Copa Airlines understands plans can change unexpectedly and they offer their Flight Change Policy as a service that makes adjustments easy and straightforward. You may modify any aspect of your itinerary such as date, route, or time by making necessary alterations – although additional charges may apply depending on which fare type was purchased and any potential changes you’d like made to it.

Before initiating a flight change with Copa Airlines, you must familiarise yourself with their flight change policy and the applicable fees to prevent any surprises during this process and guarantee an efficient experience.

Copa Airlines flight change online:

Use the manage my booking feature of Copa Airlines online booking to complete their flight change process at any time; 24-7! Simply follow the instructions below to switch over online.

Steps to change Copa Airlines flight online:

  • Visit Copa Airline’s official website at:
  • Locate and activate the “Manage My Bookings” feature.
  • Enter your booking details such as reference number and surname on the respective tabs.
  • Clicking the search button will let you view a breakdown of your itinerary details.
  • Now select “Modify” to make changes to your reservation, such as date/name changes or anything else you might require.
  • Begin reading through and accepting the terms and conditions carefully, before making your request.
  • Pay the Copa flight change fee and receive confirmation in your registered email ID.

Copa Airlines flight change on call:

Copa Airlines Change Flight Phone Number can also be used to connect with their customer support and seek any necessary help with booking flights, available 24×7 on their official website under the “contact us tab.” The Copa Airlines phone number provides travelers with assistance regarding booking flights.

Steps to call Copa Airlines to change flight:

  • Dial the Copa Airlines phone line at 1-800 FLY COPA (359 2672) / .
  • Follow the IVR instructions you hear during your call.
  • Select your language of preference to increase communication.
  • Press 1 for flight cancellation.
  • Press 2 for refund claims.
  • Press 3 to modify your fight date.
  • Press 4 for name changes.
  • Once you press the appropriate key, your call will be put on pause.
  • Once connected with Copa Airlines’ Live Executive you will gain immediate access.
  • Provide them with your flight reservation details and ask him/her to arrange for changes to take effect immediately.
  • After your transaction is complete, a confirmation mail will be sent directly to you.

Contact the Copa Airline agent to change the date:

Calling is often considered one of the best methods of changing a date, and should you opt to do so, this guideline should assist with doing it efficiently.

  • Call Copa Airlines customer care number (), select your language option
  • Follow the prompts with various services available.
  • Please select from one of the listed commands which will connect directly with a live expert.
  • Once connected with an expert, it will be necessary to provide details like the ticket reference number and the passenger’s last name.
  • An agent will review your request and inform you whether date changes can be implemented, regardless of their condition or not.
  • Once completed, our representative will send out an update via text or email with all of the pertinent details.

What is Copa Airlines flight change policy? 

Copa Airlines flight change policies allow for quite flexible ticket exchange policies; please see below for guidance and details of their flight change policies as outlined by them for your guidance.

  • Copa Airlines’ Flight Change Policy establishes procedures for ticket changes that apply equally to both refundable and nonrefundable tickets instead of award tickets.
  • Refunds depend solely upon your fare rules when changing tickets.
  • Passengers are advised to make ticket changes before their original travel dates as failing to do so will result in no-show penalties and will count towards no-show criteria. The official site page provides passenger guidance in making ticket modifications as early as possible to prevent being treated as no-show criteria.
  • However, if you wish to modify or cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it then there will be no charges attached and it can be changed as per your preferences.
  • If you change your ticket after the risk-free window has closed, additional charges may apply depending on its route and destination.

What is the Copa Airlines flight change fee?

Copa Airlines charges a flight change fee depending on your fare type and when making this change. It varies according to when and how often changes need to occur, making these costs somewhat unpredictable.

What if Copa Airlines’ new flight fare is lower than the current itinerary?

Imagine booking and purchasing your flight with Copa Airlines only to discover they offer a lower fare after you already purchased your ticket! Imagine further that Copa announces this reduced fare offer that seems even more tempting!

You have various options open to you when faced with such an obstacle:

  • Stick with Your Current Itinerary: If your current itinerary suits your travel plans and you don’t mind paying the higher cost, there is no reason to change anything about your plan.
  • Cancel Your Current Itinerary and Rebook at a Lower Fare: If you want to reduce costs by canceling and rebooking at a new lower fare, Copa Airlines may charge a cancellation fee; otherwise, you could save yourself some cash with these steps.
  • Ask Copa Airlines for a Refund or Price Match: If either of your initial two choices is unsatisfactory, contact Copa Airlines immediately and request that they refund or price match with lower fares available; in exchange, they may even rebook at those lower fares without charging you cancellation fees.

