Air Canada Flight Change Policy, With the advent of Technological advancements globally, it has therefore been a very essential task for Airlines to ensure that their services are up to date and parallel to the needs of its customers. Air Canada with a similar view offers Air Canada flight change so that it is easy to choose between various options when it comes to a good and trusted airline service.

How to Change Air Canada Flight

Air Canada Change Flight Policy
Toll Free *{Claim Free Change}

With the Air Canada change flight option, you can easily browse and change your flight through their official website itself. Following are the steps that are to be followed to change Air Canada flight.

Go to the Official website of Air Canada

Use your login ID and Password to log in to your profile.

Then click on the “My Bookings” tab on the profile page

Enter your ‘Reservation confirmation code’ along with your last name as mentioned in your passport.

Make all the necessary changes and modifications.

Recheck all the entered details to the best of your knowledge.

Select the preferred payment mode and process the payment for Air Canada flight change service.

How to change Air Canada Flights Through Mobile App

The Air Canada flight change policy provides you with resources such as its very own online app called The Air Canada+ Aeroplan to make changes as and when needed.

Download the Air Canada+ Aeroplan App for Android or IOS from the app store.

Log in to your Air Canada account using username and password.

Go to “My Bookings” tab.

Enter the details of the flight such as the PNR number.

Click continue and select the desired action then fill in all the details required by the app in order to make the Air Canada flight change.

How to Change Air Canada flights Offline

In order to change the Air Canada flight offline, you can directly visit the nearest airport and go to the Air Canada kiosk or desk to ask an agent to help you out through the process. Information such as PNR number and name might be required.

How to change Air Canada Flights Through Airport

How to Change Air Canada Flights through airport
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The Air Canada flight change policy allows passengers to reach out to the nearest Airport and find the Air Canada desk to help them efficiently with the help of an airline agent. The steps are:

Go to the nearest airport having an Air Canada Counter.

Ask for an agent who would assist you throughout the whole process.

Some essential information like name and PNR number of the flight might be needed for the Air Canada flight change service.

How to Change Air Canada Flights Using Phone Number

Air Canada Flight Change
Toll Free *{Claim Free Change}

For ease of the change flight Air Canada service, customers can also contact Air Canada through their toll-free phone number
This helpline provides the customers with various optis the customers with various options including Air Canada change phone number for ease and convenience. Customers can call on the given number any time of the day and get assisted by agents through the whole process. Some necessary information like previous flight details and name might be asked. The Air Canada change number is a great and efficient way to make these kinds of changes without any waste of time.

How to Change the Date on Air Canada?

Dates can be very easily changed through the Air Canada flight change services available on the official website. The steps to be followed are:

Go to the official Air Canada website.

Log in to your Air Canada profile with your User name and Password.

Go to the “My Bookings’ section on the profile page.

Enter the reservation code or PNR number followed by passenger’s last name as mentioned on the website.

In the next step , edit the necessary changes in dates to get the desired flite.

Proceed and make payments (if needed) through the desired payment modes from the various given options as the Air Canada change flight fee.

How to Change Seats on Air Canada?

How to Change Seats on Air Canada
Toll Free *{Claim Free Change}

In order to change seats in a previously booked Air Canada flight, you can easily go to the website of Air Canada and proceed with the following steps:

After opening the Air Canada official website, login to your personal profile by entering your User ID and Password.

In the ‘Bookings’ tab, click the change seats option or link.

Make the necessary changes and book the preferred seats according to your convenience.

How to Change Your Name on Air Canada?

Air Canada also allows the facility of changing one’s name in case of any error or occurrence to protect the identity of a customer. To change the name of a passenger you may call the Air Canada change phone number, which is toll free and speak to an agent who will guide you through the necessary actions to be performed for the task to be completed. Passengers may also go to the nearest Airport and visit the Air Canada desk to speak to an agent who will guide them through the whole process. The Air Canada name change fee of 200 USD + taxes will be charged for the action which may be paid through desired payment options available.

Here Is Air Canada Change Fee

The passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of their booking and that is also without any charge. According to the type of ticket, there are different cancellation fees

air canada change fee
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Basic – no cancellation permitted after 24 hours

Standard, flex, comfort – $200

Latitude – fees are refundable

Premium economy, business – $200

Award ticket – if after the booking 24 hours have passed then for a cancellation you will have to pay $125 by online cancellation through and by cancellation through aeroplane service center the cancellation fee is $150.

If you cancel your ticket on the same day you will have to pay $0 to $150.

Free Flight Change*

Toll Free –

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

The Air Canada flight change policy has been made charge free from the year 2021 if the flight change has been made:

Under 24 hours of the original booking, regardless of the fare type.

If you are travelling within April 30, 2022 on a ticket purchased on or before April 30, 2021.

If you wish to make any changes to the following fares:

Comfort fares (before 60+ days of departure)

Latitude fares (2+ hours before departure)

remium Economy Flexible fares (2+ hours before departure)

Business Card Flexible fares (2+ hours before departure)

Award fares 2+ hours before departure (only applicable for Altitude Elite 100k members)

The Air Canada flight change can be made only till 2 hours before the flight departure time. For changes on flight tickets purchased before March 31, 2021 or after April1, 2021 the travel must be completed within 24 months of the booking date. However, apart from the free services, if one changes the flight tickets to a different type, Air Canada change flight fee may be incurred. The charges that may be added are as follows:

Basic – not permitted

Standard – 100 USD (0-60 days), 25 USD (60+ days)

Flex – 50 USD (0-60 days), 25 USD (60+ days)

Comfort – 25 USD (0-60 days), 0 USD ( 60+ days)

Award ticket – USD 0-100 / direction

Same day ticket change – USD 0-100

Latitude, Premium Economy and Business – 0 charge

Air Canada Flight Change Covid-19 Policy

Air Canada Flight Change Covid-19 Policy

The Air Canada change flight policy in the light of Covid 19 is valid on flights booked through June 30, 2020 or with an original travel between March 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Customers can make a free of charge one-time change through all flights which fall on or between the above-mentioned dates. This only applies if the flight does not get cancelled.

Air Canada 24 Hours Flight Change Policy (Same-day)

For Air Canada flight change policy on the same day (within 24 hours of the departure), passengers can easily avail all benefits of the booked tickets with the fares as followed:

Basic Economy – fares not permitted

Standard : USD 100-150

Flex and Comfort : USD 0-75

Award Tickets : USD 0-100

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Air Canada Change Flight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Call on the Air Canada Phone numbers to rectify the name errors?

Ans. Yes, you can make name changes by calling the Air Canada number to create a booking with the correct name within 24 hours or more from the flight departure.

Q. How to change return flight through Air Canada?

Q. Can I change my Air Canada flight for free?

Q. Does Air Canada allow flight changes?

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    I have worked with Airlines including Air Canada, who I have always found to be a fantastic company however I am really disappointed with the airline at the moment. I booked basic economy return flights to Canada for my son via the Air Canada App. The rules on the Basic Economy ticket on the App state that No refunds can be made, No Aeroplan points and that changes can be made for a fee. I found that to be reasonable. I have since called to change my ticket for a ‘fee’ as the fare shows. Air Canada have refused to change the ticket for a fee because basic economy does not allow them to do this. The tickets purchased through the app state you can. If the App said no changes I would have booked the Standard Economy for the flights.

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    I booked my flight last october 5, 2022 my return ticket supposed on march 29, 2023 but i re booked this Sept. my question is can i re book it again for october?

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