund protocols, along with tips for minimizing fees, bookings can be made with increased confidence at the time of purchase through informed evaluation of policies.

Ethiopian Airlines cancellation policy

  • Tickets are generally non-refundable but can be changed for a fee of $100-300 depending on cabin class.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours receive a full refund if booked directly with Ethiopian Airlines. This ethiopian airlines cancel within 24 hours policy does not apply to third-party bookings.
  • Involuntary cancellations due to schedule changes may qualify for a refund, but otherwise, refund eligibility is limited.
  • Additional services like extra baggage and in-flight meals can be refunded if the flight itself is canceled.

Ethiopian Airlines cancellation refund

  • Date, route, or name changes incur a $100-300 fee plus any fare difference.
  • Refunds are only issued if specifically allowed by the original ticket fare, which is usually more expensive. Apply a $100-250 refund fee.
  • Cancellation protection is available for $9-15 to enable refunds in certain situations like illness. Terms and conditions apply.

How do I get a refund from Ethiopian Airlines?

  • Immediately after booking, full refunds are available within 24 hours when booked directly with the airline. This ethiopian airlines cancel within 24 hours policy provides flexibility shortly after booking.
  • Otherwise, travelers must have purchased a specific refundable fare, usually much higher priced, to obtain a refund from Ethiopian Airlines after 24 hours. Refund fees still apply.
  • In some cases of airline-imposed cancellations or qualifying circumstances, refunds may be offered despite having a non-refundable base fare. This is evaluated case by case.

How do I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines?

The process for canceling or changing Ethiopian Airlines tickets depends on when and how the booking was made:

  • For reservations made directly with the airline, contact Ethiopian Airlines’ call center or manage the booking online via “Manage Booking”. Fees and fare differences will apply.
  • For reservations made through a travel agent or online travel agency (OTA), their own cancellation, change, and refund policies may override Ethiopian Airlines’ policies. Always verify at the time of booking.
  • Act quickly if you need to adjust travel plans, as changes made closer to departure dates often incur higher fees. The fastest option is typically to manage bookings online after creating an Ethiopian Airlines profile linked to the reservation.

Ethiopian Airlines’ cancellation policy COVID

  • Ethiopian Airlines has offered increased flexibility due to COVID-19, including waiving date/route change fees (fare difference still applies).
  • COVID-related cancellations may be refunded even for typically non-refundable tickets, assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Verify current special allowances directly via their website or call center before processing changes.

Ethiopian Airlines ticket cancellation fee

Standard date or route changes incur the following fees for Ethiopian Airlines tickets:

  • Economy class: $100 fee plus fare difference
  • Business class: $200 fee plus fare difference
  • First class: $300 fee plus fare difference

Cancellation without rebooking is possible only for specific refundable fares, with a $100 fee (economy) up to a $250 fee (first class).

Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation Policy by Fare Type

Ethiopian Airlines’ cancellation, refund, and change policy rules differ across the various types of fares available for purchase:

Flexible/Full Fares

  • Also referred to as:
  • Full-Flex
  • Flex
  • Y Class
  • Features:
  • Fully refundable before departure
  • Unlimited date/route changes permitted
  • Easier to cancel or modify trip
  • Cancellation Terms:
  • Cancel anytime for a full refund less fee ($100 economy, $250 first class)
  • Changes anytime with just fare difference charges

Semi-Flexible Fares

  • Also referred to as:
  • M Class or W Class fares


  • Partially refundable fares
  • Some changes allowed with the fee

Cancellation Terms:

  • Cancel before departure for a partial airline credit voucher
  • Date/route changes allowed with change fee ($100-250) plus fare difference
  • Useful for travelers wanting moderate flexibility

Budget/Discount/Nonrefundable Fares

Most restrictive but cheapest options.

  • Commonly referred to as:
  • K Class/Q Class Discounts
  • Saver Fares
  • Apex Fares


  • Unable to get a refund except within 24 hours
  • Exchanging dates costs over $100 fee
  • Cheapest way to purchase plane tickets

Cancellation Terms:

  • No refunds or changes are allowed except within 24
  • hours of booking directly with the airline.

Services accessible via call center:

  • Booking new flights
  • Changing existing reservations
  • Cancelling ticket refund requests
  • Managing booking details/passenger info
  • Questions about policies, flight times, terminals
  • Loyalty program inquiries
  • Baggage/check-in questions

Note any ticket or confirmation code details before calling for faster service.

Online Resources for Self-Service Changes & Refund Requests

Ethiopian Airlines encourages using their customer self-service booking portal, available 24/7 at

This provides immediate access to manage existing flight reservations without waiting for call center assistance.

To start, have the 6-letter booking reference code ready along with passenger details. Then login capabilities include:

  • Requesting flight date, route, or time modifications
  • Processing qualified ticket cancellations
  • Submitting refund requests per policy guidelines
  • Changing passenger information like name corrections
  • Selecting, upgrading, and switching assigned seats
  • Adding ancillary services like extra checked bags
  • Managing frequent flyer Skylux program status and miles

The self-serve online portal delivers requested changes instantly and then sends email confirmations of the updates. This self-service ability yields faster modifications compared to calling, as there are no wait times to speak to an agent.

For complex booking support like groups or integrations with other airlines, call center assistance is still available. But simple individual reservation changes are most easily handled directly online.

