Sun Country Airlines Reservations

Sun Country Airlines is a low-cost airline which provides a good flying experience to its customers at very fair prices. The Sun Country Airline covers 99 destinations across the United States, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. If you are planning to travel by air, then you can surely consider flying with Sun Country Airlines.

People planning to go on a vacation can easily book Flight With Sun Country. The best deals are found when you make reservations with Sun Country and get discount offers during different seasons. The Sun Country airline is used to travel both domestically and internationally on a huge scale by hundreds of passengers and cargo shipping.

Ways to Book a Flight with Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines offers travelers a wide variety of booking options through digital platforms as well as phone and airport ticketing counters. Customers can compare fares, select preferred flights and purchase tickets via the user-friendly website, mobile app, dedicated reservations line and airport kiosks. Support from the airline’s travel agent partners provides further booking assistance.

Booking Options on Sun Country Using Website

The Sun Country Airlines website enables self-service flight bookings with real-time pricing and availability. Travelers can quickly search routes and dates to compare fares across multiple destinations. Website-only sales exclusive to provide additional value.

  1. Visit and click on “Book”
  2. Enter your departure and arrival airports along with travel dates
  3. Use filters to refine flight times, connections, and pricing
  4. Select your preferred flight option by clicking “Choose flight.”
  5. Customize booking with extras like bags, seats, etc.
  6. Enter traveler contact information and payment details
  7. Review all details, then click “Complete booking” for confirmation


Booking tips for Sun Country’s website include:

  • Sign up for email alerts on sales and promotions
  • Log in for access to member-only fares
  • Read all fare rules before purchasing
  • Save payment information for faster future checkouts

Booking Options on Sun Country Using App

The Sun Country Airlines mobile app makes booking efficient for travelers on the go. Users can download the iOS or Android app to search routes and fares, select ideal flights based on schedule and budget and complete mobile reservations.

  1. Download the Sun Country app and create an account
  2. Indicate your origin, destination and travel dates
  3. Filter or sort flight options by departure time or price
  4. Tap to select your preferred flight
  5. Add any extra services or selections to your booking
  6. Enter passenger personal details and payment information
  7. Review the entire booking before confirming the purchase


Key tips for booking Sun Country flights via the mobile app include:

  • Enable notifications for exclusive app-only deals
  • Store payment card for faster checkout
  • Save traveler information for simpler rebooking
  • Review all details before purchase confirmation

Booking Options on Sun Country Calling Customer Helpline

While self-service online booking is simple and convenient, some travelers prefer speaking directly with an airline representative. Sun Country’s customer experience team is available by phone daily from 6AM to 11PM CST at .

  1. Dial to reach the Sun Country call center
  2. Speak with the automated system or agent to select bookings
  3. Share your desired route, including origin, destination and dates
  4. An agent will provide recommended flight options to meet your needs
  5. Choose your preferred flight times and connections
  6. Agent processes payment information to finalize reservation
  7. Record your confirmation number and travel details


Key tips for smoother reservations via Sun Country’s customer helpline include:

  • Have travel dates and passenger counts ready
  • Ask about any promotions not advertised online
  • Double-check confirmation numbers and itineraries
  • Note agent name and ID for future reference

Booking Options on Sun Country at the Airport

Last-minute travelers, as well as those who prefer in-person assistance, can visit Sun Country ticketing counters at the airport to make flight reservations on the day of travel. Airport agents have access to updated seat availability and real-time promotions that may not be accessible online.

To book at the airport, travelers visit the Sun Country Airlines counter and provide the agent’s desired origin and destination cities along with same-day outbound travel date and return date if roundtrip. Airport agents search the airline’s flight inventory for route and pricing options based on remaining seats and specials exclusive to airport ticketing. After selecting the optimal flights, the agent processes payment and prints boarding passes on site allowing travelers to immediately proceed through security to their departure gate.


