As passengers can sometimes need to cancel their booking with Copa Airlines due to various circumstances, the cancellation process can sometimes be complex and confusing – particularly for novice travellers. Here, in this post, is all of the information on how you can quickly cancel a Copa flight & get compensation requests back quickly; also provided is their Cancellation Policy and Fee information.

Copa Airlines Cancellations Policy

How To Cancel A Flight As Per Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

Copa Airlines employs several guidelines designed to facilitate smooth & enjoyable daily operations at their airline for passengers, with certain regulations outlining flight cancellation policy as well.

If airlines cancel flights without penalty charges being levied against passengers, no cancellation fees must be paid for those flights.

According to the Copa Cancellations Policy, passengers who miss or delay their flights can request and use the Refund Value.

If a passenger cancels within seven days of departure, then no cancellation fee applies. Should their flight be cancelled as per COVID-19 regulation, however, then within 24 hours after cancellation they need to fill out and submit the COVID-19 refund form for reimbursement purposes.

Copa Airlines cannot cancel reservations made through third-party entities directly.

Copa Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy 

Copa Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy permits you to hold onto a reservation without making payment within that 24-hour window; otherwise, it will be cancelled automatically and normal fare conditions apply if paid within that window.

Copa Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy in case of death or sickness

Copa Airlines provides refunds in cases of passenger deaths or serious illnesses as defined by its Cancellation Policy, provided proper documentation such as hospital or death certificates is submitted to qualify.

Copa Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy for Copa Airlines in response to COVID-19

Copa Airlines will offer free cancellations of flight tickets purchased between September 2020 and July 2021 due to COVID-19, providing that these cancellations occur before December 31st of that same year or prior.

  • Refunds of tickets depend upon the fare rules and refund conditions listed on each ticket.
  • To be eligible for a ticket refund, it must be requested within its specified validity period.
  • Colombian tickets are valid for two years from their issuance or reissue date.
  • Tickets issued or reissued outside Colombia remain valid for one year from their issue or issuance date, subject to certain exceptions.
  • Unused tickets purchased can be returned for full fare and taxes paid upon purchase; any non-refundable taxes will be deducted from their refund amount.
  • Purchasing tickets via an agency or an online platform requires any necessary processing directly with them.
  1. Tickets that may be cancelled and refunded include those affected by circumstances within or beyond Copa’s control; including flight cancellation.
  2. Changed flights were delayed by under four hours for some tickets.
  3. Tickets issued in Brazil qualify for a refund if their arrival time has been delayed by one hour or more.
  4. Flight tickets delayed three hours or longer can be eligible for a refund in Canada.
  • Tickets booked between March 19, 2020, and December 31st can be cancelled or refunded without penalty.

Cancel Copa Airlines flight with Different Methods

Copa Airlines makes cancelling flights easy; just go online or contact their phone number!

Copa Airlines Online Cancellation

  • Copa Airlines allows cancellation via their Manage Your Booking option.
  1. To cancel your Copa Airlines flight online, retrieve and select your Booking, then follow the cancellation instructions. 
  2. For this step visit under Travel then Manage Bookings to complete this step.
  3. Please enter the details for your flight, such as reservation code/E-ticket number and last name.
  4. To locate your flight booking, just click on “Find Your Reservation,” and it should appear shortly thereafter.
  5. Simply follow the prompts to cancel your flight.

Steps To Take When Cancelling a Copa Airlines Flight

  • Your account will receive an automated verification email.
  • Flight reservation cancelled.
  • Your refund amount will be returned to you via your original form of payment minus any applicable charges.

Copa Airlines Refund Policy

  • Tickets that qualify can receive refunds with proper documentation.
  • Your eligibility and amount for a refund of the ticket varies based on fare rules.
  1. Economy Full or Business Full fares may qualify for a refund.
  2. Economy Classic, Economy Basic and Business Promo fares cannot be refunded; however non-refundable Economy Basic tickets may be changed into non-refundable Economy Classic tickets by paying an administrative fee.
  3. Optional services/products cannot be returned unless specifically mentioned in the terms and conditions.
  • Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy states that airlines require valid documentation – such as death or medical certificates – to waive cancellation fees in cases related to illness or death.
  • Copa Airlines will honour refund requests submitted through travel agencies; the refund payment will then be issued directly to passengers by Copa.
  • Full-use tickets cannot be returned or refunded.
  • To be eligible for a refund on an expired ticket, its return must be requested within its validity window.
  • Refunds will be issued in the same currency and form of payment as their initial purchase was made, in their country of origin.
  • Certain charges such as fees, administrative charges, taxes and travel agency costs cannot be reimbursed.
  • To track refund requests submitted after August 25, 2022, use the Review Refund Request status page or contact Copa Airlines Customer Service/Support directly (in spanish contact here).

