Finnair Airlines Reservations

When looking to book a flight with Finnair, customers have access to a range of convenient booking options. Whether you choose to book directly or via a travel agent. Finnair Airlines Reservations and ticketing ensure a smooth process.

Ways to Book a Flight with Finnair

Finnair offers customers the ability to book a flight in the way most convenient and preferable for them. From Finnair flight booking online to visiting a neighbourhood travel agent, Finnair’s trusted partners provide several avenues to check fares, select flights, choose seats, and complete reservations.

Book A Flight Using the Finnair Website

For those who enjoy managing their travel reservations, the user-friendly Finnair website provides a smooth online booking experience.

Key steps for Finnair flight reservations online:

  • Access the Finnair website and navigate to flight bookings
  • Enter your origin, destination, dates and number of passengers
  • Use available filters to refine flight searches
  • Select your preferred flight option
  • Enter passenger details and contact information
  • Save payment details or pay for the booking
  • Check the summary and confirm the flight reservation

Online booking allows customers full control to select flights, upgrade seats, add services like additional baggage and make changes as needed in just a few clicks.

Useful tips:

  • Create a Finnair account to save passenger details for faster future bookings
  • Opt-in for email promotions to receive deals and fare alerts
  • Use the online chat function to get quick answers to booking questions
  • Check booking status and options to web-check-in online

Using the Finnair App For Flight Booking

In addition to web bookings, the Finnair app enables reservations on the go with mobile devices.

Main steps to book a flight via the Finnair app:

  • Download and install the Finnair app
  • Set up an account or log in to existing details
  • Search for flights by entering travel details
  • Filter flight options by price, duration, stops etc.
  • Select your desired flights and continue booking
  • Add passenger information and payment methods
  • Finish booking and receive the e-confirmation

The Finnair app complements the website by providing additional mobile-exclusive discounts, real-time notifications, and easy access to mobile boarding passes.

App booking tips:

  • Enable push notifications to get alerts for deals and schedule changes
  • Store credit/debit card details for one-click payments
  • Save travel details as favorites for rapid repeat bookings
  • Check-in and download boarding passes directly through the app

Calling Finnair Customer Support For Ticket Reservations

For personalized assistance from start to finish, Finnair Reservations agents are available 24/7 via phone bookings .

Key steps for reservations via the Finnair customer helpline:

  • Call the regional helpline number for your location
  • Specify interest in booking new flights with an agent’s help
  • Provide your desired origin, destination(s), travel dates etc.
  • Answer any clarifying questions about passengers, baggage etc.
  • Confirm flight selections and details provided by the agent
  • Supply essential passenger data like names, contact info etc.
  • Provide payment information and complete the booking.

Opting to book over the telephone allows customers to speak directly with knowledgeable agents who can simplify complex international journeys, recommend connections, and assist with special requests.

Helpline booking pointers:

  • Have travel dates, passenger counts and destinations on hand
  • Ask about discounts for children, seniors, groups or other cases
  • Clarify baggage allowances, ferry transfers and other rules
  • Note the confirmation code and check the details after booking

Book Finnair Tickets at the Airport

For last-minute travelers or those preferring in-person assistance, same-day Finnair flight reservations are available at airport ticketing counters.

The process to book a flight with Finnair at the airport:

  • Arrive early and locate the Finnair airport check-in desks
  • Specify the desire to book a new same-day flight
  • Provide your intended airport destination and preferred timing
  • Select suggested flight options that fit your travel needs
  • Supply essential passenger personal information
  • Make payments and finalize reservations on the spot
  • Head to the gate for standard boarding when ready

Airport agents can provide value-added travel recommendations, accommodate special requests, rectify booking issues, and process standby arrangements.

Tips for airport bookings:

  • Bring valid ID documents and payment cards to the desk
  • Ask about lounge access, upgrades and add-on services
  • Inquire about discounted fares for alternate timing/routings
  • Review all provided documents before leaving the check-in area

Flight Booking Using a Finnair Travel Agent

Booking flights through an accredited Finnair Airlines Reservations travel agent is ideal for customized trip planning while minimizing research and hassle.

