Hawaii vacation packages could offer you the ideal fantasy getaway. The beaches and mountains that await regardless of your choice—Maui, Kauai, or Waikiki—can steal your breath away. No matter where you begin your adventure, you will have a longer flight to reach paradise due to Hawaii’s isolated position. With more than 80 years of experience, Hawaiian Airlines provides a range of comfortable travel options to Hawaii. The airline operates flights from Hawaii to locations across the globe. Hawaiian Airlines provides  significant legroom within its economy class cabin and real lie-flat chairs on select routes. On certain intra-Hawaiian flights, Hawaiian also provides a service akin to domestic first class in the United States.

As you can see, Hawaiian Airlines offers a wide selection of opulence seating options. What you should know about obtaining an upgrade on a Hawaiian Airlines flight is mentioned below.

Hawaiian Airlines Upgrade to First Class

Hawaiian Airlines allows you to upgrade to First Class by cash, miles/points, or bidding on upgrades (available only on flights throughout North America).

On the day of travel, a Hawaiian Airlines First Class upgrade will cost you: 

  • USD 50 each way for flights to nearby islands. 
  • For international travel, the cost per way must be at least USD 495. 
  • At the time of check-in –  Beginning 24 hours before departure, you can upgrade to First Class while checking in online or at a kiosk. 
  • USD 349 (or more) each way for flights within North America

Season and route will determine the upgrade fees for both domestic and international flights.

Hawaiian Airlines Upgrade Fees For Domestic Flight

hawaiian airlines upgrade fee for north america

Hawaiian airlines upgrade fee for international flight

AUSTRALIA to Hawaii/North AmericaStarting from 1200 AUD
Hawaii/North America to AUSTRALIAStarting from 900 USD
JAPAN to Hawaii/North AmericaStarting from 70,000 JPY
Hawaii/North America to JAPANStarting from 600 USD
KOREA to Hawaii/North AmericaStarting from 650,000 KRW
Hawaii/North America to KOREAStarting from 550 USD
NEW ZEALAND to Hawaii/North AmericaStarting from 1300 NZD
Hawaii/North America to NEW ZEALANDStarting from 850 USD
Discounted rate for Pualani GoldStarting from 349 USD
Discounted rate for Pualani PlatinumStarting from 299 USSD 
Discounted rate for Pualani GoldStarting from 349 USD
Discounted rate for Pualani PlatinumStarting from 299 USD
Discounted rate for Pualani GoldStarting from 369 USD
Discounted rate for Pualani PlatinumStarting from 319 USD 

Why Upgrade with Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is well known for its dedication to providing passengers visiting Hawaii with an outstanding journey. You won’t regret choosing to upgrade with Hawaiian Airlines for the following reasons:

  • Better In-Flight Facilities

When travelling in First Class, Extra Comfort Class, or Economy Class, you’ll have access to amenities expected to make your trip pleasurable and enjoyable.

  • Priority Services for an Easy Travel Experience

Priority check-in, security screening, and boarding are available to upgraded customers, which minimizes hassles and increases leisure time during flights.

  • The Enchantment of Hospitality in Hawaii

Warm and welcoming service is a hallmark of Hawaiian Airlines. Feel the true meaning of aloha as soon as you board. Hawaiian Airlines upgrade bids are another way to get more advantages. 

The Procedure for Hawaiian Airlines Upgrades

There are a few ways to get upgraded on Hawaiian Airlines: you can bid for upgrades, use miles or points, or pay for upgrades. The detailed steps for each approach are as follows:

Cash upgrades

First method:

Select the service class you wish to move up from, usually Economy Class.

  • Check to see if seats are still available in the higher level of service you would like to upgrade to once your booking is finalized. Some variables, including fare class and aeroplane occupancy, might affect availability.
  • To find out if you can buy an upgrade, contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service or visit their website. This can be completed when booking online or at the airport check-in.
  • You can use cash or a credit card to pay for the upgrade if seats are still available. Some variables, including the route, service class, and availability, will affect the upgrading cost.
  • You will receive a new boarding card with your enhanced class of service indicated on it after the upgrade has been verified and paid for. You may pick this up at an upgrade desk or the airport check-in counter.

