The allegiant Flight change Policy states that you will choose from a number of options to change your current air travel booking, including a refund request, to move to a new one-way flight that will leave on the same day as your initial booking, or to fully change the time or place of your booking. There could be a charge involved with the change you request, based on the type of ticket you made and the process you chose to buy the ticket. Read all the information relating to the Allegiant Airlines Change Flight Policy and get to know the facts before attempting any changes to your flight tickets.

Any of us may face sudden and inevitable conditions and, as a result, we may need to adjust or cancel our flight tickets with the airline. Through Allegiant Air, you don’t have to think about adjusting your trip or cancelling associated services anymore. But you must know all the relevant facts about flight shift or cancellation service without any issues with Allegiant Air. You must know the policy of Allegiant Airline update. You will find the change/amendment or cancellation process very straightforward and very quick if you already have experience with the Allegiant Air Flight Modification procedure. Here you will find all the beneficial information relating to the Allegiant Airlines Change Flight Policy.

Allegiant Air Change Flight Policy

Allegiant Airlines Change Flight

If you wish to change your travel and want a new booking reservation with the Allegiant Airlines, you can go through all the policies included in the Allegiant Airlines Change Policy as this depends on the cause and time of cancellation and also on the type of ticket you have booked. Thinking about how to change your flight with allegiant airline? Don’t worry, you get both an online and offline alternative with Allegiant Air for updates and changes to your flight reservation. The passenger has the option of selecting either choice, as per comfort and desires, to make flight reservation changes. In addition to improvements to the reservation, travelers can completely control their bookings with Allegiant Air. Allegiant Air’s agents and committed employees can ensure that you can answer all of your booking related questions.

Allegiant Air Change Flight Online

For their flight adjustment requirement with Allegiant Air, passengers may choose an online option. For any rider, this option is convenient and fast, you can simply send requests for improvements and modifications through the official website or the Allegiant Air smartphone app. You get all within a few taps, both the website and the mobile app are built in such a way that anybody can use it conveniently to make use of flight changes and the modifications or any other services provided by Allegiant Air.

Steps to change your flight:

  • First step will be, visit the Allegiant Air official website.
  • Now enter the last and the name of the ticketed passenger and the confirmation code for signing in to your Allegiant Air account.
  • Now find the “Manage Travel” button and press it.
  • Look for the flight you intend to change and pick it.
  • Now make a list for a new flight that you want to pick from.
  • Ignore the on-screen instructions and procedure to complete the process.
  • Pay the flight shift charge (if applicable) and the fare gap between the old and the current flight.
  • At the end of the day, make sure to get confirmation of the latest flight ticket reservation by mail or phone.

Allegiant Air Change Flight Offline

Some of you may also like the old conventional way of booking your flights. Allegiant Air also gives its customers/passengers an offline option to make improvements and updates to the flight reservation. Many passengers find the offline approach more comfortable and discreet; you can simply visit the Allegiant Air Reservation Center at the nearest airport, or call the Allegiant air change telephone to request a change or any modification in the flight reservation you needed. Passengers can offer full assistance and advice from committed team members and Allegiant Air officials on the flight change and the desired amendment procedure or any other booking related inquiry. If you are already at the airport, you can choose the offline alternative.

How to Change Allegiant Airlines Flight via Mobile App

With the Allegiant Air Change flight option, you can change your flight as and when required through their mobile app which can be downloaded on Android and IOS, from the respective app stores. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Download the Allegiant App from the app store on your phone and login.
  • Go to the “manage travel” option on the app screen.
  • Enter necessary details and change your flight dates accordingly.

Download Allegiant Airlines Mobile App

Through the Website –
Through the App Store –
Through the Play Store –

How to Change Allegiant Airlines Flight at the Airport

  • The Allegiant Airlines change flight Policy allows passengers to reach out to the nearest Airport and request an agent present in the Allegiant airlines counter to guide you through the process. The steps are:
  • Go to the nearest airport having an Allegiant Airlines Counter.
  • Ask for an agent who would assist you throughout the whole process.
  • Some essential information like name and PNR number of the flight might be needed for the Allegiant airlines flight change service.

