Emirates Airlines Reservations

Emirates Airlines overview

Emirates is the largest Canada based airline founded in 1937. The airline is covering more than 200 destinations on six different continents. You can also get offers and discount coupons, just visit their website. It is one of the safest airlines and has happy customers in millions. 

Why fly with Emirates Airlines?

  • Emirates Airlines will give you seamless travel. It is one of the safe flights.
  • Flights representatives are also available for solving your problems. 
  • You will never experience a delay in clearance at the customs line.
  • The staff is well educated and behaved. They provide high hospitality service to customers.
  • They provide a delicious meal of high quality and offer you to order your selected dishes in flight.
  • The airline also support customers with a 24 hours helpline. 
  • They also offer beverages and snacks to travelers.

Classes of air travel on Emirates Airlines Number

Emirates is operating millions of flights over the year. It has three types of classes, names and details are mentioned below:

Emirates Airline Signature Class

It is a luxurious way to travel around the globe. If you are choosing signature class then you will get the following services: 

  • You will experience seamless check-ins.
  • You don’t have to with in security, baggage clearance.
  • It is one of the luxurious ways to reach your desired destination. 
  • It offers a more comfortable flight experience with delicious dishes, meals, meticulous beverages, and expensive snacks.
  • You will get full-flats beds with a sanitized pillow for comfortable sleep. You can have meals on-demand, which are made by top-chefs.
  • You will have permission to use a special Lounge.
  • An amenity kit is also given by staff.
  • The company will also offer you a BMW chauffeur service.
  • You will also enjoy world-class entertainment services.

Emirates Airline Premium Economy Class

In premium economy class you will get a larger seat, luxurious services, and extra legroom. You will get the following facilities:

  1. You will get a USB port for charging your devices.
  2. You will get a washed blanket and a pillow during long journeys.
  3. You can carry 2 checked bags.
  4. You can enjoy the latest movies, music albums.

Emirates Airline Economy Class

In this class, you will enjoy common services like complimentary beverages, meals. You can carry only 1 checked bag. In Economy class, common onboard services are also available. You will also get on-demand entertainment sources like TV shows, documentaries, music albums, and the latest web series.  

How to make an Emirates Airlines Reservation?

Nowadays, reservation is not a bigger and uncomplicated task. There are two extraordinary online ways of booking a reservation on Emirates Airlines. You can make a reservation either by Emirates official website or the mobile application. Emirates Airlines Booking Policy For easy Booking process Contact us

Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines

You can visit the official website i.e. www.emirates.com of Emirates. You can also get some offers on the respected website. Many discount coupons are also available. 

The website of Emirates Airlines is a cheap and convenient way for flight booking. Just enter your details and make a reservation of your choice. All the process of making a reservation is mentioned below:

Visit www.emirates.com  on your web browser. 

Create a fresh account by adding all details. 

For existing users just enter your login credentials. 

Now fill in all details regarding the reservation. 

Now select your preferred flight as well as seats.

Now just focus on payments. 

Contact the customer care representative for any reservation related problem.

Through Emirates Airline Mobile Application

The company is also having both ios and android applications. The process is nearly similar. The benefit is you have to log in only one time. You can do all tasks related to flights like booking, checking flight status, check-in, getting a boarding pass. Please, follow the following process mentioned below:

  • Download Airline’s official application from the app store of your choice.
  • After installation, sign in or sign up by filling in all details.
  • Search your desired flights and you can also choose seats.
  • You can also pay for the reservation and other charges. 

Emirates Airlines Reservation in-flight services

Once you book your flight. Your care is the responsibility of Emirates. Travelers are respected a lot and welcomed warmly by the staff. In-flight, you will get comfortable sitting and crew members will help you to find your selected seat. You will get hygienic and well-prepared food cooked by top chefs. In-flight entertainment facilities will never let you bore. Important details are listed below:

  • In-flight meals:

This Airline provides your delicious meals at a different time frame. Excluded regular meals, light snacks are also offered. Airlines also serve beverages like coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, wines, and juice, etc. If you carry your food, then it must be packed or wrapped and carried in a container. You are not permissive to consume self-carried beverages (especially alcoholic drinks). 