How it works:

  • Search and select a local Finnair-approved travel agency
  • Share your desired destinations, travel timeline, party size etc.
  • Allow the agent to suggest optimal flights, routes and fares
  • Review quote summaries and flight details from the agent
  • Confirm acceptance of the itinerary and supplied pricing
  • Provide essential passenger data to complete reservations
  • Receive booking paperwork and payment instructions

Offering professional guidance based on intimate destination knowledge and the ability to access special rates, agents help craft customizable Finnair flight packages, multi-stop trips, and bespoke experiences to exotic destinations worldwide.

Tips for smooth travel agent bookings:

  • Provide any flexible/restricted dates or connections
  • Ask about discounted companion fares and hotel add-ons
  • Request pricing for multiple flight options to compare
  • Carefully verify all provided flight reservation details

From convenient online bookings to personalized assistance by phone or during airport visits, Finnair offers friendly, flexible booking options for flights spanning the globe.

Finnair Group Reservations

Planning a trip for a larger group comes with unique needs and considerations. Finnair Reservations offers tailored group booking services designed to simplify coordinating travel for groups of 6-9 passengers on the same itinerary.

Benefits of Group Travel Bookings

Finnair extends several advantages to boost the group journey, including:

  • Group fares and discounts: Groups enjoy reduced pricing and exclusive promotions not available with individual bookings. Special discounted rates allow large parties to experience group adventures within budget across northern Europe and the Nordics.
  • Extra checked baggage allowance: Groups receive an increased complimentary baggage limit for more convenient transport of group gear, sports equipment, presentation materials and more without excess luggage fees. 50 lbs per ticket compared to the standard 33 lbs individual allowance.
  • Dedicated group booking agents: Specialist agents act as project coordinators for the group booking specifics from start to finish, providing personalized assistance with group flight requests, addressing special needs, booking hotels, arranging activities and handling intricacies families or event planners cannot manage alone.
  • Flexible group payment structure: Rather than collecting from individuals, one lead contact links payment details to the reservation for simplified payment coordination versus chasing group members.
  • Streamlined coordination: Groups can reserve adjacent seating together to keep the party close, as well as request special meals, baggage service or other evolving arrangements as needed for weddings, corporate offsites or leisure events. Ongoing access allows groups to extend stays, upgrade seats or amend group particulars directly through their dedicated online booking dashboard.

Booking Group Itineraries

The process for group flight reservations includes the following:

  • Make initial contact with the Finnair Airlines Reservations group travel department by phone, email or online inquiry form.
  • Specifying intended destinations, travel range, group size including children/infants, and any special needs around mobility, meals, seating or milestones.
  • Receiving a tailored group travel quote outlining suggested flights, hotels and ground transport options matching specified group criteria in addition to exclusive discounted group airfares. Quotes represent a trip package upfront, without jigsaw piecing multiple components together across various websites and providers.
  • Confirming acceptance of the quoted itinerary option after reviewing all details together.
  • Supplying lead passenger contact details such as email, mobile number and billing address while agents ensure all data is collected smoothly from each group member in a coordinated process without gaps. Names automatically populate adjoining seats preassigned to the group for boarding passes.
  • Finalizing reservation via the lead contact through the secure online payment portal.

Tips for Smooth Group Bookings

To facilitate a hassle-free group booking experience:

  • Initiate requests 6+ months in advance for peak seasons, maximum flight choice and early fare savings.
  • Provide any must-have airports, dates, cabin types or special requirements upfront to optimize suggestions.
  • Specify deadlines by which you need to finalize reservation numbers or risk forfeiting referral discounts.
  • Keep open communication, check emails for important updates and notify agents about name/number changes immediately to avoid rebooking fees.

Finnair Multi City Flight Bookings

Finnair offers travelers an efficient option to book customized multi-stop itineraries in a single booking through the Finnair flight booking website or specialized travel agents able to construct more complex routings across northern Europe and Asia.

What are Multi City Reservations?

Also called open-jaw flights, multi city bookings allow passengers to plan roundtrip routes with stops at 2 to 5 destinations using one booking record with multiple chapters. This contrasts the limitation of restrictive traditional returns between point A outbound and returning from the same point B. Instead, travelers design diverse adventures, stopping over in cities relevant to them rather than what matches rigid software parameters.