Allegiant Airlines Change Flight Phone Number

For ease of the Allegiant Airlines flight change service, customers can also contact them with the help of their toll-free phone number : . This helpline provides the customers with various options including Allegiant Airlines change phone number for ease and convenience. Customers can call on the given number any time of the day and get assisted by agents through the whole process. The Allegiant Airlines change number is a great and efficient way to make these kinds of changes without any waste of time.

How to Change Seat on Allegiant Airlines

Change of seats in a very convenient way can be done with Allegiant change name services. The steps are:

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant airlines.
  • Log in to your profile with your User name and Password.
  • On your profile enter the flight reservation number which you want to change along with your last name.
  • Select your previously selected seat and click on the “Change” button, and select the desired seat. The seat can be upgraded too following which you would have to pay some additional charges.

How to Change Date on Allegiant Airlines

Change of date is an easy task with Allegiant Airlines. The steps are:

  • Open the official website of the airline.
  • Click on the ‘manage trips’ option.
  • Enter the first and the last name along with the booking confirmation code on the given page.
  • On the next page you can make necessary changes with the dates. However, if the changes are being made after 24 hours and the ticket has not been purchased under trip flex then the airline may charge Allegiant change fee.

How You Can Change Your Name on Allegiant Flight

Change Your Name on Allegiant Flight

Allegiant Airlines allows passengers to change or modify minor details of their name for their safety and identity. Customers can call the Allegiant Airlines change number – and ask the customer service executive to guide them through the process. Customers may also visit their nearest Airport and go to the Allegiant Airline counter to ask the same so that they can be guided through the process step by step. Details such as flight reference number and Passenger’s name might be required.

How can I Upgrade my Flight on Allegiant Airlines?

Flight ticket upgradation can be done through the Allegiant air official website, by logging in to one’s personal account and selecting the “manage bookings” option. After entering the details click on ‘find my trip’ and choose the upgrade details if applicable to your seat.

How do I Reschedule my Allegiant Flight?

The process to change flight Allegiant Airlines is very easy and hassle free. Flights can be rescheduled easily by reaching out to the Allegiant airline phone number or by going to the official website and logging in. Allegiant Airlines change flight fee may be levied in case of upgradation of seats from the previously allocated seats.

Allegiant Air Flight Change Fee:

Allegiant manage flight allows you to change flights as per convenience if booked with the Flexi Trip travel protection. The Allegiant change fee is applicable to changes such as:

  • Standard tickets purchased on or after May 1, 2021 can be changed once per passenger or segment for USD 25. This fee is temporarily reduced and might be increased to USD 75 later.
  • Standard tickets which have been purchased on or before April 30, 2021 can be changed only once without any kind of penalty.
  • If you are purchasing your ticket with Flexi trip, you can postpone your flight without being charged an extra USD 75. The minimum charge of USD 25 might be levied upon you. Either up to 730 days (2 years) from the original booking date (in case you have purchased your ticket after April 10, 2020). Or, up to 355 days (one year) from the original booking date (in case you have purchased your ticket before April 10, 2020).

If the ticket has been booked using the Flexi trip travel protection then no charge will be levied on Allegiant flight change once. If done more than once, charges will be calculated accordingly.

Allegiant Airlines Covid 19 Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Allegiant Air now charges a temporarily reduced change fee of USD 25 per person per segment for flights booked after May 1, 2021.

Allegiant Airlines 24 Hours Flight Change Policy (same day)

The Allegiant Manage flight policy allows passengers of the Flexi trip facility to change flights on the same day within 24 hours of the original departure time of the flight with even no or minimum charges subjected to upgradation and other facilities.


Making any improvements to your travel and flight tickets can be a tricky operation, as well as a tough job to do, because it can get a long and hectic procs to go for. But most airlines do have a long rock for the passenger related to the change policy but it is different with the Allegiant airline. They have flexible enough allegiant airlines change flights policy that every passer can easily adopt the changes and can make possible changes accordingly. Book your flight tickets with the Allegiant and enjoy the easy change policy offered by the airlines. The airline’s underlying mission is to develop adaptive flight strategies to maximize passenger satisfaction. You must follow the Allegiant Airways Change Flight Policy before making your travel reservations. 

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