If your young adventurer is going to travel alone. Virgin Atlantic is open to first-time younger passengers that are aged 14 and over for independent air travel so both passengers can have a safe, easy journey without their parents worrying about them. For Virgin Atlantic’s unaccompanied minor policy on young passengers, this guide uncovers everything you need to know from age requirements and fees through necessary documents required and preparation for before your flight.

Booking method:

Booking Steps:-

  • Visit Virgin Atlantic website: https://www.virginatlantic.com
  • As a result of the momentary stoppage in push button booking, call +44-203-287-3155 Bond with an amicable representative.
  • Inform them of your child’s travel dates, flight itinerary, and desired UM service.
  • Prepare your child’s passport, birth certificate, valid visa if necessary and a completed Virgin Atlantic UM consent form.
  • Check booking fees, UM service charges as well as airport taxes that apply to your child’s travel.
  • Arrange with Virgin Atlantic for check-in assistance, gate supervision and baggage handling both at departure airports as well as arrival areas.
  • Give specific contact details for yourself and another person to be contacted during the flight who will act on your behalf.
  • Once finished you will receive reservation confirmation details and relevant paperwork such as baggage labels, and an emergency contact card.

Virgin Atlantic App:

  • Register the free Virgin Atlantic app to your child’s compatible mobile phone or tablet.
  • The app gives real-time flight information, enabling your child to monitor his trip with ease.
  • Use the app to store and show their boarding pass for a better experience while navigating airports.
  • Ensure that your young traveller is sufficiently entertained with age-appropriate activities and games as you wait for the flight.
  • Please note that the functionality of this app is quite limited when using it in flight.

Sending your young explorer off to fly on his or her own can be very satisfying, and Virgin Atlantic’s unaccompanied minor service makes navigating the process with confidence that much easier. By doing these steps, using the help app and staying informed you can make sure your child’s journey in conquering solo options is easy-going as well as memorable.

Documents needed to fly solo as a minor on Virgin

  • For international and domestic routes valid passports are required.
  • Even for local travel, proof of the original birth certificate to show age.
  • Virgin Atlantic UM consent form to Be signed by a parent or legal guardian, authorising travel and providing care instructions.
  • Detailed contact details for both parents/guardians and designated emergency contacts.
  • If possible, list a medical/allergy history doctor’s prescriptions and any needed medication in their original packaging.
  • Make sure you get a valid visa for the destination country, if necessary in advance.
  • Reach out to Virgin Atlantic or visa regulations for possible requirements such as minor repatriation permits.

Important Reminders:

  • Print multiple copies: Ensuring redundancy for check-in, arrival and possible transit scenarios.
  • Service suspension: Due to the pandemic, this provided UM service is not available at present. Follow up on its possible restart via Virgin Atlantic’s website or customer care.
  • Alternative options: If UM service is still unavailable for the dates you want to be travelling, ways such as sharing with your child or considering airlines that provide active services should also come in line.

Age Restrictions & Eligibility 

  • 14-year-old and above teenagers can fly solo, soaring in the skies with freedom and slight risk.
  • For even greater security, a signed consent form from parents or guardians enables responsible travel for 14-16 year olds.
  • For guaranteed safety and comfort, children below 14 years should be accompanied by an adult throughout the flight.
  • Younger travellers can change Virgin Atlantic flight (up to 4 hours layover) on their own, or arrange for longer stops with Virgin Atlantic.
  • 5-15-year-old Unaccompanied Minors Service is temporarily off the table due to continuous health concerns.
  • Equip your emerging youth with preflight talks about landing schedules, survival under emergencies and available guidance from the Virgin Atlantic app.
  • Policies can be updated from time to takeoff and hence you must keep your radar tuned at the website of Virgin Atlantic so as not to miss crucial details on their policies.

Service Provide Virgin Unaccompanied Minor Programme

During the Flight:

  • Dedicated Crew Member: You will get a friendly crew person who will look after your child during the whole flight. They will greet you, answer any questions that may arise and make sure your child is comfortable.
  • Special Meals and Refreshments: You can also order special meals or drinks for your child before the flight, based on their preferences and dietary restrictions.
  • In-flight Entertainment: The inflight entertainment system includes a separate “Kids” zone, which contains movies and TV shows suitable for different age groups as well as games and activities. The assigned crewmember can assist your child in learning the available options.
  • Regular Check-ins: Your child will be visited by the crew member often to comfort them and answer any queries. They will also keep you posted on their health through phone calls or text messages, in case the latter is chosen.

Arrival and Post-Flight:

  • Meet and Greet: A Virgin Atlantic representative will greet your child upon arrival at the airport holding a name sign. They will take your child through customs and immigration if appropriate.
  • Baggage Claim Assistance: The representative will assist your child in gathering his luggage and finding the arrival terminal.
  • Ground Transportation: Virgin Atlantic can help you connect your child with their pre-booked ground transportation service such as a taxi or airport shuttle if they are prescheduled.

