Getting acquainted with the baggage policy of the airline you are travelling with is as necessary as knowing about the tourist spots in the destination you are travelling to. The baggage policy varies depending on the airline, destination and your travel class. It is therefore necessary to properly research and know everything about how much baggage you can carry with yourself, what are the things you can and cannot carry while travelling via flight.

If you are going to travel with Delta Airlines, then we are here to help you in getting acquainted with the baggage policy of this airline. In this article, we will be covering points like, Delta baggage policy, Delta Airlines baggage fees, Delta baggage weight limit, Delta baggage claim and other related topics.

So before you pack your bags to travel with Delta Airlines, we recommend you to go through this article once as it will give you all the necessary information about the Delta baggage policy.

What is Delta Airlines baggage policy?

Delta Airlines baggage policy consists of rules and regulations which one needs to keep in mind regarding the baggage they carry while travelling via flight of this airline. It has rules about the weight and size of the baggage that one can carry, things which are prohibited from carrying and things which can be carried but with certain restrictions.

The sections below will discuss in brief everything about the Delta Airlines baggage policy.

Delta Airlines carry-on baggage

If you are not clear whether a bag qualifies for carry-on baggage or not then we are here to help you by informing you everything about what type of bags qualify for carry-on baggage.

As per the Delta Airlines baggage policy, the travellers are allowed to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag with themselves free of charge. The personal item includes things like a purse, laptop bag, camera bag or any other such item which can easily fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Apart from the usual carry-on items, these items are free to carry in flight:

Eateries purchased past the security checkpoint.

Items like jackets, umbrella

Duty free merchandise

Items like strollers, wheelchairs, child safety seats or assistive devices such as crutches

There are certain size and weight restrictions which are to be followed by the passengers while carrying carry-on bags:

The combined length of the carry-on bag must not be more than 45 linear inches or 114 cm.

The length, width and height measurements of individual bags must not be more than 22” x 14” x 9” or 56 cm x 35 cm x 23 cm respectively.

These measurements are inclusive of any handles or wheels, but are not applicable to the small musical instruments that comfortably fit in the overhead space or under-seat space.

There are no weight restrictions in terms of the carry-on baggage, except while travelling to certain destinations. You can check the website to know whether the destination you are travelling to is eligible for certain weight restrictions.

Liquids, gels, aerosols and pastes are allowed to be carried but only up to 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres. All these items need to be placed in a single quart-size, zip-top bag of clear plastic.

Delta Airlines checked baggage

Checked baggage is also subject to weight and size restrictions, which are as follows:

The baggage size must not be more than 62 inches or 158 cm.

The weight of each bag must not be more than 50 lbs. or 23 kg. Here are some other things which you need to keep in mind regarding the checked baggage:

Passengers may be allowed to check up to 10 bags per passenger on flights which are operated by Delta or Delta Shuttle.

Passengers may be allowed to check up to 4 bags on Delta Connection® carrier flights.

The number of excess baggage may be limited if the excess bags restrict the airline from transporting up to two bags per passenger.

Delta Connection carriers accept excess baggage, on the basis of the space-available. If due to lack of space, the baggage cannot be carried on the same flight with you, then you don’t need to worry because it will be transported on the next available flight to your destination.

Bags which do not meet the weight and size restrictions will require payment of additional fees.

Some destinations have some additional restrictions. We recommend checking the website and checking the rules for the destination you are travelling to.

The charges for excess baggage, overweight baggage and oversized baggage are different for different destinations. You can check the details for your destination on the website.

Travellers can have their first bag checked for free if they have a card membership. This benefit can only be used for those bags which are not overweight or oversized.

Delta Airlines Baggage policy for special items

If you are carrying a special item, then you don’t need to worry. All you have to do is contact a Delta Gate Agent as you arrive at the airport. They will help you in checking the special item and finding out if the item is overweight or oversized and if an extra fee is applicable. Here is how you can determine if what you are carrying qualifies for a special item:

If the bag you are carrying has a very different shape and size.

If your bag exceeds the limit of 50 lbs. or 23 kg or 62 linear inches or 157 cm (length + width + height)

If your bag contains something which requires special care and attention.

If you carry things like equipment for medical assistance, children’s items, musical instruments or sport equipment.

Prohibited or Restricted items on Delta Airlines

Passengers are not allowed to carry certain items onboard. As per the Delta baggage policy, the travellers have been restricted from carrying certain items for their safety and to comply with rules and regulations of the government.

Here is a list of items which are not allowed under any circumstances:

Bleach, drain cleaners or pesticides

Fireworks or explosives

Aerosol products such as cooking spray or anti-static spray

Torch or blue flame lighters and all lighter refills

Gunpowder like Pyrodex, black powder, mace and pepper spray or bear deterrent

Paints, stains or lubricant

“Strike-anywhere” matches

Fuels (like gasoline or Sterno cans)

Items like hoverboards, balance gliders, self-balancing boards or motorised riding suitcases that use lithium or lithium-ion batteries

Meals Ready to Eat (MREs)

Items with refrigerants including refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers or dehumidifiers

There are certain items which can be carried, but they are subject to certain restrictions. Here is a list of items which can be carried with certain restrictions:

Battery or Fuel- Powered

Food or Alcohol Transportation

Ammunition, Explosives or Firearms

Personal Care & Medical Items

Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Marijuana

Robotic, Machine, Household Items & Other
Sporting & Leisure Goods

There are some other items as well which qualify to be in this list. You can check the website to know more about those items.

To know what conditions have to be followed to carry these items, you can check the website.

Delayed, Lost or Damaged Baggage

In case you are facing the problem of delayed, lost or damaged baggage, then you don’t need to worry because the airline is there to help you. We advise you to keep the file reference number ready so that the airline can provide you quick assistance. Your file reference number is an 8-10 digit alphanumeric code, which you will find on the front of the information folder which is provided to you by a Delta agent with whom you file the complaint for delayed or damaged baggage.

To submit a claim, you can visit the website and fill a form. You just have to give the File Reference Number given to you by the Baggage Service Center at the Airport, along with any supporting documentation which might be required to process your claim under the Delta baggage claim policy.

The airline provides you the facility of Delta Baggage tracker as well. The Delta Baggage tracker allows you to track your baggage any time, anywhere.

This was all that you needed to know about the Delta baggage policy. In case you still have any doubt about the Delta Airlines baggage claim, Delta baggage policy, Delta Airlines baggage fees or Delta baggage weight limit, then you can visit the website or call delta airlines support team of the airline.

If you have doubts regarding anything else like Delta Airlines Reservations, Delta flight change, Delta flight cancellation or Delta airlines vacations packages then also you can check the website and in case of any doubt, contact the customer support team which is instantly available for your assistance.

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