British Airways Reservations

British Airways (BA) is the flag carrier and second-biggest airline in the United Kingdom. With its main hubs at Heathrow Airport (LHR) and Gatwick Airport (LGW), British Airways is based in London. British Airways operates a fleet of more than 250 aircraft, carrying over 145,000 passengers daily to more than 200 destinations across 75 countries. With your British Airways reservations, you can mix and match your flights between the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe because of a partnership involving American Airlines (USA), Iberia (Spain), and Finnair (Finland). 

British Airways Booking

First Class, Business Class (Club Europe or Club World), Premium Economy Class (World Traveller Plus), and Economy Class (Europe Traveller, World Traveller, as well as UK Domestic) are the cabin configurations that British Airlines provides.

British Airways has won a number of awards recently, including the Best Short-Haul Carrier, Best Frequent Flyer Programme, Best Airport Lounge, and Best Product, as well as the Service Innovation Business Traveller 2019 Awards.  

Ways to Book a Flight With British Airways 

You have the following options when booking with British Airways: 

Using Website

  • You must first go to British Airways’ official website.
  • Enter the correct login information, including your username and password, and log in.
  • Customers then arrive at the booking page.
  • Include information about the ticket here, such as the number of passengers, travel class, arrival along with destination dates, and so on.
  • To obtain a suitable ticket for your preferred travel time, select the search button.
  • The passenger is then required to provide their contact information, which includes their full name, phone number, email address, and any other pertinent details.
  • After that, proceed to the payment section and choose the suitable payment option.
  • Last but not least, you will receive a confirmation code on your registered ID. Mention the code, and you will get an email confirmation in a day.

Using Mobile App

With your iPad or other mobile device, you can book a flight to over 400 destinations using the British Airways app. Browse the cheapest airfares to more than 400 locations in 130 countries. 

To book your flight, download the free app, create an account, and adhere to the instructions.  

Many other helpful tasks can be completed with your mobile device by using the app, including booking reward flights, checking in and choosing or upgrading your seat in advance, downloading your boarding pass, tracking your flight status, booking real-time flight departure and arrival updates, tracking your Avios as well as tier points, viewing your transactions, along with much more. 

Calling Customer Helpline

You can make a phone reservation with British Airways by contacting their reservations customer service at +44-203-287-3155. Press the number and adhere to the instructions to speak with an agent who can assist you with the reservation process.

British Airways Group Reservations

Group reservations are available on British Airways at discounted prices. To be eligible for group travel, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of ten people travelling in economy class (not including infants) or
  • Have a minimum of 7 passengers (not including babies) travelling in Business or Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus or Club World, respectively) or 
  • Have a minimum of 4 first-class passengers (not including newborns). 

Group reservations can be booked over the phone or online at British Airways Reservations. Group discounts are available for less than ten passengers when making a phone call at this number.

British Airways Multi-City Booking

It’s time to organise a multi-city trip. Then, adhere to the instructions listed below. Without a doubt, the best choice if you want to visit several cities is to book a multi-city flight on British Airways. They’ll make sure everything is planned for your vacation and that you get the best deal possible for the money.

  • Go to the official British Airways website and select the “Flight” tab located at the top of the screen.
  • Click the “Multi-City and Round the World” tab to open the multi-city booking page.
  • Next, select the country of departure from the drop-down menu on the newly displayed page.
  • Next, input the information for the departure, destination, and date of your flight. You are able to book up to six legs in a single booking; repeat for the remaining flights.
  • Proceed by inputting the Class information using the drop-down menu.
  • Include the type of ticket you have. You have the option of choosing the least expensive or flexible ticket.
  • Next, enter the total number of visitors, taking into account adults, kids, young adults, and infants.
  • You can also review the details and flight schedules with ticket options by clicking the “Get Flights” button.
  • After deciding on a fair price and departure time, enter the traveller’s information.
  • Before moving on to the payments section of the page, review all of the information.
  • Book your multi-city British Airways flight and make payment for the flights you’ve selected.

British Airways Check-In

If you are planning to travel using the services of British Airways and have made a British Airways reservation and wish to know about their check-in policies, you can read further to acquaint yourself with the same. British Airways provide both the options of checking in with online and offline options.

