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American airlines have been sufficiently providing the best air travel to their passengers for years. Passengers always insist on American airlines for better and worry less air travel. They have been delivering satisfactory services and policies to their passengers travelling in each class. Many of the airlines have issues and harder policies for check-in and on the other side American airlines have been providing easier and safer ways for the passengers to check-in to the respective airport. 

Furthermore, if we discuss check-in policies of American airlines, they provide vast ways to check-in at the airport. There are five ways to check-in at the American airlines preferred airport. Let’s check out the check-in process in detail. 

Five check-in options for the passengers. 

  • American airlines online check-in method also can be called web check-in method. 
  • American airlines mobile check-in method. 
  • self-service check-in method is also available at the airport. 
  • curbside check-in method. 
  • ticket counter check-in method. 

These were different ways of check-in for the passengers available at American airlines. 

Many passengers face issues throughout check-in to the airport who are not aware of the check-in policies of the airport. This article guides you to the best way for check-in as per your availability. As we already discussed the ways and methods for check-in at the airport, now we need to guide you to each method in detail through which you can easily check-in without facing any issues at the airport. Let’s discuss each check-in method in detail. 

American airlines online check-in method 

aa check in

If we talk about availability of the American airlines, if you’re holding a ticket for any of the domestic flights you’re instructed to reach the airport 24 hours or 45 minutes prior to the time of the departure if you’re check-in through this method. If you’re holding a ticket for any international flight you’re instructed to reach 24 hours or 90 minutes prior to the time of departure. 

Online check-in method are not available for the passengers who fly with pets or Unaccompanied Minors 

You can get a boarding pass for the airport by using this method for check-in. You can obtain a boarding pass from American airlines only if your connected travel agency has an agreement of e-ticket with American airlines. If you don’t get a boarding pass from American airlines on your connecting flight then you can also use this method for check-in. What you need to do is just obtain a boarding pass from the airlines you’re travelling to. 

After the check-in process is completed you have three ways for the boarding pass. 

  • you need to have a print out of the boarding pass 
  • you need to create a pdf file of the boarding pass and keep it. 
  • you can also have your boarding pass in your mobile phone at selected airports. 
  • In case you forget your boarding pass for any reason you’ve ways to get out of the situation by following these methods. 
  • stop by the curbside check-in method if available at the airport. 
  • find a self service check-in machine. 
  • contact an American airlines agent. 

American airlines mobile check-in method 

American Airlines are providing mobile check-in options by which the passengers can save the time and paper by receiving their respective boarding passes on their mobile. Mobile check-in  services are available on the travel App of American Airlines which can be used on your mobile phone. If you are using a mobile check-in method you need to have a confirmed seat assignment or else you need to check-in with the method of online check-in. You cannot also check-in with this method if you are travelling with an infant below the age of 2 years. 

Mobile check-in method works only if you are travelling by the flights of American Airlines and only if you are flying from The Eligible cities which are allowed for mobile check-in method.

If you are carrying luggage you need to show the boarding pass at the ticket counter and also carry a paper boarding pass if the scanner cannot read the barcode of your boarding pass. 

American airlines self service check-in method 

American Airlines also provides check-in through kiosk method that is a self service method of checking in. This service is applicable to all the passengers travelling in domestic flights in the US having electronic tickets of American Airlines or connection or eagle. And at some international airports self service check-in is available for the international flights also for the passengers travelling in international flights. 

The passengers should check-in till 24 hours prior to the departure time of the flight to the minimum time of check-in using the kiosk machine present there at the airport. The machine will show the specific cut off time on the screen.

American Airlines has kept self service check-in machines at some domestic airports and international airports also. The self service check-in machines are located just in front of the ticket counter in the lobby itself. 

For the self service check-in method the passengers should have electronic tickets from any source. For identification one must require a passport,

credit card, boarding pass or itinerary barcode in mobile. By entering the confirmation code AAdvantage elite status card number or American Airlines ticket number one can find their reservation.

Kiosk machines have some options for the passengers :-

  • One can choose their language on their own i.e. English, Spanish, German, France, Japanese, etc
  • One can change or select their own seat.
  • One can print their boarding pass.
  • One can select an option for checking the luggage.

These self service systems having kiosk machines allows checking luggage and also has to pay some fees in domestic and international flights both. 

At some airports there is check-in of luggage without touching the kiosk machines in the United States. After getting the boarding pass the passengers can select the number of luggage they want to be checked in by the kiosk machine. And if you have the aa reservation for the domestic flight in the main cabin you will automatically get the bag tags printed after scanning the boarding pass in the kiosk machine.

American airlines curbside check-in method. 

American Airlines are offering a convenient check-in method for the passenger known as curbside check-in method. Curbside check-in method allows the passenger to check-in to the airport, get a confirmed seat assignment, also for the baggage. American airlines are developing curbside check-in methods for the passengers to travel internationally with ease. This method works throughout the countries who also require a visa for landing. 

In any case if the curbside check-in method appears to be closed you can use the self-service check-in method. You can also use this method if you checked in through an online check-in method, having an e-ticket or a reserved seat. You can pay the baggage charges with any of the eligible credit cards. Mainly you need to carry your photo ID, flight number, confirmation number to one of the skycaps for the luggage check-in. 

American airlines ticket counter check-in method. 

American Airlines also assists their customers having some specific need at the ticket counter check-in having been guided or assisted by the personal assistant provided by American Airlines. We are very thankful to American Airlines for providing such good facilities to their customers. The customer travelling along with their infant or pet or with an oxygen container or the minor person is being stopped at the ticket counter check-in at American Airlines. The agents at the ticket counter will also help the passengers who have a green card or want a visa to travel to other countries. 

The passengers can come at the airport 45 minutes to 4 hours just before the departure of the flight. After entering the airport you will receive a boarding pass at the ticket counter while check-in at American Airlines. 

The passengers checking in through the ticket counter can get their luggage checked at the ticket counter itself by paying some fees and one can also change their seat number during the check-in at the ticket counter. American Airlines provides very good facilities at the ticket counter check-in. 

The minimum time required in check-in for travelling to or from the US in international flights is 60 minutes or 1 hour before the flight departure along with the luggage.

The minimum time required in check-in for travelling in a domestic flight in the US is 45 minutes before the flight departure along with the luggage.

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