Those days are long gone when travel through flight was considered to be a luxury. With the aviation industry flourishing for the past many years and the growth in number of airlines and rising competition among them, people from all backgrounds are able to afford the premium class services that various airlines provide.

The rapidly changing customer based services in the aviation industry has prompted airlines in offering attractive packages at affordable prices, which are attracting more people towards air travel.

About British Airways

British Airways, headquartered in London and established in the year 1974, is one of the most well-renowned global air services. The British Airways is best known for serving its clients with highly commendable passenger and cargo services. It is also the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom and offers a variety of world class services to passengers which give them a wonderful overall travelling experience.

An outline of the British Airways

With regards to the fleet size (of over 277 flights) and the number of passengers carried, British Airways ranks as the second largest airline of the United Kingdom. British Airways merged with Iberia in Jan’11 and eventually created the International Airlines Group (IAG) which is a holding company based in Spain. The International Airlines Group (IAG) stands strong as the third largest group of airlines in the world, with regards to the annual revenue and it ranks as the second-largest one in Europe. 

Why should you pick British Airways Reservation for air travel?

British Airways (BA) is one of the best airlines that provides world class amenities and top notch service. British Airways earned a special place in the heart of its customers by providing excellent service to them for almost 50 years. The BA has come a long way from the start of their operations in Waterside, Harmondsworth to achieving a leading position among top global airline companies.

For the comfort and ease of its customers, British Airways has developed an uncomplicated booking and reservation process. Accommodating and very flexible payment plans are designed in order to let their customers travel to their desired destinations without worrying much about their finances. The official website of the British Airways is extremely user-friendly and it carries information that is easy to understand and makes it very convenient to make a British Airways Reservation Phone Number +44-208-638-7369.

British Airways In-Flight Amenities

British Airways provide a number +44-208-638-7369 of in-flight amenities to its valued customers. If you make a British Airways reservation, you get the following benefits:

  • The airline offers a great selection of dining, entertainment and shopping options to its customers
  • British Airways offers elaborate and delicious meals including desserts and beverages that are carefully prepared by their best chefs
  • The airline’s on-board duty-free shopping is quite an appealing feature 
  • All the British Airways operated flights also provide superb onscreen entertainment with latest films, TV shows, latest music and games
  • Popular in-flight magazines and other quality life amenities are available onboard to keep guests entertained for a long time

Types of Classes on the British Airways

BA’s Economy Class

  • The economy class offers comprehensive fares with no hidden extra charges
  • It also offers delectable meals and on-board bar service
  • The economy class of BA also provides for free baggage allowance
  • It also offers entertainment systems for individuals along with on-the-house headphones
  • The British Airways provides family-friendly leisure and for children activity packages 

BA’s Premium Economy Class:

  • The Premium Economy class provides for Private cabins with instant devoted service
  • It also provides wider seats and even more legroom for your comfort
  • This class again offers for a variety of delicious meals with bar service
  • Latest on screen entertainment options with noise cancelling headphones
  • Free baggage allowance with extension

Business Class:

  • The Business class provides for individual private space enough to stretch out 
  • Comfortable recliner chairs that can convert into a 183 cm (6 ft) fully flat bed
  • Foam stuffed headrest with blanket and quilts
  • Lavish amenity kits with necessary skincare products and accessories 
  • The Business class of the British Airways gives you direct access to private lounges and splendid spa treatments

First Class:

  • Private and spacious suites offering utmost luxury
  • Comfortable beds with ultra-soft mattresses and duvets
  • Wonderfully delicious and extravagant  dining
  • Access to deluxe lounges and spa treatments
  • Devoted and courteous service
  • Priority check-in desks for First class customers at almost all airports

How to make a British Airways Reservation?

British Airways gives the facility of booking your flight in multiple and convenient ways. Certain customers find it more convenient to make a reservation using the old school method of booking their seat directly at the booking counter of the airport but many people, especially millennials, who are quite comfortable using new technology, always prefer to book their ticket using the website or through the mobile app. Also making a British Airways reservation using their phone system is another handy and convenient method for those, who do not find it comfortable using the internet and are also unable to walk all the way to the airport in order to make a British Airways reservation. Below we have discussed multiple methods which will guide you to make a British Airways reservation:

Using the official website of British Airways

When you visit the British Airways official website , not only can you make flight reservations but you can also avail multiple offers that they make from time to time. 