Online Check-In

You can perform a web check-in by visiting the link In case of domestic flights, the user will have to make a web check-in within 2 to 24 hours before the flight, whereas for international flights web check-in window ranges in 3 to 24 hours. After this you have the option of downloading and printing your boarding passes at home and avoid the hassle of waiting at the airport. Through online check-in, you also get the very special prerogative and advantage of choosing your own seat, instead of being randomly allotted to one.

Check-In directly at the airport

There is always the option of checking-in at the airport either by self service kiosk or by visiting British Airways reservation and contact service desk. If you are comfortable in using the self-service kiosk then you can check-in with its help in no time and get your boarding pass very easily. In case you don’t find it user friendly, you can always take assistance from the very helpful British Airways staff at their official counter. 

British Airways Classes and Flight Amenities

Cabin Classes

For their flights, British Airways customers have the option of booking in First Class, Business, Premium Economy, or Economy.

Economy Class

British Airways Cabin Classes

Depending on whether the trip is short- or long-haul, British Airways Economy Class is different.

Premium Economy

World Traveller Plus, the premium economy service offered by British Airways, is limited to medium- and long-haul flights.

Facilities For Premium Economy

Along with a great assortment of movies and films for in-flight entertainment, passengers also receive a quilt and cushion. The Premium Economy bar menu now offers alcoholic cocktails and mocktails in addition to the excellent Economy Class menu. An amenity kit made from recycled plastic bottles is provided to each passenger. An eyeshade, socks, pen, toothbrush, toothpaste, and lip balm via Scaramouche & Fandango are included in the kits.

Business Class

In order to ensure that customers have the best possible flight experience, British Airways Business Class service offers a first-rate array of amenities. Depending on whether the flight is long- or short-haul, different amenities are provided on board. Travellers on “Club World” long-haul flights with British Airways will be able to get the best sleep possible on the aircraft. Additional amenities are ensured for passengers travelling within Europe on BA “Club Europe” flights, allowing them to unwind during their trip.

Business Class Amenities

Three-course meals to suit every palate and a selection of carefully selected Old and New World wines are available to BA Club World passengers. To ensure that you never get bored while flying, every seat has a personal 10.4-inch flat screen. Delectable meal options tailored to your flight duration are available to Business Club Europe passengers.

First Class

The most opulent of British Airways’ travel classes is First Class. First Class guarantees that travellers reach their destination in elegance, offering everything from a private, chic suite to special spa services and gourmet meals. Only long-haul flights are offered in first class.

First Class Facilities

BA’s most opulent departure lounge, The Concorde Room, is open to passengers departing from LHR and JFK. The lounge provides complete waiter service and a private cabin for guests to enjoy complete privacy. Travellers can relish a luxurious in-flight dining experience complete with cutlery, glasses, and a personal suite. 

Food and beverages on the British Airways

When you make a British Airways reservation, you are hosted with a number of delicious meals. But this luxury is only limited to the international flights. On the domestic airways, there are no complimentary meals just like most other airlines, although they do provide complimentary snacks and three hot meals on their international flights. On the other hand, if you make a British Airways reservation for a domestic flight, irrespective of the distance or the class of service you are travelling in, you will have to pay for the meal you choose. But there is always an option to pre order your meal.

Upon making a British Airways reservation, you will be served some delicious drinks and beverages at the start of your flight although they do not serve drinks mid-flight. Irrespective of the distance, no drinks would be served while on the journey. 

Special meals

 There are some special meals that are offered on the flight and you are given the option to pick them for yourself, according to your own preference. There are multiple special menus with elaborate and delectable international cuisines created in accordance with different kinds of dietary needs and preferences. You will have to pre-order from the special menu 48 hours before the flight.

How to Grab the Latest Deals With British Airways 

  • Go to the official website of British Airways.
  • Search the main menu for the “Deals” or “Offers” section.
  • Sign up for the British Airways newsletter to get updates and special offers sent to your email.
  • For instant updates on exclusive promotions, follow British Airways on social media.
  • To receive additional benefits and access to special offers, think about becoming a member of the British Airways Executive Club.
  • Look through the website for any limited-time or seasonal promotions.
  • Use the flexible date search option to find the most affordable options if you have specific dates of travel in mind.
  • Look out for last-minute or flash sales, which are sometimes offered for a short period.

