Children ages 5 to 11 (inclusive) who do not travel with a passenger who is at least 15 years old are considered Unaccompanied Minors under Hawaiian Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minors policy. 

On domestic flights

  • Children from 5 to 11 years old can travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors after paying a fee.
  • When a child is 12 years old or older, they can travel unaccompanied or alone.

On international flights

  • Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are allowed to travel alone, but they might need extra paperwork if they are travelling without a parent or with just one parent.
  • International flights do not permit children aged 5 to 11 to travel unaccompanied as minors.
  • When travelling on the same flight and compartment as an adult companion who is at least eighteen years old, children under twelve must go with them.  

Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Hawaiian Airlines has comprehensive policies in place to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of children travelling alone. So, should minors be seen boarding Hawaiian Airlines? The main features of this are described below.

  • Booking Process: If a minor is travelling alone, a parent or guardian must make a reservation directly through Hawaiian Airlines’ reservation department. Flight attendants will help you make a reservation and give you important information about the process. A nominal Hawaiian Airlines fare will be charged.
  • Mandatory Escort Service: Children from five to eight years old must have the escort service. This service allows a designated Hawaiian Airlines employee to travel with the child for the duration of the trip and assist with check-in and arrival gate procedures.
  • Optional Escort Service: Parents or guardians may request the escort service for their child’s comfort and welfare between the ages of nine and eleven.
  • Supervised Layovers: Hawaiian Airlines makes sure unaccompanied minors travelling alone don’t have to worry about missing connections or having to navigate airports alone during layovers.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Fees: Hawaiian Airlines charges extra for minor flights and children’s flights. Costs vary depending on the route.
  • Documentation and Identification: Parents or guardians and special documentation include a copy of the child’s birth certificate, a government-issued certificate, and contact information for the person who will pick up the unaccompanied minor upon arrival. 

Hawaiian Airlines’ Unaccompanied Minor Service Booking Process

The official sources state that in order to make your ticket reservation, you should speak with the Hawaiian agents. This is the process for purchasing a minor ticket alone.

  • First, call the official Hawaiian ticket booking number.
  • Proceed to the IVR and wait for your turn after that.
  • Speak with a Hawaiian agent and provide information about the minor’s ID, the destination, the date, and the time.
  • Lastly, the agents will request that you wait and make the appropriate ticket reservations.

Hawaiian Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee Documents 

In order to ensure a simple and seamless travel experience, Hawaiian Airlines requires certain documents to be presented by all passengers who are unaccompanied minors. These regulations are in place to guarantee our young travellers’ safety and wellbeing. Please prepare the following paperwork before making a reservation for an unaccompanied minor:

  • The minor’s parent or legal guardian’s filled-out and signed Unaccompanied Minor form. 
  • Both the parent or guardian dropping off the child and the individual picking them up at the destination must present a valid photo ID issued by the government. 
  • Any required travel documents, including a passport or visa, based on the intended destination. 

Unaccompanied Minor Fee on Hawaiian Airlines

Under Hawaiian Airlines rules for small unaccompanied fares, one fare is due for two (2) children in the immediate family between the ages of five and eleven, using the same pick-up and drop-off details Any other child travelling with family must pay a small unaccompanied service fee. This applies to families with more than two children. If an unaccompanied minor is present, the fee must be paid by a parent or other responsible adult.

The minimum unaccompanied fare (for children ages five to 11) is $35 for each non-stop flight within the state of Hawaii and $100 for each non-stop flight between Hawaii and North America. Younger children travelling alone can also travel in business and first class.


Q1. When travelling to Hawaii by plane, what documents do minors need?

When travelling with a companion with a valid ID, minors under eighteen do not require identification. But advise them to bring identification, like a school ID card, when they travel.

Q2. How do I reserve an unaccompanied minor’s Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Bookings for unaccompanied minor travel can be made by calling Hawaiian Airlines’ customer service number. An airline executive will email you the booking confirmation and the unaccompanied minor form after you finish the reservation. Fill out the form and give it in at the airport, along with the small travel fee.

Q3. For an unaccompanied minor, how do you check in?

On the day of departure, you have to complete an unaccompanied minor form and any necessary Customs and Immigration paperwork. This form needs to be carried by your child the entire trip. At check-in, parents/guardians are required to present the following: A passport or birth certificate can be used to confirm the child’s age.

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