People cancel their flight reservations for a variety of reasons. It is understood that no one makes plans to cancel them, but sometimes the unexpected turn of circumstances leaves no option for people except to cancel with their travel plans. In this article, we are going to talk about the Expedia Cancellation Policy. We will be covering points like Expedia Cancellation Policy, Expedia Cancel Reservation, Expedia Cancel Flight etc.

So, read the complete article to familiarise yourself with the Expedia Cancellation Policy and other such topics.

Procedure to follow for Expedia flight cancellation

There is a specific procedure that you are required to follow to cancel Expedia reservation. If you are not aware of the process that you have to go through for cancellation, then here is the detailed process:

The very first step, as you must already be knowing, is to visit the airline’s website on the web browser which you prefer. In this case, you will be required to visit

Then, with the help of your credentials, you will have to log in to the account created by you.

Now, as you log in to your account, you will see the homepage of the website. On the homepage, you have to locate an option which reads ‘My Trips’.

Click on this option and a list of sub-options will be displayed in front of you. Among all those options, you have to click on the itinerary, which has the details of your flight booking.

The next step you are required to do is go to the Manage Trips option.

As you open that option, you will see an option saying ‘Cancel Booking’. You are supposed to click on that option to discontinue with your booking.

After you have cancelled the booking, you will be receiving a confirmation email.

If you want to confirm your cancellation from the website, then all that you are required to do is when you cancel your booking, a page will be displayed on which you will see a ‘Go to itinerary button’. You have to click on that button.

This button will take you to the booking page which you cancelled. After cancellation, this page will show you your cancelled booking.

If you see a cancelled note on your booking in red, then this means that your booking has successfully been cancelled.

Also keep in mind that, you need to keep the cancellation email safe with yourself until you receive the refund amount.

Important points to keep in mind before Expedia Flight cancellation

Now that you have become completely familiar with the cancellation process, we would like to bring your attention to certain points which you need to keep in mind before cancellation:

In case you want a full refund, you will have to make sure that you cancel your reservation within 24 hours. You will not be receiving the full amount if you cancel after 24 hours. You will be entitled to receive a full refund only under one condition that you cancel your reservation in a day’s time.

There are certain flights which are not eligible for refunds. It is therefore necessary for you to go through all the rules and regulations very carefully before you make up your mind to cancel your flight reservations so that you do not have any misunderstanding.

Remember that even if you are someone whose flight is not eligible for cancellation, it’s not like that you will be receiving absolutely nothing after cancelling your flight. In some cases, you might be rewarded with credit by the airline for future travel. This comes in handy for those who are frequent travellers of the airline.

What to do if we are unable to cancel your Expedia Flight booking?

The booking process as you have seen above is a very easy one. Even if someone has not read about the process, they can still go to the website and cancel the booking on their own. It’s not a very hard task. But sometimes, we encounter certain issues because of which we are not able to cancel the reservation on our own. If you are also someone who tried cancelling the reservation but couldn’t do so, here are the alternative options you have to cancel your reservation as per the Expedia flight cancellation policy:

Cancel via phone call: If you are not able to cancel on your own through the website, then you can dial the customer helpline number of the airline. The Expedia helpline number is

+1 (404) 728-8787. You can give a call on this number, and you will be directed to a customer support executive. As you are connected to the customer support executive, you can talk to them and let them know about the problem you are facing while cancelling the reservation. They will listen to the problem you are facing and will provide you the solution. In some cases, they even do the cancellation on your behalf for your convenience. So if the problem you are encountering persists for a long time, then the best option is to dial the customer support team and get their assistance. The customer support team is available for your assistance 24 hours and can help you with cancelling your reservation.

    Cancel via chatbot: Cancelling via chatbot is another option that you have in case you want to cancel your reservation but were not able to do so due to some reason. When you face any problem while cancelling the reservation on the website, you can click on the small button which says ‘help’ located in the bottom right corner of your screen. As you click on that button, you will be directed to an agent. You can talk to the agent and get your problem resolved. In case you are not able to see the chat button, you can go to the Expedia service page, where you will see the chat now button located on the top of the page.

    Is there any Expedia Flight cancellation insurance?

    If you have made an Expedia booking, then let us inform you that Expedia offers cancellation insurance as well. Expedia has some travel insurance plans for its customers which, to some extent, can help in covering the cost of fees that you might have to incur while cancelling your flight tickets.

    These insurance plans have their own rules and regulations, so we would advise you to thoroughly go through them before you plan to buy one. It is important that you have clarity about everything associated with these insurance plans. For information, you can check the official website.

    The article has now come to the end. We hope that we did a good job in explaining all that you needed to know about how to cancel on Expedia. If there is anything about Expedia cancel flight that still remains unclear to you, then we would advise you to go through the website once. If your doubts regarding Expedia cancel reservation still persist, then you can also dial the customer care number which we mentioned above. The Expedia customer support team is available 24×7 for assistance.

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