Do you want to know how American Airlines handles name changes on already purchased tickets? If so, you’ve reached the right spot to get the details. When a person needs to change a reservation with American Airlines, they can use the flight change service. Changing a passenger’s name on a ticket they have already booked with American Airlines is one of the most common changes they want to make. If you’re interested, please read more about American Airlines’ policies on name changes below.

How does American Airlines handle name changes?

According to American Airlines name change policy a traveller often needs to put the right name on the ticket form. The reason could be anything, like joy, being in a hurry, or letting someone else make your reservation. The traveller must pay the price because the name on the ticket and other papers must match.

Because American Airlines is open and cares about its customers, you will likely have complete freedom when you fly with the company. It lets you make important changes to your American airlines reservations, like changing the flight date, origin/destination, or name. In the specific policy, American Airlines goes over all the details, rules, and other important situations that could come up when changing or correcting a name. Let’s look at the same thing.

The airline has different rules for name correction and name change:

The airline based in the United States has strict rules for people who want to change their name. You must follow specific requirements to have your name appear where it should. They have to think about different possibilities to change the name on the PNR as needed. The company has a different idea Change Your Name and Name Correction. This is how.

Name Changes on the Ticket:

Under this profile, American Airlines passengers can make small and important name changes to a booking that has yet to be used. It comes from the same-named paper. According to American airlines booking policy it also has the following sections:

Minor Changes to Names:

It would help if you only made minor adjustments to American Airlines or American eagle flight tickets. As long as the same PNR is used, modifications can be made—correcting typographical mistakes, wordiness, etc.

Important Name Changes:

Suppose you’ve booked a trip in the ‘R’ collection. Your PNR must also be linked to codeshare flight parts on AA/Oneworld codeshares and non-Oneworld airlines. Due to software limitations, you can’t change your name on the same ticket.

Ticket Name Changes:

American Airlines doesn’t let you change the name on your ticket. It looks at this event as if you were giving the ticket to someone else when you couldn’t fly. Also, people who have non-refundable tickets can’t change their names on the PNR.

In what ways are name changes on American Airlines tickets possible?

American companies are among the most technologically advanced companies in the United States. It uses the best of today’s technology to meet the needs of its customers. Whether a simple name change or a more complicated one, the airline was always among the first to try new ways to use technology to help customers more quickly. Regarding a name change, the airline giant has set up several ways for a customer to change his name on his American Airlines ticket.

Change or fix a name on the page.

If you type into your browser’s address bar, it will take you to the homepage of the American Airlines website. Click “My Reservations” and use your travel details to sign in. Use your PNR or account reference ID to prove who you are. The “Change Flights” feature may be accessed by visiting the “American Airlines Reservations” page. If you don’t find this button, likely, you can’t change or fix your name on your American Airlines ticket online. Click the “Edit” button and then “Save” to change or improve your name.

By calling the American Airlines support number, you can change your name.

American Airlines has several phone numbers for people to call if they have questions about different things. You can change or fix your name by reaching the right helpline number, listening to the IVR, and talking to a person from the company.

Changing your name on social media

Social media names are a great way to get customers more interested in your business. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp not only let companies talk to their target audience in real-time, but they also help them make happy customers by giving them fast customer service. So, if customers want to change their name, they can get a quicker answer if they contact American Airlines through their social media accounts.

By talking live with people, you can change your name.

Live chat with workers is among the fastest ways to get your name changed or fixed on an American Airlines ticket. It’s also the most efficient method for getting immediate feedback and making last-minute adjustments. Passengers must sign in to the website, click the “live chat” button, and then type their inquiries into the “chatbox” to start the live chat. The response time is usually very quick because live agents help customers and answer their questions immediately.

Sending an email to change or fix a name

Even though sending an email to the American Airlines customer support team with a name change or correction request is less effective than the other methods listed above, it can be a good idea sometimes, especially if you can’t use different techniques for some reason.

By going to the airport, you can change or fix your name.

American Airlines tickets can have their names changed or corrected at any airport service counter. The time and energy invested in this method are the biggest negatives.

American Airlines Ticket Name Change: How?

As we said before, you can change your name online and in person on American Airlines. DIY is possible, but only if you follow the provided guidelines. We’ve included some helpful notes for you below.

Follow these steps individually, and you’ll have a ticket with your right name in a few minutes.

Start the process by going to the airline’s main website.

Next, click “My Trips” in the site’s title bar.

Put in your reservation information. The ticket buyer’s name and reference number are needed.

When you click the “Find Reservation” button, your reservation will show up on your computer.

Now, choose the ticket for which you want to change the name, type in the new name, and click “Confirm.”

The organisation will email you with updates.

This is the last time the flight will let you alter your name, so be careful to get it correctly.

