Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy

The baggage policy differs from airline to airline. It is important to be aware of the baggage policy of the airline you are going to travel with, so that you don’t have to face any inconveniences and can enjoy your travel time to its fullest.

If you are planning to travel with Alaska Airlines, then you need to have complete information about its baggage policy. To help you with the same, we have presented in this article a complete guide to the ‘Alaska Airlines baggage policy. We will be covering points like
Alaska Airlines baggage fees, Alaska Airlines baggage weight, Alaska Airlines checked baggage, Alaska Airlines baggage size etc.

What is Alaska Airlines baggage policy?

Alaska Baggage policy has rules regarding the weight of baggage, size of baggage and how much baggage the travellers can carry with themselves. Depending on the route you are travelling to or the travel class you have booked yourself in, 2-3 standard bags are either included or even if you have to pay, you will be liable to pay a nominal fee of $30 for the first bag.

Alaska Airlines baggage policy for carry-on bags

As per the ‘Alaska Airlines baggage policy, one personal item is allowed for free and one carry-on bag is also allowed free of charge. The personal item and the carry-on bag are subject to certain restrictions, which are as follows:

  1. Size restrictions are not yet disclosed about the personal items, but personal items include things like a purse, laptop bag, camera bag etc. The personal item must be such, which fits underneath the seat in front of you.
  2. For the carry-on bag, the size must not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86 cm including handles and wheels.
  3. There are no weight restrictions for the carry-on bag, but it should be capable of being lifted to put into the overhead compartment.
  4. For lap infants, there is no carry-on allowance so a diaper bag can be counted towards the standard carry-on limit of the adult traveller.
  5. As far as a child’s car seat or stroller is concerned, they can be checked in free of charge with the other baggage.

Alaska Airlines baggage policy for checked bags

The airline has kept its baggage policy very easy and liberal so that its travellers don’t have to bear inconvenience while travelling and can carry all that they need with ease. As per the Alaska baggage policy, the checked baggage is subject to these restrictions:

  1. The weight of each checked bag must not be more than 50 pounds or 23 kg.
  2. The linear dimensions of each checked bag must not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm.
  3. For the travellers flying domestically, the charges are dependent on their travel class and are as follows:
  • For the travellers of Economy Class, the charges for the first checked bag are $30, for the second bag, the charges are $40 and for three or more than three bags, the charges $100 per bag.
  • For the travellers of first class, first and second checked bags are free of charge. Charges from the third bag onwards are $100 per bag.
  1. For the travellers flying within the state of Alaska, the first three bags are free. Charges from the fourth bag onwards are $100 per bag.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees for overweight, oversized or excess baggage

Alaska charges fees if the bags are overweight, oversized or in excess. The charges are as follows:

  1. In case of excess baggage, the charges are $100 per bag for every excess bag.
  2. In case of overweight, for the bags weighing between 51 to 100 pounds or 23 to 45 kg, the charges are $100.
  3. In case of oversize, for the bags, the dimensions of which range between 63 to 115 inches or 158 to 292 cm, the charges are $100.
  4. If the weight of the bags exceeds 100 pounds or 46 kilograms, then the bag will not be accepted.
  5. If the dimensions of the bag exceed 115 linear inches or 292 centimetres, then the bag will be rejected.

Alaska Airlines policy for Sports equipment

If you want to carry sports equipment, then the airline allows you to do so. The sports equipment will be subject to the weight and size restrictions and will be counted as a checked bag. Some associated fees might be applicable.

Alaska Airlines policy for CPAP devices

Alaska Airlines allows the carrying of CPAP or PAP devices for use. The airline just identifies the name and model of the POC which is approved by the FAA. The identification can be gained from the label attached to the POC.

Prohibited items on Alaska Airlines

There are certain items which are prohibited to be carried on-board. You need to make sure none of the items you are carrying falls under the list of prohibited items.

  1. You cannot carry alcohol in a carry-on bag, but you can carry it in a checked bag but with certain restrictions.
  2. Battery-operated boards and other self-balancing devices are not allowed for carrying under any circumstances.
  3. Battery powered / self-folding strollers are allowed, but with certain restrictions.
  4. Camping or outdoor equipment are not allowed to be carried under any circumstances.
  5. Dry or wet ice is allowed to be carried on-board, but with certain restrictions.
  6. Electronic or motorised bicycles and other similar devices are allowed to be carried but with certain restrictions.
  7. Electronic smoking devices are allowed to be carried in carry-on bags, but not in a checked bag. They must be set in safety mode to prevent accidental ignition.
  8. Explosives are not allowed to be carried under any circumstances.
  9. Flammable liquids or solids like fuel, paints, lighter refills, strike anywhere matches, Sterno, mothballs, self-heating meals such as MREs etc. are not allowed on-board.
  10. Household items like drain cleaners, solvents, other caustic or corrosive solids or liquids are not allowed for carrying on-board.
  11. Internal combustion engines are not allowed to be carried on-board.
  12. Lithium batteries are allowed to be carried in carry-on bags and not in checked bags.
  13. Marijuana is not allowed under any circumstances onboard.
  14. Other hazardous materials which include gasoline-powered tools, wet-cell batteries, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious substances etc. cannot be carried on-board.
  15. Perishable or trophy items can be carried, but under certain restrictions.
  16. Personal air purifiers can be carried in checked bags,but not in carry-on bags.
  17. Pool chemicals containing hazardous, oxidising or reactive material cannot be carried.
  18. Powder and powder-like substances can be carried in carry-on bags but not in checked bags.
  19. Pressurised containers are not allowed on-board.
  20. Printer and toner cartridges are not allowed for carrying in-flight.
  21. Smart Luggage or eBags, Self-propelled or Self-riding luggage are allowed but with certain restrictions.
  22. Sharp objects can be carried in checked bags but not in carry-on bags.
  23. Styrofoam containers can be carried in carry-on bags but not in checked bags.
  24. Weapons cannot be carried in carry-on bags, but they can be carried in checked bags with certain restrictions.

To know what are the restrictions under which you can carry certain items, you can visit the website. If you want to have more exact details about the item you are carrying and the rules related to it, then you can read about it in detail on the website.

We have reached the end of the article. These were majorly the things which you needed to know about the Alaska Airlines baggage policy. We have covered almost everything in this article but still, if you have doubts about something or want to know about something in depth, then you can visit the official website of the airline and go through the topic about which you have doubts. You can also choose to call the customer support team of the airline, which is available round the clock for your assistance. You can talk to them about things like Alaska Airlines change flight, Alaska Airlines reservations or
Alaska Airlines manage booking.


Q1. Is it allowed to carry a garment bag on Alaska Airlines?

Ans. Yes, you are permitted to carry a garment bag on Alaska Airlines. The garment bag will be accepted as a carry-on bag if it can be folded and put in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you. On the basis of the size of the garment bag, it will either be considered as a carry-on bag, or will be counted as a personal item.

Q2. What are the overweight and oversize fees as per the Alaska Airlines baggage fees?

Ans. If the weight of the bags ranges between 51 to 100 pounds or 23 to 45 kg, the charges are $100 per bag. If the dimensions of the bag range between 63 to 115 inches or 158 to 292 cm, then the charges are $100.