Tips for improved experience when booking Sun Country Airlines flights at the airport include:

  • Arrive early to allow sufficient booking time before a flight
  • Be flexible with departure dates/times for better availability
  • Inquire about upgrades and other amenities for your flight
  • Have ID and payment card ready to complete a reservation

Booking Options on Sun Country Using a Travel Agent

Booking through travel agents allows Sun Country Airlines customers to benefit from professional guidance while comparing flights and fares. Agents accredited by Sun Country have extensive knowledge of destinations served, route options across dates, and any promotions not advertised publicly.

Travelers provide their desired origin, destination and travel timeframe to the agent, who then searches Sun Country’s schedules and pricing to construct flight recommendations aligned with traveler preferences. Agents can often access special rates, group fares and other exclusive perks. Upon selecting preferred flights, the agent handles completing the airline reservation formalities as well as any add-ons like hotel booking or rental car reservation.


Key tips for smoothly booking Sun Country flights through a travel agent:

  • Provide all necessary travel details, including budget
  • Ask what discounts or incentives may apply to booking
  • Request emergency contact information from your agent
  • Thoroughly review all reservation confirmation documents

Sun Country Group Reservations

Planning a group getaway involves effort, but Sun Country Airlines aims to make booking simple. Groups of 10+ can access special pricing, dedicated support and easy coordination when reserving flights together.

What is Sun Country Group Booking?

Sun Country Airlines defines group travel as 10 or more passengers booking on the same itinerary. Whether for business, student trips, family vacations, or other reasons, groups receive customized assistance reserving preferred routes.

Group travelers fly together at discounted group fares negotiated based on the collective size. Perks like in-flight amenities, bag allowances and flexible payment options may also apply.

Benefits of Sun Country Group Bookings

Group reservations with Sun Country provide multiple advantages:

  • Cost Savings – Groups enjoy discounted rates with potential savings passed down to each traveler. Larger groups generally receive Sun Country’s best group pricing.
  • Efficiency – Group organizers work directly with a dedicated agent who handles logistics. This simplifies coordination.
  • Flexibility – Groups may qualify for waivers related to ticket changes and custom add-ons like additional baggage based on need.

How to Book a Sun Country Group Flight

Booking group travel requires collaboration between organizers and the Sun Country Airlines Group department. Typical steps include:

  1. Call Sun Country Groups at with preliminary details, including destination, dates and group size.
  2. A group agent provides a custom quote for review based on optimal flights and group rates.
  3. The group organizer confirms the quoted booking option and provides passenger information, which the agent verifies.
  4. Once the booking is finalised, all travelers receive ticket confirmations containing flight specifics and reservation status directly from Sun Country.

What Should Group Organizers Consider?

Those coordinating group trips should keep certain factors in mind for smooth execution:

  • Book early: Initiate the reservation process as far in advance as possible to increase savings opportunities and flight options.
  • Communicate changes: Keep the agent informed if passenger counts or dates require adjusting to confirm appropriate flights and pricing.
  • Share special needs: Provide the group’s special requests upfront so the agent can attempt arrangements.
  • Distribute contact: Circulate all reservation specifics and support contact to group travelers, enabling self-service post-booking.

For stress-free group trips matched with exceptional service, leverage the group travel perks available when flying with Sun Country Airlines together.

Sun Country Airlines Classes and Flight Amenities

Sun Country Airlines is renowned for its exceptional customer service, reliable flights and affordable fares to over 50 destinations. While Sun Country focuses primarily on economy seating, they do offer certain amenities, upgrades and customizations to enhance the passenger experience. Here is an overview of Sun Country’s offerings according to class and service.

Economy Class

The majority of Sun Country Airlines seats fall into the economy or coach cabin class. Economy fares represent the airline’s budget-friendly prices paired with the fundamentals for in-flight comfort. 

With adjustable headrests and recline, economy seats prioritise affordability while covering the basic needs of most leisure travelers.

  • Seats have 31-32 inches of pitch and 17-18 inches in width
  • Complimentary soft drinks, coffee, tea and cookies
  • Free entertainment streaming to personal devices
  • Average legroom suitable for shorter routes
  • Sales and promotions keep fares ultra-low cost

Economy class meets most leisure travelers’ needs on shorter routes while keeping fares affordable. Frequent promotions and sales make economy seats very budget-friendly.