Configuring Multi City Itineraries

Some example routes for creatively linking Finnair flight reservations and multi city bookings:

  • Helsinki – Stockholm – Copenhagen – Madrid – Helsinki
  • Helsinki – Oslo – Reykjavik – Bergen – Helsinki
  • Helsinki – St Petersburg – Riga – Vilnius – Moscow – Helsinki

The modular booking process enables passengers to craft personalized roundtrip itineraries with flights that logically build upon one another to match their ideal pace and trip flow. No repetitive destination visits or extensive backtracking along the multi-day journey within Europe and between the convenient Helsinki hub.

Benefits of Multicity Fares

Opting for a tailored DIY multicity booking over rigid individual one-way flights brings perks like:

  • Single booking simplicity: All 2 to 5 flights link together in one itinerary record for easy researching, purchasing, self-managing changes and rebooking compared to juggling multiple separate bookings prone to misconnects.
  • Greater cost savings: Bundling multiple flights into a roundtrip fare costs less compared to individual one-way tickets, adding up exponentially and restrictively. Qualify for roundtrip promotions more feasible for longer travel.
  • Luggage transfers: Checked bags automatically route through between connecting flights to the final destination airport without passenger intervention at layovers.
  • Smoother transit: Minimum connection times aligned between related flights for efficient transfers. Can specify layover durations to explore cities.
  • Built-in stopovers: No wasted long haul layovers, only serving as airports to change planes. Organic breaks are built along the journey to discover locales.

Booking Multicity Flights

To engineer a custom multi-stop explorer itinerary:

  • Access the Finnair Reservations online booking portal and enable multiple flight search functionality.
  • Enter desired destinations, length of trip and budget filters.
  • Select logically aligned outbound and inbound flights matching personal pace and interests.
  • Confirm all passenger details in one submission and make a single payment.

For multi-continent journeys, consult a specialist agent to construct optimal routing leveraging the Helsinki hub.


  • Double-check check required duration and paperwork for selected stopover countries.
  • Allow ample leeway for baggage transfer or customs clearance between the shortest connecting legs.
  • Web check-in is available 48 hours before departure for each flight segment.
  • Confirm baggage allowance, boarding pass collection point and other specifics ahead of the first departing flight.
  • Carry a printout of the full multicity itinerary, always including the booking code and contact data in case of irregular operations.
  • Enjoy the journey!

Whether coordinating group events or individual adventures, Finnair provides the flexibility, value, and support to make multistop global travel simple and memorable.

Finnair Cabin Classes and Amenities

Finnair offers three distinct service-level cabins across its modern fleet: Economy Class, Premium Economy, and Business Class. Each caters to different budgets and inflight comfort needs.

Economy Class

The most affordable Finnair flight booking option focused on providing essentials for smooth budget-minded journeys:

  • Complimentary meals, soft drinks and juices
  • Generous 31-32-inch seat pitch for stretching out
  • Personal inflight entertainment screens with new-release films, popular series, audio and games
  • Blankets, pillows and headphones
  • Magazine racks with a curated selection of Nordic/European titles
  • Power and USB ports for charging devices during the flight

While features are designed for economy fares, Finnair does not compromise hospitality or safety. Passengers enjoy friendly Finnish service, cabin air fully renewed every 3 minutes, and ergonomic slimline seats for maximum living space. Making long journeys comfortable without premium price tags. Families appreciate economy class given the overall value factor.

Premium Economy

For an enhanced level of comfort and service amenities over Economy, Premium cabins provide:

  • Spacious 38-inch seat pitch creates ample personal space
  • Welcome drink service makes settling in more relaxing
  • Premium multi-course meals served on proper chinaware with stainless cutlery
  • Increased checked baggage allowance – perfect when packing more for longer trips
  • Priority airport lounge access* and fast-track security in Helsinki and other hubs
  • Dedicated check-in zones bypassing economy queues

With roomier ergonomic seats, cabin crew address passengers by name and proactively ensure special dietary needs are met with the utmost care.

