Travelling across continents is a scary prospect for anyone but especially so, if they are the proverbial young child travelling alone. When parents entrust their precious cargo to the care of an airline, nothing can be more important than ensuring a safe and smooth journey. Ethiopian Airlines, which has an extensive network and pays high regard to passenger comfort can meet this need in its UM service for minors. This exhaustive handbook, revealing the subtle nuances of this service, is destined to provide parents and guardians with all they need to know about accompanying a child on an independent flight from Ethiopian Airlines so that peace reigns throughout its stages.

Booking Ethiopian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service Online:

Booking an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service online for Ethiopian Airlines may seem challenging, but this guide will streamline the process. Booking in advance (72 hours or more) is essential to make sure that escorts are available and everything has been arranged.


  1. Visit Ethiopian Airlines website:
  2. Find a Flight & choose “Unaccompanied Minor” for children.
  3. Select preferred flight & check fare + Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge.
  4. Provide the child and guardian information along with their contact details.
  5. Go through Unaccompanied Minor Service details and choose escort (if available).
  6. Then fill out the form and accept terms, after which continue payment.
  7. Receive the electronic ticket & booking confirmation with service details.
  8. Fill in and download Unaccompanied Minor Service Request Form (if required).
  9. Or you can call for WestJet Flight booking assistance or special arrangements.


  1. Download Ethiopian Airlines app & register/ log in.
  2. Locate the flight and choose “Unaccompanied Minor” for a child.
  3. 3-9 Steps from the online booking process follow within the app.


Only non-codeshare flights operated by Ethiopian Airlines minor policy are booked online. Reservations for codeshare and other flights that require special arrangements may be reserved through the airline’s call centre or a travel agency.

Documents Needed for Ethiopian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service:

Essential Documents:

  • Valid Passport: It is required for all international flights and recommended for domestic travel.
  • Original Birth Certificate: Needed if a passport is not available for domestic flights in Ethiopia.
  • Completed Unaccompanied Minor Service Request Form: From the Ethiopian Airlines website and should be signed by both parents or guardians.
  • Medical Clearance Form (MEDIF): If the child has pre-existing medical conditions, this is mandatory and should be done by a doctor.
  • Pre-paid Travel Ticket: 5-1 year olds and on codeshare flights) Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge.
  • Photo Identification of Parents/Guardian is needed for check-in and confirmation of relationship with the child.
  • Copy of Return Itinerary can help speed up arrival formalities.
  • Contact Details for Receiving Adult: the full name, phone number and email address of someone who will meet a child at an arrival airport.

Additional Documents (Recommended):

  • School ID or other age verification document: Domestic flights can help if birth certificate is not available.
  • Dietary Requirements Form: Inform the airline of any special dietary needs your child may need to have.
  • Travel Insurance: Helps to have extra assurance for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Doctor’s prescription for medication: If the child is on taking any medication.


  • Duplicate all documents and keep them readily available.
  • Make sure that all the necessary documents are authentic and current before traveling.
  • Arrive early at the airport to accommodate check-in procedures and security checks.
  • Be aware of travel restrictions and visa requirements for your destination country.
  • To ensure maximum support, let the airline know of any special needs or concerns you may have with regards to your child’s travel.
  • Always check the Ethiopian Airlines web site to find the up-to-date and most reliable information about their unaccompanied minor service as well as requirements for particular documents.

To help make your child’s journey on Ethiopian unaccompanied minor service free from worries, follow these guidelines to ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Age Eligibility in Ethiopian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Service:

  1. Minimum age is 5 years old. No under 5 solo travel for any reason.
  2. 11 years old is the Maximum Age for non-codeshare Ethiopian flights. Children 12+ treated as adults.
  3. Codeshare Variations for Maximum age lower on codeshare flights, contact individual airlines.
  4. 5-11 Years for Escort optional (Ethiopian fights), mandatory-. Can request escorts on all routes.
  5. 12- 17 Years for Independent travel permissible if parent/guardian requested escort.
  6. It is not just factors; maturity, language skills and familiarity with travelling are also evaluated.
  7. Mature children over 11 or under the age of five with proven record in independent travel can be granted Rare Exemption.
  8. This includes special arrangements and documentation for children with considerable medical needs.
  9. Requirement for check-in – valid passport or original birth certificate.
  10. Always check with Ethiopian Airlines what the specific age limits and regulations are at any given time.

Ethiopian Airlines Minor Fees Policy:

Since Ethiopian Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minor fees are based on various factors, it is important to understand the details in order to correctly calculate one’s travel budget. Here’s a breakdown to guide you:

1. Age of the Child:

  • 5-11 years old:
    • Non-codeshare flights: Unaccompanied Minor Service Charge added.
    • Codeshare flights: 1) Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee applies (check with the particular partner airline as for their fee).
  • 12-17 years old: Escort service can be requested by paying an additional fee that varies on the route.
  • GST in addition to the base fee

2. Route and Distance:

  • International flights usually have higher fees compared with domestic ones.
  • Flights with longer distance within the same category (international or domestic) attract more fees.

