The Air France Kids Solo service enables children aged 4 to 17 years to travel on their own, both domestically and internationally. This service ensures full care from boarding priority to in-flight aid and smooth transition handovers at designated pick-up points. To enhance comfort, parents can monitor their child’s journey in real-time through the Air France app. However, for international flights travellers under 15 are limited to Kids Solo service requiring careful pondering of documentation fees and other services. The service is designed to reassure parents that their child will be safe and comfortable when travelling alone, providing a personalised journey for young passengers.

Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy:

Air France Kids Solo service enables children aged 4 to 11 or 5 to 13 and below to travel alone on both domestic and international flights. Parents or guardians should purchase tickets and fill out an unaccompanied minor form. The following airports are allowed for transfers when children travel on connecting flights – Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris-Orly (ORY) or Lyon (LYS).

Age Requirements:

  • Infants: 7 days or younger cannot travel alone.
  • Domestic Flights: 12+ years old without Kids Solo with parental consent.
  • International Flights: 15 years and younger children are only allowed the Solo service.

Online Booking:

Book your child’s solo flight with the Kids Solo option directly on the Air France website at or via the Air France app

Step-by-Step Guidance:

  • Go to, or open the Air France app
  • Choose your preferred flight route and dates.
  • When asked during the booking, choose “Kids Solo”. This is most often after selecting the number of passengers.
  • Enter the important details about your child, such as name, age and travel documents.
  • Check the details of the flight, charges and services provided by Kids Solo service carefully.
  • Pay for the flight and Kids Solo service.
  • Once the reservation is done, you will get a confirmation email that consists of all the booking details and instructions.
  • Obtain the “unaccompanied minor” form from the Air France’s website or at check-in.

The website and app present detailed information about the Kids Solo service, such as fees charged, eligibility for age groups or children eligible to participate in this program among other things that impact your choice.

Phone Bookings:

  • Contacting Air France reservation is highly recommended for first-time bookings if your itinerary seems complex and also in case of any queries you might have.
  • Air France reservation specialists are qualified to work on Kid’s Solo bookings and can tailor the procedure specifically to your requirements and issues.
  • You can be able to call Air France Reservations at toll-free in the US or visit the Air France website and get an appropriate international contact number.

Who Can Book?:

Legally Responsible: Booking Kids Solo tickets is restricted only to the legal guardians of a child or persons with a written authorization signed by children’s legal wardens.

Documentation Required: Be ready to submit required documents during booking like proof of guardianship or authorization, travel documents for the child and complete the Air France unaccompanied minor form.

Planning Ahead: Make sure you have all the necessary documents in your hands before reaching Air France reservations or initiating the online booking procedure.


Double-check everything: Make sure to confirm flight details, travel dates and Kids Solo selection during booking as well as all additional services so that no last-minute surprises occur.

Stay informed: Air France can send news about your child’s travel by e-mail or SMS. Make sure you get these notifications on the travel date.

Provide contact information: Provide Air France and the person who will pick you up from an airport with your contact details for effective communication during a flight.

Connecting Flights:

1. Limited Airports for Transfers:

  • You are only eligible for connections at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly or Lyon airports. This implies your travel plan must involve flights that land and take off from any one of these three airports.
  • This makes your travel path easier by reducing the number of airports that you have to traverse. It also eliminates potential visa or immigration issues during your connections if you’re not outside the Schengen Zone.
  • The number of flight options could be limited if connections are not enabled at other airports. This might take longer than direct flights or connections through other hubs.

2. Double Connections for Nouméa:

  • Double connections are only permitted while travelling to/from Noumea via Paris-CDG, Tokyo (NRT) and Singapore(SIN). This means your schedule must include two separate layovers before arriving in Nouméa.
  • This will enable you to get cheaper fares or easier flight timings, especially if direct flights of single connections are costly or not available at all.
  • Double connections are more complicated and time-consuming. You must carefully consider layover times, possible need for visas and the chance that you have to wait DESPITE THE FAILURE ON CONNECTIONS.

3. Double Connection Booking for Unaccompanied Minors:

All airlines do not have double connections with unaccompanied minors Air France. This means that you ought to select airlines and make your flight itinerary wisely to ensure the underage kid can travel safely without disruption.

Make explicit inquiries regarding double connections concerning unaccompanied Air France minor policy. If you have any doubts, contact the airline directly. Consider reservations with airlines that specialise in unaccompanied minors and provide support from one end to the other.


As parents, it is nerve-wracking to hand your young traveller over for a solo flight. Air France’s Kids Solo service helps to eliminate such concerns by offering a full range of care and help on all stages of your child’s trip. Here are the services offered:

Full Journey Assistance:

Dedicated Escort: From check-in to pick-up, the staff of Air France will serve as your child’s travel companions. They will assist with luggage, guide you around the airport, ensure seamless transfers between flights and answer any queries your child might have.

Priority Boarding: Skip the queues! Kids Solo participants have priority in boarding so that they can settle comfortably before other passengers. This reduces stress and makes boarding easier.

In-Flight Care: Your child will not be alone on the plane. The Air France staff will be on hand to take care of meals, entertainment and any other requirements that may arise. They could also give assurance and keep your child busy throughout the flight.