Minor Name Changes and Instructions:

All six categories mentioned above of name modifications and corrections are deemed “minor” under American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy if they do not affect the routes of American Prime or American Eagle flights. Here are the guidelines for making minor adjustments to names:

Minor revisions to the names on 001 tickets for American Airlines are required. They are conducted using American Prime and American Eagle flights, which are entirely American-operated.

The same PNR can be used for updates. In the event of a minor name change, producing a new PNR is unnecessary.

You can modify your passenger’s name up to 24 hours before takeoff.

American Airlines has a policy that prevents minor name changes from affecting more sensitive personal data like DOB and gender.

The SSR DOCS inputs must be re-entered when a passenger’s name is slightly altered. However, the passenger’s DOB, gender, and other vital statistics must remain unchanged from the original Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD).

A waiver code’s all needed to get a name change or correction processed and a new ticket issued. The new ticket’s endorsement text must begin with the number NC03AGCY, included in the original price ticket’s approval.

American Airlines’ policy for reissuing tickets after a name change states that no additional fees will be assessed for name changes of a minor nature. No changes may be made to the PNR or flight details. For the same amount as the original purchase, patrons can have their tickets reissued.

Multiple minor name modifications are permitted within the scope of this policy, each of which requires the use of the authorization number NC03AGCY.

Major Name Changes and Rules:

Name changes that affect travel routes, such as codeshare flights operated by American Airlines and other carriers within the OneWorld Alliance or between American Airlines and airlines outside of the OneWorld Alliance, are classified as “big name corrections” and fall under the same six categories as those described above. The following are the guidelines for major name changes:

If a significant name change is made, the ticket must be reprinted, and a new PNR must be filled, as per American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy.

The first strategy is fixed in the event of a significant rebranding. There needs to be uniformity among the aircraft, departure and arrival points, and transportation modes.

Customers must contact local sales support for assistance if, following a name change or correction, they cannot purchase new tickets in the same class and on the same routes as the original tickets due to lack of availability or other technical issues.

The birth date and gender cannot be altered on replacement tickets. These two should be identical to the first. When a passenger’s name changes, it does not affect their SFPD.

New tickets require initial automatic approval under American Airlines’ Name Change Policy. The new PNR also requires a sales release authorization. Contact the American Airlines sales support staff to obtain this.

American Airlines will assess a charge if a passenger requests a name change on their ticket. However, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with making withdrawals.

To alter your name more than once, you must pay the name correction cost and acquire a sales waiver approval from American Airlines’ sales staff.

Note that minor and large name changes may only be performed on refundable tickets. A name change and cancellation charge are not assessed when a person changes their name. When making substantial modifications, however, they should pay the adjustment charge. Non-refundable tickets, such as those purchased in the cheapest fare class, do not allow for name changes or other modifications.

The name change policy has undergone some revisions as of late. One such example is a provision stating that the fare may vary in the event of a major name change. In addition, a name change or name correction policy for partially used tickets was adopted in 2022 as part of a Special Exception Policy. Travellers should go through the updated name correction policy before purchasing a ticket.

Changing or correcting a name on an American Airlines ticket might be a big deal depending on where you’re going—name changes, whether slight or substantial, are addressed by both types of editing. The only difference is in the method of implementation.

Changing a baby’s name is specifically addressed in American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy. In this section, “Infant Name Correction,” you’ll find some guidelines for renaming a baby. We’ll get more into the specifics of this below.

Corrections and Rules for Baby Names:

American Airlines has a unique Name Correction Policy that allows for changing a baby’s name. It is valid for codeshare flights and flights operated by American Prime and American Eagle. This feature prevents the codeshared aircraft from receiving the terms of infants flying with their parents. Instead, an SSR message notifying the connecting flight that a baby is on board is sent. As a result, there is no need to go through the convoluted name-change process that comes with codeshare flights when a child’s name needs to be changed or corrected.

According to American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy, changing an infant’s name requires updating the passenger’s name and the reservation number (PNR).

The SSR DOCS SFPD requires a birth date and gender.

Tickets can be given out again without a release code.

Original automatic signatures must be on all new tickets.

Baby tickets that need to be reprinted due to a name change or other error will be reissued at the original purchase price.

Changing an infant’s name doesn’t let you change the route on the original ticket.

How much would it cost to alter my name on an American Airlines ticket officially?

The fees for changing a name on American Airlines are as follows,

People with changeable tickets don’t have to pay a fee to make small name changes. The service is free of charge.

If a passenger with a refunded ticket wants to make a major name change, they must pay a $25 handling fee.

Typically, local name changes cost $200, while international name changes cost $700.

American Airlines will alter the name on a ticket in case of marriage or divorce.

Marriage and divorce are two of the few times the law lets you change your real name. The American Airlines name change policy says people can change their last name if they marry or divorce. However, they must show formal proof of the name change, which should come from the government.

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