Finnair was established in the year 1923 which makes it one of the oldest airlines in the world and it is the largest airline of Finland. Finnair is headquartered in Vantaa near its hub at the Helsinki airport. Finnair and its subsidiaries majorly overlook both domestic and international air travel in Finland. It employs thousands of people. Finnair is also considered to be one of the safest airlines to travel in. 

Why fly with Finnair?

  • Finnair provides one of the finest services when it comes to an overall flight experience.
  •  It is considered to be one of the safest choices for air travel because of how superbly it has managed to stay scot-free for so long.
  • They are also known for their highly hospitable in-flight services.
  • They offer delicious in-flight meals and beverages.
  • They also have a 24 hour highly devoted customer support.

Classes of air travel on Finnair Airlines

Based on travel class, Finnair reservations are categorized as follows:


If you make a Finnair reservation in the Business class of the Finnair flight, you get the following features:

  • It is the ultimate luxurious way of air travel
  • Delectable and high-quality meals complemented with meticulously selected beverages
  • Priority check-ins and boarding that make your flight experience more comfortable and much more relaxed
  • On longer journey flights, you get to enjoy fully-flat beds, exquisite high-quality menus and cocktails carefully prepared by top chefs 
  • A personal amenity kit containing all your flight essentials


The Economy Class of a Finnair flight is also a very comfortable space that makes your flight experience a pleasant and smooth one.

  • Delicious pre-ordered meals are served on most flights in addition to beverages like coffee, tea, etc.
  • Comfortable and cushy seats
  • On long duration flights, you get served with complimentary meals and snacks and personal in-flight entertainment systems

How to make Finnair Reservations?

There are multiple easy ways and tools using which you can book your preferred seat on your Finnair flight. Read further to find out more information regarding these methods. Finnair Airlines Change Policy For easy Changes process Contact us

Flight Reservations Through the official website of Finnair

When you visit the Finnair official website , not only can you make your flight reservations but you can also avail multiple offers and discounts they offer from time to time. 

The official website of Finnair is an extremely convenient tool to follow the booking procedure and make your Finnair Reservation Customers Service Phone Number can book their ticket using the official website in the way given below:

  • Open your  web browser and then visit the Finnair Official Website which is
  • In case of an existing user, just log in to the website using your log in credentials
  • In case you are a new user, you need to create a new account by following the sign up process
  • After you have logged in to your account, you need to fill up the necessary details as asked in the Finnair reservations form
  • Select your seat(s) as per your preferences
  • Now click the option of search flights to opt for your preferred flight 
  • Once you have selected your preferred flight option, you can proceed further to get to the payment option

The Finnair Reservation customer support works diligently and with utmost dedication in helping the passengers to resolve their queries.  

Flight Reservations Through Finnair official App

Using the official app of Finnair, you can perform all the tasks related to your flight including seat booking, your flight status, checking your flight status, performing a web-check in, keeping track of your Finnair plus points, etc. 

  • Finnair makes it extremely convenient for its customers to make their reservations easily using the Finnair App
  • The customers need to download the Finnair app on their smartphones from the play store or app store of their phones.
  • When you open the app after the downloading process is finished, you just need to  fill out the required information as requested by the app
  • Then click on the ‘search flights’ option in order to view a list of preferred flights to appear on your screen
  • After this, select the flight as per your preference of date, time and purchase capacity and then proceed to make payment after completing seat selection

Finnair Reservation in-flight services

Upon making a Finnair reservation, the passengers are welcomed with excellent in-flight services with an extremely helpful and devoted staff. The flights provide for comfortable seating, with business class and first class providing fully reclining seats that let passengers sleep on flat beds during long journeys. The customers are served with delectable snacks, food options, drinks and a number of entertainment options. Read further to know more about these services:

  • In-flight meals:

Finnair reservation grants you access to delicious meals and hospitality. You have both the options of purchasing your meal while on board or you can prepay for your meals while making your Finnair reservation. 

Finnair offers a variety of international multi-ethnic cuisines and beverages.

For short journeys, you will be provided with snack options and beverages will include tea, coffee, etc. But for longer trips, an entire meal is provided.

  • In-flight entertainment

Finnair makes arrangements for various entertainment options for the flights. The passengers are entertained with all kinds of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc, whether they are travelling on an international or domestic flight. They can also listen to a variety of music on the plane. The entertainment options also include video games to help you keep entertained through the flight.

Finnair also provides for on-board internet service. You have to pay for that beforehand and then you can have access to all kinds of social media platforms and e-newspapers.

Finnair Baggage Allowance Policy

The baggage policy of Finnair reservations varies depending on the class your seat is booked in and also depends on whether your flight is for a short journey or for a long one. There is a limit to how much free carry-on baggage and check-in baggage, you can carry when travelling through Finnair. Upon reading further, you will find an illustration for the same.

Finnair Check-in Baggage Allowance

Check-in baggage weight and size limit is different for each class and it depends on which package you choose when you make a Finnair reservation. We have rolled out the information about the baggage allowance of each class.

  • Economy class- 1 bag allowed of weight limited to 23kgs (50lbs) with external dimensions of length + width + height up to 158 cm (62 in), allowed free of cost with no additional charges.
  • Business class– 2 bags allowed each limited within 32kgs (70lbs) of weight with external dimensions of length + width + height up to 158 cm (62 in), free of cost and no additional charges.
  • One additional baggage of a musical instrument, a sports equipment or any other item that can fit into the above measures

Extra Baggage Allowance for Finnair Plus member

Customers who have the membership of Finnair Plus Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo have the advantage of the option of taking one additional bag on flights upon making a Finnair reservation.