Meals and Entertainment:

Age-Appropriate Options: Goodbye to boring aeroplane foods! For a young palate, Air France provides nutritious and tasty meals specially prepared for your child’s age group.

Keeping Them Entertained: Such engaging age-appropriate movies, games and activities on board make the trip not feel lengthy. Air France guarantees your child has an entertaining and comfortable time on the plane.

Meeting the Designated Person:

Upon arrival, a representative of Air France will welcome your child and take them to the person picking up. This makes the transition back to familiar arms seamless and gives peace of mind knowing your child is safe in his or her mother’s hands.

Real-Time Tracking:

Always in the Loop: Worried parents, rejoice! With the Air France app, you can even track your child’s journey in real-time! Watch their flight progress, know when they land and keep updated during the travel period.

Additional Services (Paid):

Pre-Boarding Assistance: You can pay a little extra to make sure that your child gets on the plane before everyone else so they won’t have any stress and you can settle there comfortably as soon as possible.

Lounge Access: When in layovers at specific airports, you have to pay for access to the lounges for your child. This gives them a comfortable and relaxed ambience to wait for their connecting flights. Such facilities are offered like snacks, drinks, entertainment etc

Personalised In-Flight Care: You can request personalised in-flight care for your baby, but this requires an additional fee. This service gives more attention and support during the flight according to their needs or requests based on language assistance, special meals etc.

Children travelling alone can benefit from Air France’s Kids Solo service, allowing them to be assured of better care and attention during travel. From kind escort and age-appropriate amusements to live monitoring of the flight progress, as well as supernumerary optional premium services available – Air France does everything so that your child feels safe during his or her short trip on a plane.

Above all, think of your child’s maturity and comfort each time you are planning to let him or her travel alone. The staff of Air France is available to discuss your child’s special needs and advise you on the services most appropriate for their journey.

Required Documents:

Unaccompanied Minor Form:

  • Downloadable from the Air France website or available at check-in.
  • Contains all pertinent details about the child, parents or guardians’ travel dates and pick-up information.
  • Accurate completion is important for smooth service and flawless handovers.

Valid Passport:

  • Required for all international flights and some domestic routes.
  • Clarify visa requirements for the destination country much earlier.
  • Make sure validity goes beyond travel dates to avoid any problems.

Visa (If Applicable):

  • If needed for the destination country, verify that it is valid throughout your travel duration.

Additional Travel Documents:

  • Some of the destinations may require more health certificates, parental authorization forms or other special documents.
  • Consult Air France or the relevant authorities to get the correct requirements depending on your destination.

Medical Information:

  • Make it clear to Air France staff about any allergies, medications or medical conditions that you are using.
  • List the medications, their dosages and required administration procedures in detail.
  • This information guarantees the right care and possible aid at airways or airport actions.

Air France unaccompanied minor fee

Variable Based on Factors:

  • Itinerary (domestic or international)
  • Child’s age
  • Additional services chosen
  • Additional services (like pre-boarding help, lounge visits or personalised in–flight attention).
  • Teenagers using Kids Solo on domestic flights (there may be extra charges)

General Fee Ranges:

  • Domestic flights: €30-€90
  • International flights: €50-€75

Crucial Reminders:

Contact Air France for Exact Fees:

  • Contact Air France directly for accurate fee amounts on specific itineraries and services.
  • Fees also change, so it is necessary to check before booking.

Fees Typically Non-Refundable:

  • Typically, Kids Solo fees are usually non-refundable whether travel plans change or flights get cancelled.

Plan for Additional Costs:

  • Include possible airport taxes, baggage fees or other charges over and above the Kids Solo service charge.

With proper preparation of these documents and a clear understanding of the fees associated with them, you will be able to ensure a hassle-free journey for your child when using Air France’s Kids Solo service.

Additional consideration:

  • Flight availability: Kids may not be offered Solo service on all flights or routes. Check availability during booking.
  • Layovers: Unaccompanied minors are generally not allowed overnight layovers.
  • Medical conditions: For children with special needs or health conditions, additional approval and documentation may be necessary. Call Air France Reservations to ask for help.
  • Baggage allowance: Make sure to find out about baggage allowance for unaccompanied minors, as they can be different from normal limitations.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: If flight disturbances or delays happen, Air France employees will address children without supervision and notify the guardians immediately.


Air France Kids Solo service offers a higher level of support than just booking and helping unaccompanied minors, caring for them the entire way on their journey. Knowing the particulars of such a policy, related to the regarded age for travelling unaccompanied by any elder person, making reservations and services offered while in transit within those premises or potentially fees can help you plan things nicely and comfortably without worrying much about your child.


1. What is the age limit for children travelling alone on Air France?

4 to 17 years is the age limit for children travelling unaccompanied on Air France. years old.

2. How much does the Kids Solo service cost?

Kids Solo fees can range from 30-90 EUR for domestic flights and 50-75 EUR for international ones, depending on the chosen itinerary.

3. What documents do I need to provide for my child to travel alone on Air France?

You will have to fill up an unaccompanied minor form and your child may also be required to submit a valid passport, and visa, as well as any other necessary travel documents.

4. How can I book the Kids Solo service?

You can reserve the Kids Solo service by phoning Air France Reservations.

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