Children between the ages of five and fifteen are allowed to travel alone on Etihad Airways flights as long as they are booked as such, per the airline’s unaccompanied minor policy. The child’s adult guardian must go with the child to the airport and take care of the required paperwork. The airline will choose a representative to accompany the child during the flight.

There might be an extra cost associated with this service. On Etihad flights, children under the age of five are not permitted to travel alone.

Etihad Unaccompanied Minor Policy

When you make a reservation for the Etihad unaccompanied minor service, the following lodging and travel expenses requirements are essential for parents to know:-

  • Getting ready to take off 

Make sure your child has all the required travel documents and that you have completed the Unaccompanied Minor form.

  • Check-in for Etihad Airways

You must check your child at the airport at least two hours before takeoff. Kindly wait for their flight to take off at the terminal.

  • In the airport 

Until they board, your child will be in the company of an Etihad Airways crew member. Your child can only access lounges in Abu Dhabi if they are travelling in Business and First Class.

  • Onboard 

The efforts of the Etihad Airways cabin crew will ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable flight. Kids can find plenty of on-screen entertainment and video games to keep them busy.

  • Connecting flights 

As they switch to another Etihad flight, your child will be picked up and taken to the Etihad Airways lounge. Other airlines’ connecting flights do not allow access to the Etihad Unaccompanied Minor policy.

  • On arrival

An airline employee will accompany your child through immigration, baggage claim, and customs. When a parent’s flight is scheduled to arrive, they meet their child in Arrivals. Someone working for the airline will need to see your ID.

How Can I Reserve Unaccompanied Minor Service on Etihad Airways?

There are numerous methods for making an Etihad Airways reservation. Examine the following techniques and apply them whenever they benefit you.

  • Fill the form

If you fill out an Etihad unaccompanied minor form, you can quickly arrange the minor service for your child. To achieve the same, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Go to Etihad Airways’ official webpage.
  • Find the form and select it.
  • After filling out the form with the necessary data, submit it.
  • If the child is between 12 and 17, you must also pay to reserve the service, and Etihad Airways will confirm your request within 24 hours.
  • Lastly, print the request form, then bring it to the airport.

Direct call the customer service 

  • Call , the Etihad Airways unaccompanied minor phone number to make a reservation.
  • In addition, the child’s parents or legal guardian must fill out and sign the form. Upon check-in, the form must be presented.
  • Likewise, you must provide all pertinent information about the individual who will pick up your child at the destination airport. However, the individual must be an adult and give the airline their contact information.
  • The representative will then ask you to pay the total cost of the ticket and any applicable fees to reserve a spot for your child.
  • The airline will finally send you a confirmation email shortly.

At What Age Can a Child Make an Etihad Minor Service Request?

The overview of the age requirements to use Etihad Airways’ unaccompanied minor service is provided below.

  • 0-4 years:- Flying alone is not permitted for children under five. They must always travel in the same cabin as an adult guardian or parent. 
  • 5-11 years:- Children ages five to eleven are classified as unaccompanied minors. They must be booked on a regular adult schedule.
  • 11-17 years:- Minors can travel with adults between 12 and 17. They have the option to use Etihad Airways’ unaccompanied minor service. An honoured guest: It is forbidden to accompany an unaccompanied minor if you are younger than 12 or older than 17. If they have the necessary identification, legal parents under eighteen can bring their newborns or children.

Etihad Airways Unaccompanied Minor Service Fee

Between approximately $100 and $250 per way is Etihad’s unaccompanied minor price. The final destination and the chosen fare class will determine this. The price covers the escort’s cost and additional minor safety precautions.

Be advised that the fee may be waived in specific circumstances, such as when the minor is accompanied by a sibling over 18 and capable of legally serving as a guardian.


Finally, parents and guardians have a reliable and safe option for their child’s travel needs when they use Etihad’s unaccompanied minor service. A sense of confidence and comfort is fostered for parents and young travellers by the airline’s dedicated assistance, ensuring that minors receive personalised attention from check-in to arrival. With its well-trained workforce and strict procedures, Etihad’s dedication to safety fosters an atmosphere where young people can travel freely under the close watch of qualified professionals. Families can now travel more conveniently thanks to this service, which also positions Etihad as a reliable option for parents looking to give their unaccompanied minors a smooth and comforting travel experience.


Q1. What is the Etihad unaccompanied minor fare?

Young Travellers (12–17 years old)

For direct flights, this service costs US $100 per way; for itineraries involving connecting flights, the price is US $150 per way. Young passengers can get on Etihad Airways connecting flights if the total transit time is at most eight hours.

Q2. Can minors on an Etihad Airways flight travel overseas without their parents?

A few requirements must be completed before a minor (someone under 18) can travel alone on an Etihad Airways flight. These rules vary according to the child’s age and destination country. A copy of the minor’s birth certificate is often required for minors travelling alone. And a consent letter from each parent, along with a legal guardian that has been verified.

Q3. Does Etihad Airways offer priority boarding to unaccompanied minors?

Etihad Airways offers priority boarding to unaccompanied minors. A cabin staff member will help them find their seats and stay with them at all times to ensure their safety.

Q4. How can I book a solo flight for my child with Etihad Airways?

For unaccompanied minors, which includes children between the ages of 5 and 17, service entails escorting and supervising the child during the airport and flight. Before the service is provided, there can be paperwork and fees to pay.

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