The official website of British Airways makes it extremely convenient to follow the booking procedure and make your British Airways Reservation. Passengers can book their ticket using the official website in the following way:

  • First open your browser and then visit the British Airways Official Website which is 
  • If you are an existing user, you can just log in to the website with your registered email id and password
  • For a new user the registered account needs to be created by following the sign up process
  • Once you login to the website, make sure you have filled up the necessary details in the British Airways reservations form
  • Select your seat and the fare as per your needs
  • Now click the option of search flights to opt for your preferred flight 
  • Once you have selected your preferred flight option, you can proceed further to get to the payment option

The British Airways Reservation team works diligently and with utmost dedication to assist passengers to resolve their queries.  

Using third-Party platforms such as travel apps and websites

There are numerous third party apps and websites like and which facilitate in making a British Airways Reservation. Sometimes these apps and websites come up with promotional offers that offer you extra discount but you always need to make sure that you visit a renowned and trusted portal otherwise you may fall victim to a scam.

Using the official phone App of the British Airways

Using the British Airways phone app, you can perform all the tasks related to booking flight status, checking your flight status, doing a web-check in, etc. while on the move. British Airways Booking Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

       British Airways Reservations via British Airways App:

  • British Airways makes it more convenient for passengers to book their flight tickets easily through the British Airways App.
  • The customers need to download the British Airways app on their smartphone via Google Play Store or App Store on iPhone
  • After opening the app when downloading process is completed, the customers have to then fill out the necessary information as per the requirements on the app
  • Customers will then need to click on the ‘search flight’ option in order to view a list of desired flights to appear on the screen
  • Customers then need to select the flight as per their convenience and purchase capacity and then proceed to make payment after completing seat selection

This is one of the most popular British Airways Reservation processes used by passengers.

Offline Methods to make BA reservation

At the Airport Counter

 You always have the option of using this old school method of visiting the British Airways counter at the airport to make your reservation.

Using the phone

Many people do not find it comfortable to use the internet for booking their ticket and don’t want to wait in line for booking their flight seat either, they can use this method. One just needs to dial the British airways contact number to make a British Airways reservation.

British Airways Check-In

If you are planning to travel using the services of British Airways and have made a British Airways reservation and wish to know about their check-in policies, you can read further to acquaint yourself with the same. British Airways provide both the options of checking in with online and offline options.

Online Check-In

You can perform a web check-in by visiting the link In case of domestic flights, the user will have to make a web check-in within 2 to 24 hours before the flight, whereas for international flights web check-in window ranges in 3 to 24 hours. After this you have the option of downloading and printing your boarding passes at home and avoid the hassle of waiting at the airport. Through online check-in, you also get the very special prerogative and advantage of choosing your own seat, instead of being randomly allotted to one.

Check-In through mobile app

You can have the same benefits of online check-in if you opt for check-in by British Airways mobile app. To use this feature, download the mobile app from the app store of your mobile phone. On using your mobile phone for check-in, you can get your digital boarding pass on your mobile itself and therefore you can save some time for yourself and also save yourself from the hassle of waiting at the airport to check-in. Just like web check-in, this tool also provides the customer with the advantage of choosing their own seat.

Check-In directly at the airport

There is always the option of checking-in at the airport either by self service kiosk or by visiting British Airways reservation and contact service desk. If you are comfortable in using the self-service kiosk then you can check-in with its help in no time and get your boarding pass very easily. In case you don’t find it user friendly, you can always take assistance from the very helpful British Airways staff at their official counter. 

Baggage Policy

The baggage policy of British Airways varies as per class your seat is booked in and also depends whether your flight is for short or for the long haul. So it is a little complicated to understand in a single go. We have attempted to simplify it for you, please read further to know more.

Check-in Baggage Allowance

Check-in baggage weight and size limit is different for each class and it depends on which package you choose when you make a British Airways reservation. We have attempted to simplify it for you by rolling out the information about the baggage allowance of each class.

  • Economy class- 1 bag allowed of weight limited to 23kgs (51lbs) and dimensions of 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches (90 x 75 x 43 cm), allowed free of cost with no additional charges.
  • Premium Economy- 2 bags allowed each within 23kgs (51lbs) of weight limit and dimensions of 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches (90 x 75 x 43 cm), free of cost with no additional or hidden charges.
  • Business class– 2 bags allowed each limited within 32kgs (70lbs) of weight and dimensions of 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches (90 x 75 x 43 cm), free of cost and no additional charges.
  • First class- 3 bags allowed each within weight limit of 32kgs (70lbsand dimensions of 35.5 x 29.5 x 16 inches (90 x 75 x 43 cm), free of cost and no additional charges.
  • Apart from this, two bags with maximum weight 23kgs are allowed in the economy class of flights originating in Saudi Arabia to USA/Bermuda/Canada or connecting between USA/Bermuda/Canada and India or Islamabad.