Copa Airlines flight change terms and condition

Imagine you’ve booked a Copa Airlines flight but require changes – in this instance, they offer flexibility under certain conditions to alter it and rebook for another date or flight number.

When can I make changes? 

Brought within specific timeframes you are permitted to make amendments to a flight ticket:

  • Within 48 hours of booking your flight: Any changes can be made without incurring a penalty fee.
  • After 48 hours from booking your flight: Depending on your fare type, a change fee may apply if any alterations need to be made after booking your ticket.

What kind of changes can I implement?

Change these aspects of your flight:

  • Date of Flight: You may choose a different day when flying out.
  • Time of Flight: Your flights may depart on any schedule you desire.
  • Route: If desired, alternative airports and flight connections can be utilized in your flight itinerary.

What happens if my new flight costs more?

If the cost of your new flight exceeds that of the original booking, any differences must be paid in.

What if a different flight costs less?

If the new flight costs less than your original booking, a travel credit will be applied toward another Copa Airlines flight of your choosing.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • Your itinerary only allows one change at any one time.
  • Changes may depend on flight availability.
  • Some fare types may include additional restrictions.

Brief Description :

  • Booking Changes made within 48 hours are free of charge.
  • After 48 hours have lapsed, there may be an additional fee associated with any transactions made after this deadline.
  • Change dates, times, and routes as necessary.
  • Pay any difference if the new flight costs more.
  • Receive a credit if the new flight costs less.

Before Your Flight:

  • Purchase all flights on one ticket: This ensures that if there’s an intervening flight with connections between flights, that one airline is ultimately accountable for getting you where you need to be regardless of any delays or cancellations in service.
  • Make sure to give yourself enough time for connecting flights: Arriving at the airport at least two hours in advance will give you plenty of time for check-in, security screenings, and finding your gate.
  • Be wary of delays or cancellations: Flight delays and cancellations can happen unexpectedly, so it’s advisable to regularly check flight status online via your airline website or app.

At the Airport:

  • Go to the gate early: It is always advisable to arrive at your gate early so you have ample time to locate and select a seat, find parking, and settle into your seat before your first flight departs.
  • Make sure you bring both your boarding pass and ID: To board both of your flights, a boarding pass and ID are both needed for entry.
  • Track Your Belongings: Ensure you keep tabs on both your carry-on luggage and any personal possessions you bring onboard the aircraft.

During Your Layover:

  • Find Your Connecting Gate: If unsure, ask an airport employee or check for signs.
  • Take Advantage of Restroom Facilities: If time allows, take full advantage of any restroom facilities before boarding your connecting flight.
  • Grab a snack or beverage: If you feel peckish or parched during your flight journey, be sure to grab something to satisfy your hunger or quench your thirst before embarking on your connecting flight.
  • Charge Your Devices: Before embarking on your connecting flight, be sure your phone, laptop, and any other electronic devices have been fully charged.

On Your Connecting Flight:

  • Arrive promptly: When it is your time to board, do it without delay to guarantee a good seat without needing to rush in the last minutes of boarding. This can ensure a more relaxing journey overall!
  • Unwind and enjoy your flight: Relax and take in every second of your connecting flight; soon enough you will arrive at your final destination!


Q: Am I eligible to change the date and/or time of my flight on Copa Airlines? 

A: Yes, Copa Airlines allows for changes to flight dates; however there may be fees involved depending on which fare plan was purchased and when changes are requested. The exact fees could depend upon factors like when changes occur as well as their level.

Q. How early can I change my flight date on Copa Airlines?

A: Your flight date can be altered up to 24 hours before its original departure time. Any same-day changes incur a same-day change fee on top of any fare differences that apply.

Q. How much would it cost me to alter my flight date on Copa Airlines? 

A: The cost of changing your flight date with Copa Airlines depends on both your fare and how far in advance the change takes place; fees typically range between $25 and $200 for this process.

Q. Are There Repercussions If I Delay in Change my Flight Date?

A: If you fail to change your flight date in time, a no-show fee will likely apply; typically this charge ranges between $100-200 depending on domestic/international flight route and airline.

Q. Am I allowed to change the date on a Copa Airlines miles redemption ticket? 

A: You may change the date on a Copa Airlines miles redemption ticket; however, fees may apply depending on its fare rules and fare structure.