  • In-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment is best-in-class among all airlines. You can get all genres from Hollywood to Bollywood such as comedy, romance, and thriller, etc. A USB charging port for a customer’s device is also made available. You can also charge your device with a USB port. You can see insightful documentaries, TV programs, music albums. A vast library of entertainment is available on the flight. In the air, you can play video-games. 

Baggage Allowance Policy

The baggage allowance policy for all airlines is different. You must read all details before baggage clearance. It also depends upon the class of the seat you reserved. You can carry a standard article and one personal article on Emirates flight. Somehow it also depends upon the route is long or short. You must read the following details before reservation of seats.

Check-in Baggage Allowance

The baggage policy is categorized and simple. Your allowance of bags depends upon the size and weight limit of bags. So you should read all details mentioned below:

  • Economy Class: – In economy class, 1 bag is allowed to have a weight limit ranging from 20 kg to 35 kg. Please look at your limits. Dimensions are limited to 118 inches (300 cm) calculated per the physical structure of baggage (length + breadth + height) according to your class cabins. 
  • Business Class: – 2 bags are allowed to carry having a weight limit of 32 kg for both.  The overall limit of total dimensions is 118 inches (300 cm). Each piece should not increase 59 inches (150 cm) in dimensions.

Note: If the limit exceeds then you have to pay according to your baggage. 

Baggage Allowance in Cabin

Baggage allowed in Cabins depends on the class of ticket you are having.

  • Economy class:-  One can carry 1 bag (weight less than 7 kg). The dimensions of the bag do not cross the limit of 55 by 38 by 20 cm.
  • Business-class:- Travellers can carry a carry-on bag (weight do not exceed 7 kg and dimensions have limits to 55 by 38 by 20 cm), they also have an option to carry a garment bag or a briefcase (weight do not exceed 7 kg and dimensions limited to 45 by 35 by 20 cm).

You can carry extra baggage in cabins. Examples of personal or extra baggage are:

  1. Laptop, small backpack, handy-bags
  2. Airport shopping (duty-free purchases)
  3. Small dog or cat carried in its carrier
  4. Camera Bag or a consular bag
  5. Sports equipment like squash, tennis, and tennis, etc. 
  6. Musical instrument (size restrictions are valid).

With infants Baggage Freedom

If you are travelling with an infant/newborn baby, then the airline offers and allows you to carry a fully collapsible stroller or a carry-cot. Usually, there is no space available for these items. You have to be clear that a room is available on the aircraft.

Extra Baggage Allowance for Emirates Airlines Star Alliance Gold members


Members of the ‘Star Alliance Gold’ event are entitled to carry one more baggage item. You can contact company representatives for more details. 

Large/Heavy Baggage policy

If the luggage exceeds the following mentioned limits:

  • In weight “70 lbs (32 kgs)”
  • In length “80 inches (203 cm)”
  • In linear dimension “115 inches (292 cm)”, 

Then contact a company representative at the desk for further instructions.

Extra baggage allowance policy

If your baggage weight increases than limits, or dimensions exceed the limits, then you have to pay for it. You should reach the airport 1-2 hours before departure time. The prices for extra luggage may vary, please contact the company executive at the counter. Online payment of charges/free should be paid through online methods.  

Check-in for Emirates Airline flights

If you are planning to travel using the services of this Airline and have made a reservation and wish to know about their check-in policies, you can read further to acquaint yourself with the same. They provide both the options of checking in with online and offline options. Emirates have developed new modern ways of check-in. You don’t need to stay in a long queue. Just have a read and make your way easy:

Web check-in

Web check-in can be done by using digital devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, and computer, etc. It is the easiest method. You can save you precious time while boarding. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Visit www.emirates.com
  • Log in or sign up if you are a new user.  
  • Now, click on the ‘web check-in’ option.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Now the preferred seat should be selected. 
  • After these steps, pay for your selected route.
  • Finally, click on “check-in”. 

The check-in process starts 2 days before the flying time. You should start these steps 2 hours ago.

Check-in through Emirates Airlines App

The process through an application is the same as that of the website. If you already have installed the application then reach the 4th step mentioned below, then it is the easiest method among all the mentioned ways. You can follow all the steps given below

  • Open your app store, search, and install the Emirates Airline application.
  • Open the official app after installation.
  • Now login and the process starts here.
  • Went to the “check-in option” section.
  • Now enter your flight details.
  • Select a preferred seat and complete a secure payment process. 
  • After paying, tap “check-in”.