Upgrades in mileage or points

Here’s the second approach: 

  • Take advantage of HawaiianMiles, the airline’s frequent flyer program, if you haven’t already. Fly with Hawaiian Airlines or its affiliates to accrue mileage.
  • Make your travel arrangements in the service class you want to upgrade from, which is typically Economy Class.
  • To view your mileage or point balance, log into your HawaiianMiles account. Verify if you have sufficient miles or points to qualify for the requested upgrade.
  • To get an upgrade using the miles or points, visit Hawaiian Airlines’ website or contact customer support. 
  • You will get an upgrade confirmation if your request for mileage or points is accepted and availability permits.
  • You will get a new boarding card reflecting your improved class of service once your upgrade has been confirmed.

Bid for an upgrade

This is the third approach: 

  • A few days before departure, you might receive an email invitation from Hawaiian Airlines to bid on an upgrade. Usually, only passengers who qualify receive these invitations.
  • To submit your proposal for the upgrade, adhere to the guidelines in the email invitation. Indicate your willingness to pay within the recommended bidding range.
  • Usually, closer to your departure date, Hawaiian Airlines will email you to let you know if your offer is accepted.
  • Should your bid be approved, the upgrade fee will be deducted from the payment method you specified.
  • Your improved class of service will be reflected on your new boarding card, which you may pick up at the airport upon successful payment.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Upgrade Bidding 

Hawaiian Airlines is different in that their Bid Up program lets customers place bids to get upgraded to first class. Once a traveller books a ticket, the offer to upgrade usually appears right away, provided that the ticket is more expensive than the basic cost for the main cabin, does not allow for infant or pet travel, and is being used for a flight between Hawaii and another country or between Hawaii and North America. 

The minimum price for an upgrade to first class is typically $495 per leg, and passengers can choose how much to spend. 28 hours before takeoff, passengers will be informed if their offer was accepted. However, once it is approved, there is no way to stop the upgrade; their credit card will be paid right away. It follows that if you are willing to make a bid, you also have to be willing to follow through. 


Hawaiian Airlines needs the glitz of some of the larger airlines that serve Hawaii, and it offers almost no lounges, especially domestically. Consider using a different entrance point into Hawaii if you’re accustomed to flying in a specific manner and receiving excellent service at the airport from beginning to end. But before your trip even starts, the authentic Hawaiian hospitality that awaits you on Hawaiian Airlines, together with the delicious food and drink options and comfortable lie-flat seats, will make you feel at peace. 


To upgrade to First Class, how many Hawaiian miles are needed? 

For flights to South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, or Australia during off-peak times, an upgrade to First Class requires 45,000 Hawaiian miles. The same update may set you back 90,000 miles during rush hour. During off-peak times, you may have to pay 30,000 or 60,000 miles to upgrade your ticket to American Samoa and French Polynesia.

What advantages come with upgrading to Hawaiian Air First Class?

Priority boarding, more comfortable seating with greater legroom and adequate reclining, and personalized treatment throughout your trip are just a few advantages that Hawaiian Airlines First Class Upgrade offers. Furthermore, you will be able to take advantage of first-rate facilities like free dinner service, which offers a variety of delectable Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and drinks. The airline’s in-flight entertainment system, which offers a selection of videos, TV series, music, and games, is also free for first-class guests to use. 

How can I place a Hawaiian Airlines upgrade bid?

Confirm if the flight captures your curiosity. Make an offer for the upgrade and include the price you’re ready to pay. Await the airline’s bid confirmation. Pay for the upgrade and enjoy your newly improved travel experience if your request is granted.

In Hawaiian Airlines, how much should I bid to get an upgrade?

Hawaiian Airlines upgrade prices are subject to change based on some variables, including the type of ticket you have, the route you’re taking, the availability of upgrade seats, and the time of your departure.

Is Hawaiian Airlines First Class worth flying?

You may enjoy some of the nicest seats when travelling to the islands, and the onboard amenities will make sure your Hawaiian vacation gets off to a great start. Although it would seem pricey to spend $3,000 for a round-trip ticket from the East Coast, there are several ways to get there with miles and points, which makes the deal even more appealing.

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