Having self-service access anytime outside of call center hours is essential for flexible travel management. Use online first, then call if additional help is required.

Refund Eligibility, Lost Tickets, and Protection Options

What Is Ethiopian Airlines refund policy

Ethiopian Airlines tickets are sold as non-refundable fares by default, but travelers do have some options:

  • Book a fully refundable fare upfront – expensive but allows cancellation with fees
  • Cancel within 24 hours of booking directly with the airline for a full refund
  • Purchasing cancellation protection for approx. $15 enables refund requests
  • Involuntary cancellation by Ethiopian Airlines may provide refunds

Ethiopian Airlines cancellation refund

  • If eligible, refunds follow these guidelines:
  • Refund time frame: 90 days via original payment method
  • Refund fee applies based on ticket fare class
  • Allow extra processing time due to the high volume of requests

Lost Ticket Refund

  • Report lost paper tickets immediately
  • $100+ fee assessed based on ticket fare class
  • Refund eligibility limits still apply
  • Online e-ticket numbers can still be accessed via your reservation

Cancellation Protection

  • Optional add-on ($9-15 per flight) that allows refund requests in case of:
    • Medical emergencies
    • Major trip interruptions
    • Travel restrictions
    • Flight cancellations
    • Passenger illness or injury
    • other qualifying circumstances
  • Must cancel the ticket before the intended departure
  • The airline reviews claims case-by-case basis

Tips for Minimizing Ethiopian Airlines Cancellation & Change Fees

When booking Ethiopian Airlines flights and managing cancellations or modifications, employing the following tips can help minimize costly change fees:

  • Book directly with the airline when possible for access to the 24-hour free cancellation policy. Third-party bookings prevent this option.
  • Understand all fare rules upfront – evaluate change flexibility vs potential cost savings when selecting discounted fares.
  • Add cancellation protection at booking for $9-15 for higher-risk flights to enable refund eligibility for otherwise non-refundable tickets.
  • Create an online account for access to easy self-service modifications instead of waiting for a phone agent.
  • Change bookings online as early as possible – shorter notice cancellations mean higher change fees.
  • Have all documentation ready before calling the contact center for faster service.
  • Always verify special COVID policy updates for current relaxed change and cancellation rules due to the pandemic.

Conclusion Summary

When booking air travel, striking the optimal balance between ticket affordability and cancellation flexibility is key to maximizing peace of mind. Ethiopian Airlines offers customers a range of fare classes to choose from, each with distinct rules and fees pertaining to date changes and refund eligibility.

Overall, Ethiopian’s budget economy tickets offer minimal wiggle room given their sheer affordability. However, customizable protections can be added to enable the recovery of funds during unforeseen circumstances. Premium cabin travelers inherently gain access to more options to modify plans.

By thoroughly understanding cancellation and refund policies upfront across fare types, customers can make informed trade-off decisions on cost, flexibility, and peace of mind when securing reservations. With the right questions asked ahead of purchase, Ethiopian Airlines strives to deliver both choice and clarity to global flyers.

Faqs About Ethiopian Airlines

  • How late can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight to get a full refund?

Must cancel within 24 hours of booking directly on for a full refund. Even non-refundable tickets cannot be refunded after this period.

  • What is Ethiopian Airlines’ policy for canceling flights due to coronavirus/COVID-19?

Ethiopian Airlines is currently offering free unlimited date changes (fare differences apply) for all tickets issued from March to May 2020, given COVID-19 impacts. Some cancellations are also being refunded, irrespective of fare rules.

  • If my flight gets canceled by Ethiopian Airlines, will I get a refund?

Yes, in cases of involuntary flight cancellation by Ethiopian Airlines, you can request a full refund to the original form of payment, even for non-refundable tickets. The refund timeframe is 90 days.

  • How can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines booking?

You can cancel via their website’s self-service booking manager portal or by calling reservations at . Cancellation fees apply to refundable tickets, and non-refundable tickets have no cancellations permitted outside 24 hours.

  • What is Ethiopian Airlines’ change flight fee?

Date/route changes cost $100 for the economy, $200 for business, and $300 for first – plus any fare difference if the new flight quote is higher. All tickets except “Flex” fares incur these change fees so pick carefully when booking!

  • I booked Ethiopian Airlines via Expedia – can I still get a 24-hour refund?

No, only tickets booked directly on are eligible for free cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. For third-party bookings like Expedia, their policies override the airline’s policy.

  • How much does it cost to cancel an Ethiopian Airlines flight?

Cancellation incurs a $100 fee for economy tickets and up to $250 for premium first-class fares. And no refund is provided on non-refundable economy tickets except in involuntary situations. Optional cancellation protection can be purchased to enable refund eligibility.

  • Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight due to illness?

Unless you purchased a premium refundable fare or added cancellation protection during booking, illness is generally not valid grounds for getting a refund on a non-refundable economy ticket. Travel insurance can address this risk for a small fee at booking.

  • How far in advance can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight to avoid fees?

There is no fee waiver, no matter how far in advance you cancel flights. All cancellations for refundable fares incur hefty fees, and non-refundable tickets provide no cancellation recourse at all beyond 24 hours except during COVID-19 mobility restrictions.

  • I need to cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight – how long will it take to get my refund?

If eligible for a cancellation refund, it takes 90 days after submitting a request to return funds to the original payment method used at the time of booking. Expect delays beyond 90 days, though, during peak seasons when volumes are higher.