An automatic check-in system is designed and developed for customer convenience. You should register your mobile number while doing a reservation. You can download your boarding pass from the official website or mobile application, then print it. If no printer is available to you, don’t worry!. You can download it by the self-service kiosk at the airport.

How to get an Automatic check-in service?

You can avail the benefits of this service by just linking your mobile number with your account. Just open a mobile application or visit the official website. For your help, the steps are mentioned below:

How does it work?

  • Firstly register your mobile number with your account. Once you do a reservation, you can select a seat. After doing these steps, you will be notified by an SMS alert.
  • This process is also linked to your generated boarding pass. You can get your boarding pass by getting a link as a text message on mobile. Just open it. You have to download it and have a digital copy.
  • You can print your boarding pass. In case you don’t have a printing device. Don’t worry! You can print it free at the airport by visiting the self-service kiosk.

For any other details and queries, visit their website or call customer executives.

Check-in directly at the airport

At the airport, travelers will get self-service kiosks. One can reach there and easily check-in and take your boarding pass. If customers are facing problems then visit counters operated by Emirates Airline.

Emirates Airlines Customer Service

Emirates Airline provides you efficient customer care and has a talented and dedicated team. They provide a supportive and helpful solution to every problem. Contact on the following mentioned numbers:

  • , for flight information and reservation grievances.
  • , for damaged and delayed bags.

Airlines offer lots of numbers for all different countries, some are mentioned below:

  • USA, Canada, and the Caribbean:- ().
  • United Kingdom:- ().
  • For other areas:- ().

Text message options: iMessage, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Line, etc.

You can also send problems, feedback, and grievances on the airline’s mail id and text message services. 

Besides these methods, you can check more information at their website i.e. www.emirates.com. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I travel with a newborn baby on the flight?

Ans: Yes. You will have to submit your (mother) and child medical reports to the Airline executive. If the reports are approved by the officials only then you can fly with an infant/newborn baby and Emirates provides you Child Restraint Device (CDR). Airline inflight staff will give an extension to your seat belt. If you are bringing your CDR, then it must be approved by any Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), Transport Canada, or by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The cabin crew will make the mother’s and child’s journey comfortable.

Q. How soon do I get my refund from the airline?

Ans: Not all the tickets are refundable. Please check your fare details. When you are filling the form of claiming the refund, you can select the way of getting your money back. You will get your claim easily. The refund process will take up to 2-3 weeks. 

Q. Does Emirates Airlines have internet connectivity on the flight?

Ans: Yes. Emirates Airlines sells Wi-Fi packs at a cheap and affordable cost. You can enjoy the high speed of Wi-Fi/internet in the clouds. Wi-Fi internet services are free for Emirates Skywards members. You can pay for this service before boarding the flight.

Q. What is the Emirates Airlines hotline/customer care number ?

Ans: For any query, you must call on this number: . Airline has dedicated call service executives, who help everyone without becoming biased.

Q. Does Emirates Airlines accept multiple bookings for first class?

Ans: Yes. Emirates Airline allows you to do multiple bookings. Just click on the ‘’Multiplication destinations”. Now add your desired destinations by clicking “Add a destination”. This “Add a destination” is situated on the section named “where and when”. You can add destination/route in two different sections. 

Q. How do I change my travel dates?

Ans: You can make changes in travel dates easily. You can do it by considering the following ways:

  • Contact your agent, if you did a booking with the help of an agent.
  • To manage online, just login into the official mobile application or website.  Click on the “manage to book section” and happily change your date.

Note:- If you are not able to change travel dates from the above-mentioned methods, then contact customer care of the Emirates team.

Q. Do I get food on the flight?

Ans: Yes, delicious food is offered. On international routes, a full 3-time meal is served to customers. From time to time beverages are offered to travelers. You can have delicious food of your choice. Just pre-order dishes from the provided menu. The dishes are beautifully prepared by an experienced and top chef.  

Q. What is the benefit/advantage of having an Emirates Airlines account?

Ans: Making an account is not a complicated task. Once your registration is complete, you have to just open your app or browser and do a reservation. You don’t have to login or sign up every time. They do not disclose your personal information with other third-party sites. Just enter your information, necessary for making a new account. For all reservations, one account is a necessary and secure option. 

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