Large/Heavy Baggage policy

An extra charge is applied for luggage that weighs up to 23 to 32 kg (50–70 lbs) or has a maximum dimension of 190 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm (75 inches x 29.5 inches x 25.5 inches).

This particular charge is only payable at the airport and it is not collected from Business Class Finnair passengers, Finnair Plus Platinum members and Oneworld Emerald members. 

There is a provision for some special items like wheelchairs, certain sports equipments and large musical instruments that exceed the maximum permitted dimensions. These items may be allowed after getting a prior approval from the Finnair airline authorities. 

Extra baggage allowance policy

If you wish to take more bags than what is allowed in the stipulated checked baggage policy, you can do so by paying some extra charges. It is advisable to pay this fee online as it costs less than at the airport.

Check-in for Finnair flights

You can find the significant information about check-in for Finnair flights and the various ways you can follow the procedure below:

Web check-in

One of the most convenient and time-saving methods to check-in is by using the web. Below are the steps on how to check-in through the web:

  • Just log in to your account on the official web
  •  Click on the web check-in option
  • Enter your booking details
  • Select your preferred seat and make the payment if it is a paid seat
  • Click on check-in 

The web check-in needs to be done at least 2 hours before the flight. The check-in process usually starts 48 hours before the flight.

Check-in through Finnair App

The check-in process is the same as web check-in for your Finnair reservation. The difference is that you do this with the help of the official app of Finnair. This is comparatively even easier than web check-in. Given below are the steps on how to check-in for your Finnair flight using Finnair app:

  • Go to the app store of your phone and download the Finnair app
  • Open the app upon the completion of downloading process
  • Enter your login credentials in order to login to your Finnair account
  • Go to the check-in option on your app
  • Enter your Finnair flight details and credentials
  • Select your preferred seat and make a payments if its applicable to your seat
  • Click on check-in


This is one of the most time-saving methods designed for your convenience by Finnair. Using this method, you can simply leave the checking-in part to the Finnair staff. They will automatically get you checked-in six hours before your flight and send you the boarding pass of your flight on your phone.

How to get Automatic check-in service?

To avail this facility, just add your mobile phone number to your Finnair Plus profile, or simply add this service while making your Finnair reservation.

How it works

  • You will receive an SMS with your check-in information which includes the seat you have been allotted and a link to your boarding pass
  • In case you are not satisfied with the seat you are allotted, you get the option of changing your seat or if you wish to also check-in other people who are travelling with you, you can easily do it using the link provided in the text message you received
  •  Your check-in details can also be altered at the Finnair self-service kiosks directly at the airport or at the official counter of Finnair reservation asking for help from their supportive staff

Check-in directly at the airport

You always have the option of going old school and check-in directly at the airport using the services of the Finnair staff at their official counter or you can also use the Finnair self- service check-in kiosks at the airport.

Finnair Customer Service

Finnair cares for its customers and provides a very supportive experience for its valued customers. You can find the contact information of Finnair below


For Finnair customer support in the USA, you can contact on the phone number:

Timings: Mon–Fri 8am–10pm and Sat–Sun 8 am.–8 pm. (est)


For Finnair customer support in Finland, you can call on the number: (local network call charges may be applied)

Timings: 24h

For information on customer support in other countries, you can visit the click on this link, which will take you to the official website of Finnair where all the detailed information regarding customer support is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Yes, provided the birth mother to accompany the baby. Also, you have to show a medical proof of your baby from the doctor in order to get the affirmation to travel. The on-board crew of the airline assists in the best possible manner to give the mother and newborn a comfortable journey.

How soon do I get my refund from the airline?

Currently, Finnair provides the refunds within 3 weeks time. The refund amount may be a reduced amount due to the deducted service charge that was charged during the booking process. In case of delayed refund, you can contact customer support. But as long as your booking is valid, you need not worry.

Does Finnair have internet connectivity on the flight?

Yes. Finnair has recently started providing its passengers with internet service on the flight. But the cost of this service is not included in the booking fee. If you want to use this service, you will have to prepay for it separately. 

What is Finnair hotline/customer care number?

If you have any queries regarding your Finnair reservation, you can call on their customer support number.

Does Finnair accept multiple bookings for first class?

No. You can only make individual bookings in the first class. Finnair only allows its passengers to book multiple bookings for Business class or Economy class. 

How do I change my travel dates?

In order to change your travel dates, you need to click on the ‘Manage booking’ option on the official website or app of Finnair. In case you booked your ticket with the help of a travel agent or third party website, you may have to take their assistance to do the same. In other cases, you can always take help from the customer support.

Do I get food on the flight?

In case of all international flights, Finnair serves you and will provide you with meals and beverages according to your preference. Although, on domestic flights you have to buy the food you order and the meals mostly include light snacks and a few beverage options like tea, coffee, etc. 

What is the benefit/advantage of having a Finnair account?

A Finnair Account makes your online booking experience more convenient for you by storing your personal information safely on the Finnair website for future bookings. As long as you are logged in to your Finnair account, you don’t have to re-enter your personal information all over again every time you make a Finnair reservation.

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