Business Class

The ultimate in privacy, exclusivity and luxury – Finnair business class is an elevated travel experience that includes:

  • Lie-flat seating with plush pillows and duvets for restful sleep
  • Refined dining anytime with premium wines perfectly paired by dedicated sommeliers
  • Turn-down sleep service and custom Marimekko sleepwear sets
  • Active noise-cancelling headphones and extra storage bins
  • Expedited fast-track formalities both on departure and arrival
  • Chauffeur airport transfers*

From private welcoming bubbles away from crowds and tables set with classic Finnish Iittala dinnerware to rare Finnish ingredients prepared by hand, nothing is spared. Recline fully while intelligent LED sky adjusts to sleep/wake cycles. Arrive genuinely rested.


While service style and features increase by class, all passengers aboard Finnair enjoy quality hospitality and touches instilling typical Finnish mindfulness of guest wellbeing:


  • Complimentary full meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Menus featuring Nordic-inspired and authentic local cuisines
  • Thoughtful seasonal ingredients sourced sustainably from boutique local producers in destination regions
  • Special religious/medical/vegan, etc. meals are available when ordering 24 hrs ahead. Make your meal memorable by pre-selecting favorites in advance!

Seat Features

  • Generous legroom Economy and up allowing comfort for tall travelers
  • Fully adjustable headrests, footrests and other ergonomic controls suit your anatomy
  • PC power ports and USB charging are conveniently accessible from every seat

Entertainment & Connectivity

  • Personal seat back touchscreens with hundreds of hours of movies, series, music, podcasts, audiobooks etc. Premium content is refreshed monthly.
  • PressReader app with instant access to thousands of full digital publications
  • Inflight WiFi connectivity available*
  • Children’s backpacks with games, toys and kids programming

Keep devices charged for capturing the Northern Lights or Siberian cityscapes!

How to Get the Latest Finnair Deals

Finnair regularly offers promotions to help global travelers enjoy Nordic hospitality and quality at an affordable fare. Here are insider tips for grabbing the best Finnair flight reservation deals across channels:

Email Alerts

Actively subscribe at to receive:

  • Early access to seasonal seat sales before mass public release
  • Targeted flash deal notifications when matching preferred routes
  • Exclusive subscriber-only promo codes for extra % discounts on fares
  • Price drop alerts if registered fare drops on a specific route

Follow up immediately on personalized emails so you grab expiring seats before they sell out!

Website Sales

Habitually check the dedicated sales page at for:

  • Featured global route promotions
  • Surprise weekender getaway deals ideal for impromptu urban breaks
  • Last-minute deals offering sizable discounts on dates soon approaching
  • Special savings for students, seniors and other demographics

Use flexible dates fare finder to uncover hidden trends and lowest rates across different travel periods to your destinations. Sign up even without final plans.

Social Media Channels

Leverage Finnair’s vibrant social community for extended reach to ancillary deals:

  • Follow Finnair’s Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Like and share posts of interest so friends tag you for eligibility if contests arise
  • Comment on new routes or other developments to gain helpful insider perspectives
  • Turn on notifications to instantly learn of new hot sale posts before the masses

Pro tip: Retweet special offers exclusive to Twitter followers!

Mobile App

Optimizing the convenience of mobile, app-only features include:

  • iOS/Android app with smart notifications flagging flash fares in real-time
  • Rapid in-app booking capabilities while the sale lasts, often expiring within 48 hours.
  • Exclusive mobile subscriber promo codes off fares.
  • Easy access to wallet and travel profiles for accelerated repeat reservations

Flexible Travel Plans

Widen fare search parameters by remaining open to:

  • Departing a day or two earlier/later
  • Considering alternate airports within a region
  • Adding a short connection if nonstop unavailable
  • Visiting during off-peak shoulder seasons

Use Finnair’s flexible dates grid to compare fares across wide variables and easily spot the most savings.

How to Add Checked Baggage on Finnair

When booking Finnair flight reservations, standard free checked baggage allowances apply based on your cabin class and destination. However, sometimes your gear requires more space. Adding extra luggage is simple via self-service options or a quick call to Finnair Reservations agents.

