JetBlue offers its Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) service to children aged 5 to 14 who are travelling on direct domestic and international flights without the presence of a parent or adult guardian. Children under the age of five cannot travel on a plane without the presence of a passenger who is at least 14 years old.

This service is offered for unaccompanied minors: 

  • At the airport of departure, aboard, in transit, and at the airport of arrival.
  • On specific codeshare/partner airlines. 
  • For kids who are disabled or have limited mobility. 

JetBlue Unaccompanied Minor Rules

JetBlue classified children aged 5 to under 14 as minors, compared to other airlines. A passenger who is 14 years of age or older will be regarded as an adult. On the other hand, parents or legal guardians may ask for more help. In addition, JetBlue caps the number of unaccompanied minors that can be booked on each flight at three to increase safety and focus. In addition, obtain full details about JetBlue’s policies regarding unaccompanied minor flights before making a reservation:

  • Children under 14 or younger must participate in the unaccompanied minor (UMNR) programme.
  • On a JetBlue flight, only three unaccompanied minors will be permitted.
  • JetBlue flights to and from London do not permit minors to travel alone.
  • Minors travelling alone are only permitted on nonstop flights.
  • Bookings made through JetBlue with other airlines, including codeshare and interline flights, are prohibited for unaccompanied minors.
  • To finish the UMNR paperwork before boarding, the unaccompanied minor must check in early. For domestic flights, the minor must arrive at the airport one and a half hours before takeoff, and for international flights, the minor must arrive at the airport two hours before takeoff.
  • Provide the authority with the name, proof of identity, address, home phone number, and business phone number of the parent or guardian dropping off the child at the airport. All of the information will be required at check-in for the parent or legal guardian who will be picking up the child at the airport. 

Jetblue Age Restrictions For Minor

JetBlue permits children under fourteen to travel alone as unaccompanied minors. An adult (18 years of age and older) must accompany children under five. Children between 14 and 17 are considered young adults and travel with adult passengers.

  • 0-4 – Requires adult companionship; only nonstop flights are allowed for travel.
  • 5-7 – A guardian may accompany the minor to the exit.
  • Red-eye flights (from 9pm to 5am) are not allowed for travel.
  • 8-14 – A guardian may accompany the minor to the exit.
  • Red-eye flights are prohibited from departing between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Travel is only allowed on nonstop flights.

What Identification and Documentation are Needed For Minors Travelling Alone?

If a child is travelling alone, the minor unaccompanied form must be completed online and returned by the parent or guardian prior to the child’s departure. Three printed copies of the excluded short form must be brought to the airport for each flight. The name of the person going to pick up the child on the small unaccompanied form must match the name on the government issued photo ID.

  • A parent or legal guardian must do the following when transporting and picking up an unaccompanied minor.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID is required for all individuals dropping off and picking up an unaccompanied minor. A minor travelling on JetBlue Airways does not have a photo ID with a parent.
  • A non-traveling adult who is picking up or dropping off an unaccompanied minor must be at least eighteen years old and have a valid photo ID that corresponds to the ID listed on the unaccompanied minor form.
  • The distribution of gate passes is still up in the air; they will be given out at the discretion of the TSA or in response to security advice. You can find out if gate passes are available at the JetBlue Airways airport ticket counter.
  • A parent or legal guardian who leaves a minor child unaccompanied who remains at an airport until the child boards the flight and departs for any reason, including gate return or other delays, requires whether a parent the legal guardian is present. If a minor needs to be met unaccompanied at the gate, a JetBlue Airways flight attendant can contact a parent or legal guardian.

JetBlue Unaccompanied Minor Charge

There are a few ways that travellers can buy JetBlue unaccompanied minor tickets: online (through a website or app) and offline (by phone or in person at the airport). Booking a flight online is easy. By pausing from your busy schedule, you can reserve a time slot for your child’s unaccompanied minor ticket.

Under JetBlue’s minor policy, unaccompanied minors must pay $150 each way when booking travel. This represents JetBlue’s lowest operating cost without exception, for both domestic and international flights, on any mode of transportation. If you decide to travel without children and adults, the cost of the trip will be added to your small unaccompanied booking fees. Jetblue Unaccompanied Minor fees for children are waived when using the MVP, MVP Gold, or Gold Mileage programs.


Q1. Can a 14-year-old use JetBlue alone for travel?

By the time of their JetBlue trip, the unaccompanied child must have turned five years old. When a child turns fourteen and travels alone, they are no longer classified as an unaccompanied minor. Minors travelling alone are only permitted on nonstop flights run by JetBlue.

Q2. Can a 13-year-old use JetBlue alone for travel?

Children ages 5 to 14 are allowed to travel unaccompanied as minors. Learn how to list them, drop them off and pick them up, travel internationally, and more. You can also get the necessary Unaccompanied Minor Form.

Q3. How old is a JetBlue unaccompanied minor?

On JetBlue Airways flights, children under five cannot travel alone. Unaccompanied Minors or children ages 5 to 13 are permitted to travel alone. By the day of the flight, children who turn 14 may travel alone; however, they are no longer regarded as Unaccompanied Minors.

Q4. Is it possible for a minor to travel abroad unaccompanied?

Adults are frequently issued a pass on domestic flights, allowing them to accompany unaccompanied minors to their gate and pick them up when they arrive. Airlines are more likely to assign an agent to accompany the child to and from the aircraft if they can travel internationally.

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