How to Add Baggage on British Airways

Excess Baggage Fees

Economy Class

Online check-in:  £60/$90/€70

At the Airport: £65/$100/€75.

Premium Economy

Online check-in:  £120/$180/€140

 At the Airport: £140/$200/€150.

Business & First Class

Online check-in: £120/$180/€140

At the Airport: 140/$200/€150.

  • Overweight fee: 23-32 kg (51-70lbs) £65/$100/€70.
  • Oversize fee: Item size must not be larger than 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in).

You can add more baggage to your reservation when you book online, in addition to being able to check in your bags at the British Airways counter. This option will help you save time and avoid any potential long lines at the airport. 

  • To access your British Airways account, enter your ticket number or booking reference.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “My Bookings” section.
  • After choosing your flight reservation, click the “Manage Booking” button.
  • On the new page, click the “Add Baggage” option.
  • After deciding how many bags to add, finish the payment procedure.
  • An email verifying your reservation and extra luggage will be sent to you.


Q1. How do I get my e-ticket from British Airways? 

Check the email address you used to make the reservation in order to receive your e-ticket from British Airways. See if you receive a separate email with your e-ticket details or a confirmation email. You can also access your booking details, including the e-ticket, by logging into your British Airways account on their official website. Get help from British Airways customer service if you run into any problems.

Q2. How to add passengers to the existing reservation of British Airways? 

To add passengers to existing reservations by British Airways. Here’s the quick and easy process:-

  • Speak with British Airways customer service.
  • Give passenger details. 
  • Verify the changes. 

Q3. What is the cheapest day to book British Airways?

Travel during the week is less crowded and usually less expensive than flying on the weekends, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Q4. Can I book a flight for someone else on British Airways? 

Yes, you can book a flight for someone else. The information of the people you book reservations for on is automatically saved into a list of your travel companions. 

Q5. How to get the best deal on British Airways?

To get the best deal on British Airways. Here are the steps mentioned below:-

  • Book in advance
  • Flexibility with your travel dates
  • Use travel credit cards
  • Check for promo codes and discounts
  • Consider multi-city trips

Q6. Do British Airways have last-minute deals?

Travellers can find last-minute deals on British Airways’ website. Discounted airfare and trip packages may be included in these offers. Travellers can check out the “Special Offers” section of the British Airways website to find these last-minute deals.

Q7. Can I make a British Airways reservation over the phone?

Ans. Yes. You can book a ticket on the flight on the official website of the British Airways or you can download any app that facilitates booking airline tickets. You can also call the British Airways Contact customer care support number to help you book your flight.

Q8. Is it worth paying for the seats on British Airways?

Ans. It totally depends on customers’ preference. If you think you have a preference in terms of where you wish to be seated and where you think you might have the most comfortable flight experience, you can go ahead and pay for a preferred seat.

Q9. Which seats are the best on British Airways?

Ans. Aisle or window seat seats in the exit rows and the ones near the front are generally considered to be the best seats on any airplane. But it mainly depends on one’s personal choice and preference.

Q10. How much earlier in advance can I book a BA flight?

Ans. The British Airways reservation system gives you the advantage of booking a flight 355 days in advance. For instance, if you wish to fly on the 20th of Dec, 2021, you can book the outbound flight from 31st Dec, 2020.

Q11. How can I get cheap and affordable flights on British Airways?

Ans. Late deals are a great way to save on flights and hotels, as airlines have to rush in to fill spaces in the airplane last minute, they reduce prices. You can also keep an eye out for any sales or promotional offers, any ‘add on’ freebies or deals. One other good way to save money is by avoiding peak times of booking the ticket.

Q.12 How do I avoid paying for seat selection while making a British Airways reservation?

Ans. You can always opt for skip seat selection for now’ button while doing a web check-in. In that case, you will be randomly assigned an available seat in the airplane. Or you can opt for a seat that is free of cost.

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