3. Type of Escort:

  • Company Escort (airline crew member): This option has the highest fee but offers personalized care through every stage.
  • Ground Assistance Escort: This is the cheaper option of having help in terms of check-in, boarding and deplaning but has less supervision while they are onboard.

4. Additional Services:

  • Pre-ordered meals: There is a small fee if your child eats on board.
  • Excess baggage: Extra charges apply if it is over standard baggage allowance.

Examples of Fees policy :

  • Domestic flights (within Ethiopia): Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee varies from ETB 500 for short routes to as high as ETB1.
  • International flights: Destination fees can range widely. This could, for instance, be Addis Ababa to London 5-11 year old accompanied company ticket at about USD 200 compared ground assisted which is more likely to add up “only” around USD.

Also check:

By being aware of such factors and making use of the resources available to you, it is possible for you to determine precisely how much Ethiopian Unaccompanied Minor Service fees would be necessary for your child’s particular journey on Ethiopian Airlines. Remember, the best remedy against trouble on a journey is thorough planning and budgeting in order to ensure a peaceful travel experience for you all.

Services are offered by The Ethiopian Unaccompanied Minor Programme

Ethiopian Airlines provides a Unaccompanied Minor Service that guarantees your child’s safe and comfortable journey at every step of the way. Here’s a detailed services provided:

Pre-Flight Care:

  • Dedicated Booking Assistance: Our team assists in the navigation of booking complications and ensures that all mandatory arrangements are done.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service Request Form: Fill out and send this form with your child’s needs and wants.
  • Pre-Travel Consultation: Use our representatives to discuss any concerns or special requirements that would ensure smooth service.

At the Airport:

  • Priority Check-in & Boarding: Bypass queues and have smooth check-in with special counters or individual attention.
  • Baggage Handling: We handle baggage, get high-priority processing and safe delivery to the airplane.
  • Security & Immigration Assistance: Our escorts accompany your child when going through security checks and customs procedures, providing confidence boosting reassurance.

In-Flight Comfort & Care:

  • Dedicated Cabin Crew Supervision: A specified person is responsible for the health of your kid all along on a flight, who will ensure that they are fed appropriately and attended to in terms of uses tillides, entertainment as well as any other need.
  • Age-Appropriate Meals & Snacks: Pre-ordered meals adjust according to children’s taste and nutritional needs, they are properly fed throughout the trip.
  • Entertainment Options: Content such as age appropriate games, movies and toys available during the flight keeps young minds engaged and entertained.
  • Regular Communication: We keep you informed of the progress that your child makes through flight updates and we also provide peace.

Arrival & Handover:

  • Priority Deplaning & Immigration Support: With priority assistance with deplaning and immigration, your child’s arrival will be quicker and more comfortable.
  • Verified Handover to Receiving Adult: We confirm the identity of the authorized adult before safely handing over your child, ensuring proper custody transfer that is safe.

Additional Services:

  • Layover Assistance: When flights have long layovers, we provide lounge access for your comfort while waiting.
  • Special Needs Care: We offer special attention and support to children with medical conditions or challenges to address their unique requirements.
  • Ground Assistance Escort: This should be selected for the company’s domestic routes where there is no requirement of an escort and help at check-in, boarding time as well as while deplaning.

Personalized Service:

Ethiopian unaccompanied Minor Service by Airlines provides total confidence that your child is cared for in a personalized manner throughout his/her travel. We make every step, from check-in to handover, secure, smooth and comfortable for you inches away from your child.

By employing our services you can safely and conveniently entrust your child with a flight on Ethiopian Airlines that will be unforgettable.

Ethiopian Airlines Commitment to Safety for Unaccompanied Minors

Ethiopian Airlines places unaccompanied minors at the highest priority in terms of safety. Years of experience have helped shape comprehensive policies and procedures regarding supervision, travel protocols as well as contingency planning processes. This careful approach makes us a flagship in the world for single-child transit.

Safety Pledge:

  • Rigorous Staff Vetting: All ground and in-flight personnel who were entrusted with child custody pass through extensive background checks, as well as deep training to assure that only the most trustworthy people carry your baby.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Ethiopian Airlines is proactive in its safety measures, a place where your child can always benefit from up-to-date travel procedures and emergency strategies.
  • Thorough Custody Verification: At handover, precise identification processes avert unauthorised access and your child will be in the awaiting arms of their designated guardian.

Impeccable Pickup Protocol:

  • Clear and Uncompromising Procedures: The process of releasing the unaccompanied minors is based on clearly defined, unequivocal protocols aimed at ensuring optimal safety and security.
  • Verified Identification is Non-Negotiable: Proper matching of identification documents, designated individuals with pre-designated forms and proper authorizations must come before release.
  • Dedicated Staff Escorts: Our staff personally escort children to the arrivals gates for direct and safe handover after thorough identity checks.
  • Zero Tolerance for Unplanned Changes: Guardians are designated in advance and last-minute changes or substitutions to these guardians for protection purposes is strictly prohibited.