The free checked baggage allowance on transatlantic Finnair flights is:

  • Economy Class – 1 bag up to 50 lbs
  • Premium Economy – 2 bags up to 50 lbs each
  • Business Class – 3 bags up to 50 lbs each

Online & App

Easily pre-purchase additional bags up to 96 hours before departure through:

  • Finnair flight booking website
  • Finnair mobile app

Under ‘Manage my booking’, select:

  • Number of extra bags
  • Weight per extra bag
  • Desired method of payment

Receive your prepaid excess baggage receipt displaying the number and dimensions of purchased bags.

Airport Check-In

Alternatively, extra luggage can be paid for at airport check-in counters on the day of travel:

  • Economy passengers: $100+ per extra bag
  • Premium Economy: $200+ per extra bag
  • Business: $300+ per extra bag

Arrive early to allow sufficient time for agents to process additional bag payments. Credit card only.

Phone Reservations

To add extra luggage to an existing Finnair Reservations booking by phone:

  • Call
  • Specify the booking code and extra bags needed
  • Update booking and pay fees securely


To estimate checked fees:

  • Weigh bags at home beforehand
  • Check route-specific baggage charts
  • Have a backup payment card, as airports mainly accept credit

Checking an extra bag when required can be quick and convenient through Finnair’s seamless booking management options.

How to get Automatic check-in service?

To avail this facility, just add your mobile phone number to your Finnair Plus profile, or simply add this service while making your Finnair reservation.

How it works

  • You will receive an SMS with your check-in information which includes the seat you have been allotted and a link to your boarding pass
  • In case you are not satisfied with the seat you are allotted, you get the option of changing your seat or if you wish to also check-in other people who are travelling with you, you can easily do it using the link provided in the text message you received
  •  Your check-in details can also be altered at the Finnair self-service kiosks directly at the airport or at the official counter of Finnair reservation asking for help from their supportive staff

Check-in directly at the airport

You always have the option of going old school and check-in directly at the airport using the services of the Finnair staff at their official counter or you can also use the Finnair self- service check-in kiosks at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get my e-ticket from Finnair?

Ans. Finnair e-tickets are sent to the email used during booking. You can also access it by logging into ‘Manage Booking’ on the Finnair website/app using your details. Retrieve boarding passes here, too.

Q2. How to add a passenger to an existing reservation, Finnair?

Ans. Log into ‘Manage My Booking’ on Finnair’s website/app and select ‘Add passenger’. Provide additional traveler details and make a secure online payment for the fare difference and fees to confirm an updated reservation.

Q3. What is the cheapest day to book Finnair?

Ans. Booking on Sundays, when most airlines launch weekly sales, offers the cheapest average fares on Finnair. Comparing prices across flexible grids reveals the lowest rates, too. Last-minute midweek bookings occasionally beat early bookings.

Q4. Can I book a flight for someone else, Finnair Airlines?

Ans. Yes, Finnair allows booking flights for others by purchasing guest tickets. Provide accurate passport details of the actual travelers during booking and inform them to carry valid photo ID for check-in.

Q5. How to get the best deal on Finnair?

Ans. Sign up for Finnair email alerts on their website for early access to the biggest seasonal sales, private promo codes and flash offers before public release for the best deals.

Q6. Does Finnair have last-minute deals?

Yes, check the last-minute deals page on Finnair’s website to find substantial discounts on flights departing within the next few days or weeks, especially for off-peak days/destinations. Limited seats sell out fast, so book promptly.

Q7. Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Ans. Yes, provided the birth mother to accompany the baby. Also, you have to show a medical proof of your baby from the doctor in order to get the affirmation to travel. The on-board crew of the airline assists in the best possible manner to give the mother and newborn a comfortable journey.

Q8. Does Finnair have internet connectivity on the flight?

Ans. Yes. Finnair has recently started providing its passengers with internet service on the flight. But the cost of this service is not included in the booking fee. If you want to use this service, you will have to prepay for it separately. 

Q9. What is the benefit/advantage of having a Finnair account?

Ans. A Finnair Account makes your online booking experience more convenient for you by storing your personal information safely on the Finnair website for future bookings. As long as you are logged in to your Finnair account, you don’t have to re-enter your personal information all over again every time you make a Finnair reservation.

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