How much is the cancellation fee for Copa Airlines?

Your cancellation fees depend on whether or not it is refundable, as well as which fare rules apply to it. If it is, any applicable penalty charges will be deducted as cancellation fees by Copa Airlines and deducted accordingly as Copa Airlines cancellation fees.

Flight ticket fare rules indicate:

  • Are Copa Airlines cancellation tickets refundable or not?
  • Any refund requests will have the cost deducted as the penalty fee.

Avoid losing money on non-refundable Copa Airlines tickets by delaying your flight date until later in time. To maximize savings and ensure no loss occurs when postponing, consider postponing until another date and time.

How Does Copa Airlines Reimburse Flights?

Are You Wondering How Much Compensation Copa Airlines Will Provide After Delay or Cancellation? – The answer depends on the distance of Your Trip

  • On flights under 1,500 km in distance, compensation may reach as much as EUR250 per passenger; for internal EU flights that go over that threshold and exceed 1,500 km in total distance travelled, however, that figure increases up to EUR400.
  • Non-Internal EU flights that cover between 1,500-3,500 km remain eligible for compensation of EUR400 per person.
  • However, if your non-internal EU flight of over 3,500 km was delayed or cancelled without adequate notification and explanation by Copa Airlines without notification beforehand or explanation available, compensation of up to EUR600 may be awarded per passenger as compensation.

Copa Airlines understands travel plans can change unexpectedly and provides flexibility with their cancellation policy to allow their passengers to adapt as necessary.

Emergencies arise that necessitate cancellation of reservations; when this occurs, Copa Airlines understands and offers flexible cancellation options to its passengers.


How Can You Cancel Your Copa Airlines Ticket Online?

Copa Airlines flights can be cancelled using various online methods available on the internet. If you booked through official channels, visit their official site and visit the Copa Airlines Manage Booking section, providing valid reasons why. Alternatively, speak directly with an employee and request cancellation; once this process starts and any charges arise they’ll begin taking care of everything for you if applicable. Lastly, an airport help desk also accepts cancellation requests directly.

Can I cancel my Copa Airlines ticket without incurring penalties?

Yes, Copa Airlines flight tickets may be cancelled without incurring penalties – simply follow its cancellation policy first and cancel within 24 hours from an expected flight departure timeframe without penalty. Tickets purchased within 24 hours can be cancelled without incurring a penalty, while seven-day advance cancellation will result in no financial ramifications from airlines. On top of that, non-refundable flight tickets purchased with miles do not offer full refunds when cancelled; reimbursement will instead take the original form of payment into consideration and cannot be exchanged for cash; they can, however, be used towards booking future travel arrangements.

Are You Wondering If Copa Airlines Might Offer Restitution to Me?

Yes, refunds are possible when cancelling flight tickets with Copa Airlines. Once cancelled, you can request one through their official website. In cases of unexpected circumstances that necessitate cancellation by them themselves, then either new flights will be arranged for or the refunds will be applied directly back into your account.

Will Copa Airlines refund my money?

Copa Airlines allows for full refunds if a flight ticket is cancelled 7 days or 24 hours before its scheduled departure time or within 24 hours after booking, provided it complies with its cancellation policy. Otherwise, no refund can be obtained; also if passengers fail to show up at the airport at the time of boarding without informing any staff member, no no-show policy applies and a refund is no longer applicable.

Does Copa provide 24-hour cancellation options?

Yes, Copa Airlines allows its passengers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours after booking them and refunds for both refundable and non-refundable flights will be provided in their original forms of payment – such as cash for refundable tickets while miles for non-refundable ones cannot be converted directly into cash but instead used towards reservations.

How quickly will Copa Airlines issue my refund?

Copa Airlines will begin processing your refund as soon as it receives it and credit your account within 20 days; cash-purchased tickets typically take only this long, while more time may be needed when purchased through miles.

What amount will be returned if I cancel a flight ticket?

If you cancel a flight ticket at least six months in advance of its departure date seven days before it or within 24 hours after booking it, no extra cancellation fees are assessed; you’ll get the full value of the ticket back into your account. However, within 24 hours before a scheduled flight day itself, cancellation may incur fees.