Preferred and Exit Row Seating

For extra legroom or easier boarding and deplaning, customers can pay a small upgrade fee to select preferred economy seats near the front of the cabin or exit rows. Preferred seating offers the same amenities as a regular economy with approximately 2-7 inches of extra legroom.

  • Extra legroom for a small fee over the economy
  • Exit row seating has over 37 inches of space
  • Preferred seats offer better positioning and ease
  • Reserve seats for additional comfort
  • Contact reservations at to upgrade

Upgraded seat selection provides better positioning and space without jumping to a premium class. Travelers can secure preferred locations for a reasonable charge when booking online or through Sun Country’s call center.

First Class

While less common, Sun Country Airlines offers first-class cabins on certain busy routes and planes. First class provides the ultimate travel luxury with additional services and comforts.

  • Over 37 inches of legroom
  • Wider, adjustable seats
  • Complimentary checked bag allowance
  • Premium drinks and meal service inclusion
  • Top-tier experience among Sun Country classes

First class is the top tier for inflight accommodations, convenience and relaxation when traveling with Sun Country.

Private Charters

In addition to scheduled commercial flights, Sun Country Airlines has an entire fleet dedicated to private charters. High-end travelers can reserve an entire aircraft for groups or individuals seeking true exclusivity and customization.

Charter clients work with dedicated coordinators to plan bespoke itineraries, amenity selection and catering. Charters operate based on passenger preferences rather than set routes and schedules. From aircraft selection to meal choices, charters offer a highly personalized Sun Country flight.

Whether looking for basic economy transport or ultra-luxury service, Sun Country has options aligned with every budget and desire. Contact an agent today at to explore your flight possibilities.

Sun Country Airlines Amenities

As a prominent low-cost carrier, Sun Country Airlines provides basic amenities with options to enhance comfort through additional purchases. Understanding Sun Country’s inclusive services and what extra features can be added allows travelers to customize their ideal flight arrangements.

Complimentary Amenities

All tickets booked with Sun Country come with these complimentary amenities:

  • Carry-on bag included
  • Complimentary soft drinks, coffee, teas
  • Snack options like cookies and nuts
  • Inflight entertainment via personal devices
  • Kids programming through Sun Country TV
  • Standard reusable headphones

Focusing on excellent service alongside affordable access, Sun Country covers the essentials on every flight while offering additions that passengers can choose to purchase if interested.

Add-Ons and Upgrades

To amplify comfort and convenience in flight, Sun Country enables customers to tailor the journey through paid enhancements like:

  • Premium Beverage Club
  • Specialty meals and snacks
  • Wine, beer and liquor
  • Inflight WiFi access
  • Additional legroom or preferred seats
  • Adjacent companion seating
  • Pet transportation
  • Priority boarding for carry-on
  • Checked baggage allowances
  • Access to private terminals

Review options in advance when booking online or through Sun Country reservations at . All add-ons can be bundled with airfare in a single booking.

Tips for Maximising Amenities

Keep the following considerations around Sun Country amenities in mind:

  • Book early for the full range of offerings
  • Bring headphones to make the most of entertainment
  • Downloading content ahead via the Sun Country app allows inflight viewing
  • Understand baggage size restrictions to avoid added charges
  • Consider exit row or upgraded seats for comfort on longer routes

With complimentary necessities paired with accessible upgrades, Sun Country lets travelers take flight how they prefer.

How to Grab the Latest Deals with Sun Country Airlines

As a budget airline, Sun Country offers cheap fares as its baseline, along with frequent money-saving promotions. Savvy travelers can tap into extra savings opportunities by leveraging Sun Country’s many discounts.

Sign Up for Email Alerts

The most effortless approach for accessing limited-time deals is subscribing to Sun Country’s newsletter. Registered members receive early access to special offers like flash sales, seasonal promos and last-minute getaways.