Additional Notes:

  • Some services, such as meals and ground transport can be pre-paid at the time of reservation.
  • Virgin Atlantic has an online tracking tool, or you could always contact their customer service to stay informed about your child’s journey.
  • Make sure to provide your contact information as well as the names of persons meeting with your child at the arrival airport.
  • Make sure you pack a comfort item for your child, like their favorite toy or book to help them feel at ease during the travels.

Virgin Unaccompanied Minor Fees Policy:

Though the Unaccompanied Minor Virgin Atlantic service is free of charge, young flyers pay in full adult price. This aspect needs proper budgeting and planning to ensure affordability. Here’s a breakdown of the costs to consider:

  • Flight route: Fares depend on origin and destination. Normally there are no extra costs for domestic flights within the UK, US and Australia. However, international travelling could incur fees and it is good to confirm with Virgin Atlantic.
  • Services pre-booked: Further support, such as baggage claim assistance or ground transport scheduling may necessitate additional fees. You can select these services based on the needs of your child and available funds.
  • Flight Tickets: For example, full adult ticket prices can be much higher than the children’s fares, especially when flying long-haul. Another option is to use comparison websites and the most affordable options can be found through booking during off-peak season.
  • Baggage Fees: Virgin Atlantic unaccompanied minor fees for checked and oversized baggage. Be informed about the baggage allowance for your selected fare and pack accordingly to avoid other charges.
  • Airport Taxes and Fees: Some airports charge additional taxes and fees on passengers. Research and include these in your budget.
  • Meals and Snacks: Virgin Atlantic offers snacks and drinks on some longer flights, but not all young passengers may have to buy more food. Pack healthy and filling snacks to maintain energy levels during the trip.

Budgeting Tips for Solo Flyers:

  • Establish a budget and follow it to the letter. Talk to a child about the financial limits and promote responsible spending.
  • Use travel rewards and loyalty schemes. Frequent flyer programs and credit card rewards can offer discounts and savings on flights.
  • Pack light and within the cabin baggage allowance to avoid checked bag charges.
  • Plan meals. Pack snacks and beverages to cut expenses on in-flight purchases.
  • Research and compare prices. Look for flight sales and discounts, accommodation deals along activities.

To get specific fee information for your child’s travel:

Remember to provide the following information when contacting Virgin Atlantic:

  1. Your child’s age
  2. Travel dates
  3. Route of flight (originating and destination airports)
  4. Additional services like baggage claim assistance, transport on the ground

By contacting Virgin policy directly, you will get the most reliable and up-to-date charge details depending on how your child is travelling. This way, you will know the costs associated and make informed decisions on their journey.

Identification and Visibility for Safety:

Distinctive Lanyard or Accessory:

  • Unaccompanied minors are likely identified through a visual identification method, such as the lanyard or wristband that Virgin Atlantic uses to differentiate them from other passengers while at the same time keeping their identity hidden.
  • Essential information such as the child’s name, age, flight details and destination would be displayed prominently on this item which could make identification by crew members instant.

Seat Allocation and Seating Arrangements:

  • Children travelling alone are usually given seats near crew stations or specified areas within the cabin.
  • This strategic location enables a better view and simple tracking by the crew during flight.
  • Seating could be arranged so that minimum contact is made with people unknown to us, showing again a priority in safety.

Crew Awareness and Discrete Monitoring:

  • Cabin crew members are well trained regarding unaccompanied children onboard and where they would precisely be seated.
  • They are also proactive in checking on the child more regularly, but covertly to ensure their well-being and address any needs they may require or maintain a vigilant presence near them.

Additional Safety Measures and Tips for Parents:

  • Pre-Flight Briefings and Instructions:
    • Before departure, parents or guardians should:
    • Make it clear why they need to sit in their place.
    • Teach children to recognize crew members by their uniforms and name badges confidently so they can get help easily.

Collaborative Vigilance:

  • Staff can quietly inform passengers sitting near unaccompanied minors creating a general feeling of shared responsibility for these children’s safety.
  • This provides an environment that is discreet but watchful for the child’s well-being.

Clear Communication Channels:

  • Virgin Atlantic is likely to provide parents or guardians with opportunities to stay updated about the situation of their child like SMS updates, contact points at arrival etc.
  • This communication provides comfort and timely response if necessary.

Virgin commitment to safety:

Virgin Atlantic cares about your child’s well-being at every step of their solo journey and is woven into the fabric of safety for them throughout. With careful crew training that stresses diligence and attentiveness, through stringent pre-flight routines and boarding procedures to secure arrival measures they provide a cacophony of safeguards. Envision trained eyes following your child, sophisticated technologies protecting their flight and regular communication reducing your fears. When your child’s journey begins to rise with Virgin, then sore trustly up there alongside her.