Tips for a smooth Pickup:

  • Guardian Identification Readiness: make sure the authorised guardian can easily produce and present a valid photo ID for easy verification.
  • Inform Them of Verification Measures: Inform the guardian that they might be asked to verify their IDs fast.
  • Immediate Delay Communication: In the event of unexpected delays, immediate reporting to our personnel will ensure efficient response and reduce wait times.
  • Premises Exit Restriction: Make sure the receiving adult remembers that they should remain in place until child handover is over and not leave designated area too soon.

These strict safety policies and straightforward communication procedures are employed by the airline, Ethiopian Airlines to ensure that your child is safe from end-to-end during the journey. Trust our complete unaccompanied Minor Ethiopian service for a safe, secure and stress-free journey both for you and your little one.

Critical Health Needs:

It is understandable that taking your child for an unaccompanied flight, whose critical health needs remain unaddressed can be nerve-wrenching. However, the Unaccompanied Minor Service of Ethiopian Airlines realises that young travellers with chronic conditions imply individual demands and provides superior attention and preparation to guarantee a safe as well as comfortable trip. Here’s a comprehensive guide to navigate this service with confidence:

  • Before buying the ticket, consult with your child’s doctor to evaluate travel possibilities and receive specific recommendations about handling their condition at that moment.
  • Pack sufficient amounts of all physician prescribed medications in their original, labelled containers to last for the entire journey plus at least a day extra in case there are delays.
  • Ensure that your child has a clearly visible medical alert bracelet with their condition and emergency contact details.
  • Detailed instructions on how to identify and handle episodes including medication use and preferred response mechanisms.
  • Pack a backpack with familiar comfort items and any essential medical supplies such as inhalers, smelling salts ,glucose tabs etc . Make sure they are easily reachable by both your child and crew of the airline.

Guiding the Staff:

  • Detailed Information Package: Prepare a full information package for the airline staff who will accompany your child. This should include:
    • Copies of all pertinent medical records and prescriptions.
    • 4 Doctor’s notes that highlight the child’s condition, triggers and plan of management.
    • Information on an emergency contact, such as the details of receiving a guardian.
    • Clear instruction on medication prescribed, the dose and timing for administering it.
    • Preferred communication methods in case of contact.

Advance Notification & Coordination:

  • Early Booking: Therefore, advise Ethiopian Airlines on your child’s special needs as soon as you can during the reservation process. This enables them to employ staff who have been properly trained and shape the service according to your child’s needs.
  • Clear Communication with Guardians: Make sure the receiving guardian is thoroughly instructed of your child’s condition, treatment plan and any possible emergencies. Provide them with a copy of the package containing information and emergency contact numbers.

Travel Tips for Kids

It can be a nerve-racking thing to send your child off on an Ethiopian unaccompanied flight at the same time; it is also very much adventurous for them. To make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible, here are some additional tips specifically for kids:

  • Put in your child’s favourite kind of snacks and a portable gaming console or activity books to keep them busy during the flight.
  • Pack an additional charger for their devices, also remember to take along headphones and any necessary adapters.
  • Load carry-on bag with comfortable clothes, hygiene items and extra set of dresses.
  • Tell your child to refrain from sharing personal details such as an address or phone number with strangers in the plane.
  • Ensure that your child is familiar with the airline’s emergency contact number and has easy access to it such as being written on a card in his or her pocket.
  • If your child is uncomfortable or feels threatened by any situation, instruct them to secretly take pictures of the encounter and alert a nearby crew member.
  • Have a little travel journal on hand and have your child jot down their adventure in drawings, as notes, or by collecting stamps or ticket stubs.
  • If the flight isn’t imminent, allow your kid to visit kid-friendly areas in the airport or shop for souvenirs.
  • Please remind your child of the great things awaiting him or her in his destination, this way he or she will see flying alone as an enjoyable and self-independent adventure.

With these additional tips paired with a structured Unaccompanied Minor Service from Ethiopian Airlines, you can provide your child the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate their solo journey confidently turning what could be an undesirable experience into one that leaves lasting memories of personal empowerment.


The Ethiopian Airlines unaccompanied Minor Service is highly concerned about your child’s safety and welfare throughout. They provide unparalleled expertise and commitment to ensure that your child’s solo journey is not only secure, but also comfortable and enjoyable from meticulous vetting of staff up comprehensive in-flight care; dedicated arrival procedures to personalized communication. By placing your child in the hands of experienced people and preparing him or her prior to travel by pre-travel communication, essentials packing as well as some practical tips for traveling is possible with a clear conscience because you are sending them off being confident that he she will arrive at his/her destination happy sound healthy proud about this route but alone.


1. How old does my child need to be to use the Unaccompanied Minor Service?

5- 11 years old required; opt for the service of 12 – 17 years Old, at additional fee.

2. What documents do I need to prepare?

Valid passport or birth certificate, Unaccompanied Minor Service Request Form filled out , medical clearance form in case needed, school ID or any proof of identity of a young person including pictures next to guardian and receiving adult .

3. Can I pre-order meals for my child?

Yes, pre-ordering ensures suitable and timely options, especially for dietary restrictions.

4. What happens if my flight has a long layover?

Ethiopian Airlines provides layover services such as access to lounge and provision of meals on request.

5. Can I track my child’s progress during the flight?

The airline constantly keeps you informed about the journey through regular communication updates.

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