Excess Baggage Fees

Economy Class

Online check-in:  £60/$90/€70

At the Airport: £65/$100/€75.

Premium Economy

Online check-in:  £120/$180/€140

 At the Airport: £140/$200/€150.

Business & First Class

Online check-in: £120/$180/€140

At the Airport: 140/$200/€150.

  • Overweight fee: 23-32 kg (51-70lbs) £65/$100/€70.
  • Oversize fee: Item size must not be larger than 190 x 75 x 65cm (75 x 29.5 x 25.5in).

Food and beverages on the British Airways

When you make a British Airways reservation, you are hosted with a number of delicious meals. But this luxury is only limited to the international flights. On the domestic airways, there are no complimentary meals just like most other airlines, although they do provide complimentary snacks and three hot meals on their international flights. On the other hand, if you make a British Airways reservation for a domestic flight, irrespective of the distance or the class of service you are travelling in, you will have to pay for the meal you choose. But there is always an option to pre order your meal.

Upon making a British Airways reservation, you will be served some delicious drinks and beverages at the start of your flight although they do not serve drinks mid-flight. Irrespective of the distance, no drinks would be served while on the journey. 

Special meals

 There are some special meals that are offered on the flight and you are given the option to pick them for yourself, according to your own preference. There are multiple special menus with elaborate and delectable international cuisines created in accordance with different kinds of dietary needs and preferences. You will have to pre-order from the special menu 48 hours before the flight.

Customer Service @ British Airways: 

Customer service team at British Airways Reservation centre is a highly functional team with dedicated employees and some of the most courteous in the business. Passengers can enquire about any kind of queries they may have related to their future or past travel through British Airways. These queries are promptly addressed to and answered by the Customer support team through their British Airways contact number 1-800-998-6716.  Contacting through e-mail is also a good option to communicate your concerns with the customer service team. The British Airways contact support team assure you that all your queries will be answered within 24 to 48 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can you reserve flights on British Airways?

Yes. Depending upon the availability of the seat(s) as per your requirement, you can always reserve a seat with the British Airways.

Can I make a British Airways reservation over the phone?

Yes. You can book a ticket on the flight on the official website of the British Airways or you can download any app that facilitates booking airline tickets. You can also call the British Airways Contact customer care support number to help you book your flight.

How can I check the status my British Airways booking?

In order to check the status of the booking/reservation of your flight, you can visit the official website of British Airways. Or you can download their official app from the app store of your smartphone to do the same. Additionally, you can also do a web check-in through their website or app.

What time does British Airways customer service open?

The customer care service of the British Airways contact is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Is it worth paying for the seats on British Airways?

It totally depends on customers’ preference. If you think you have a preference in terms of where you wish to be seated and where you think you might have the most comfortable flight experience, you can go ahead and pay for a preferred seat.

Which seats are the best on British Airways?

Aisle or window seat seats in the exit rows and the ones near the front are generally considered to be the best seats on any airplane. But it mainly depends on one’s personal choice and preference.

How much earlier in advance can I book a BA flight?

The British Airways reservation system gives you the advantage of booking a flight 355 days in advance. For instance, if you wish to fly on the 20th of Dec, 2021, you can book the outbound flight from 31st Dec, 2020.

How can I get cheap and affordable flights on British Airways?

Late deals are a great way to save on flights and hotels, as airlines have to rush in to fill spaces in the airplane last minute, they reduce prices. You can also keep an eye out for any sales or promotional offers, any ‘add on’ freebies or deals. One other good way to save money is by avoiding peak times of booking the ticket.

Is it possible to change my British Airways reservation?

You can make changes in your booking through their official website until 48 hours before the original scheduled time of departure. In order to make changes after this stipulated time, you will have to call on the British Airways contact number, or visit a travel agent. 

How do I avoid paying for seat selection while making a British Airways reservation?

You can always opt for skip seat selection for now’ button while doing a web check-in. In that case, you will be randomly assigned an available seat in the airplane. Or you can opt for a seat that is free of cost.

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