Secure and smooth protocol Pick-Up: 

To guarantee the safe handover of solo travellers to authorized guardians, Virgin Atlantic adheres to strict procedures at the arrival airport:

Essential Steps for a Smooth Pick-Up:

  • Authorized Guardians Only: Only those people who are listed on the consent forms presented during booking can take the child.
  • Strict ID Verification: First off, guardians are required to provide official photograph identification issued by the government that matches the information on consent forms.
  • Secure Meeting Point: A representative from Virgin Atlantic will accompany the child to see him off at the meeting point, which is usually found in the arrival terminal.
  • No Last-Minute Changes: It is prohibited to substitute or alter the appointed guardian for safety reasons. If a change cannot be avoided, Virgin Atlantic pre-approval is required.

Additional Tips for Parents and Guardians:

  • Communicate Early: If a change of guardianship is planned, tell Virgin Atlantic early so the process can run smoothly.
  • Prepare for Questions: The airport staff should ask Guardians only a few questions to confirm their identity and relationship with the child.
  • Notify of Delays: If the guardian suspects that it could take long before the child arrives, then he should contact Virgin Atlantic as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary wait.
  • Remain Present: Guardians will not be able to leave the airport premises until they collect their child.

Virgin Atlantic follows a carefully elaborated protocol that enables them to protect unaccompanied minors throughout their journey which ensures safe and anxiety-free arrival for both the children and parents.

Health care Needs for Virgin Unaccompanied Minor Policy:

Virgin Atlantic is also aware of the fact that each child has specific needs, especially those with medical issues. To ensure a comfortable and safe flight, they provide special care for young travellers with unique needs and special procedures.

Catering to Medical Needs:

  • Preparation is Key: Virgin Atlantic must be informed by parents proactively about the medical condition of their child at the time of booking. Detailed information, for instance, doctor’s notes and a copy of prescriptions.
  • Briefing the Crew: Cabin crew are given detailed instructions regarding the status of the child, possible trigger factors and answers on how to act in case of an emergency. This guarantees fast and informed responses when required.
  • Abundant Supplies: Parents should pack the necessary quantities of doctor-prescribed medication throughout this entire trip in a carry-on bag where it will be safe. Other supplies such as inhalers, glucose tabs or allergy medicines should also be within easy reach.
  • Comfort and Care: Ergonomic issues and seating requirements are variables that have been minimised as much as possible to avoid discomfort and trigger responses.
  • Medical Alert Bracelets: Virgin Atlantic advises parents to give children medical alert bracelets that are easy for them to recognize and identify with their condition, as well as emergency contact details.

Advance Notification and Communication:

  • Virgin Atlantic can arrange for the right resources and adjust procedures accordingly as early communication about medical needs is made.
  • The communication should be open throughout the process. Crew members can always be there with the necessary concern or help.

By taking these proactive steps and making use of Virgin Atlantic’s committed assistance, parents can be confident that their child with special needs will have a safe and comfortable solo journey.


  • Pack comfort items, such as favourite toys or books to ease anxiety.
  • Discuss the journey with your child talking about who they can ask for help.
  • Consider booking special meals or drinks in advance to meet your dietary needs.

Travel Tips For Kids:

Your child is in good hands throughout their journey with Virgin’s dedicated unaccompanied minor service. However, some pre-flight preparation and handy tips can make their solo adventure even more confident and enjoyable:


  • Pack their favourite book, a cuddly toy and perhaps a quiet game into the backpack to keep them busy whenever there is some time.
  • Pack their favourite healthy snacks and drinks to quell hunger pangs and prevent unnecessary stress.
  • Do not forget to bring a portable charger for your tablet or gaming device (verify Virgin’s policy on electronic gadgets allowed onboard).

Empowering Young Explorers:

  • If possible, teach them some basic phrases in the arrival language and remind them to stick close to crew members if they need help.
  • Scenarios such as asking for help or declining conversations politely when they are awkward.
  • Ensure that Virgin’s emergency contact numbers are readily available either in their backpack or phone.

Making the Most of the Journey:

  • If they love to gaze out the window, pre-pack a notebook and pencil so that they can sketch aeroplanes or clouds.
  • Virgin on-board entertainment – check if any pre-booking is needed!
  • Encourage them to do a few light stretches or walk up and down the cabin to stay energised.


Virgin Atlantic’s Minor policy, although it currently has limitations, is a useful option for young travellers looking to be more independent and explore new horizons. Knowing the age limits, necessary papers, travelling advice and possible hazards can help parents and guardians prepare their children mentally as well so that they have sufficient knowledge and confidence for an independent journey. In this context, remember careful planning and communication open the doors for momentous adventures as young wings start flying.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if my child’s flight is disrupted? 

Virgin Atlantic will reach you and, according to the circumstances, your child can travel alone by taxi or spend a night in some hotel. Any additional costs you incur will be your responsibility.

2. Can my child take medication on board?

Virgin Atlantic has to be contacted in advance if your child needs medication during the flight and such looks like obtaining the necessary approvals.

3. What happens if my child needs to connect to another flight? 

As of now, Unaccompanied Minor service is limited only to point-to-point trips and not to connecting flights.

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