  • 48-hour deals released exclusively via email
  • Advance notice of booking site sales
  • Members-only pricing and coupons
  • Alerts on contests, giveaways and package deals
  • Reminders before current sales expire

Subscribing takes just a few seconds during booking or via Providing an email address unlocks privileges around sales visibility and exclusive access code delivery directly to your inbox. Set account preferences to control promotion and news frequency if desired.

Email alerts notify recipients right away whenever new deals launch, enabling them to have first dibs at the steepest discounts on flights, hotel bundles or car rental perks. Activating email notifications drives the most vital exclusive access to time-based discounts.

Follow Social Media Accounts

In addition to official emails, Sun Country maintains an engaging presence across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share deals publicly. Enabling notifications allows real-time visibility to spontaneous offers announced through social posts and Instagram/Facebook Stories.

  • Facebook and Instagram Story highlights of brief, limited deals
  • Ongoing savings like Dollar Deal Tuesdays featured across platforms
  • Retweets and shares of seasonal sales posted consistently
  • Last-minute flash giveaways promoted on all channels
  • Brand shots showing travelers enjoying Sun Country perks

Monitoring social media provides a valuable secondary medium for staying on top of surprise deals and sale announcements in customers’ feeds. The visual nature enables the airline to showcase savings opportunities in attention-grabbing ways that prompt booking interest.

Occasional social-exclusive deals may also emerge so active followers access exceptional value.

Check the Website’s Deals Page

For the most comprehensive, always-updated view of available marked-down pricing, Sun Country’s main website features a dedicated Specials page showcasing every active airline and vacation package promotion. 

The dashboard compiles deal details like:

  • Applicable routes and travel dates
  • Group sizes for qualifying discounts
  • Companion fare specifics and codes
  • Discount percentages and dollar amounts off

Having every current public offer visible in one spot enables flexible travelers to identify the best value when planning getaways. Sorting and filtering by destination, month, and deal style simplifies narrowing in on the greatest savings relative to customers’ preferences and schedule ability.

Staying tapped in through Sun Country’s varied savings channels makes grabbing the greatest and latest deals smooth sailing. Plotting upcoming adventures around Sun Country’s promotions ensures your dollars stretch further every time you fly friendly.

How to Add Baggage on Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines is a leading low-cost carrier in the United States. When booking reservations via Sun Country’s website at or by calling Sun Country Airlines reservations at , understanding baggage allowances and additional fees enables travelers to account for full costs. This article outlines the process for adding checked bags, carry-ons, and other luggage to Sun Country Airlines itineraries.

Checked Baggage Policies and Fees

Most Sun Country Airlines tickets only include a personal under-seat item without charge. Checking bags in the aircraft hold costs extra per piece. Fees for the first checked bag on domestic flights start at $30 pre-paid online or $35 at the airport. The second bag runs. International flights incur higher bag costs plus potential overweight/oversized charges if applicable.

Adding Checked Bags to Reservation

Sun Country Airlines customers can add checked luggage during the initial flight booking process or later through their reservation dashboard:

  1. Visit or open the Sun Country app
  2. Enter travel details and select flights
  3. Click “Add Bags” and choose the number/type to check
  4. Select each bag’s dimensions and weight
  5. Pay associated bag fees when completing a reservation
  6. Attach printed bag tags before airport drop-off

Confirm baggage tagging requirements with an agent when calling Sun Country Reservations at . Allow extra time for luggage procedures at the counter if manually checking bags without prepaid fees or mobile passes.

Carry-On Baggage Allowances

Along with checked bags for cargo holds, Sun Country’s carry-on policy permits one roller bag and a personal item like a purse or backpack. Pre-paying carry-on guarantees overhead space and earlier loading order. Gate luggage checks incur potential fees if bags exceed weight or dimensions rules, which agents can explain when booking flight reservations.

To add carry-ons in advance, select the “Add Carry-On Bag” option during checkout on or in the mobile app when purchasing flights. Pre-paid carry-on bags cost $30 and may require providing dimensions.

Transporting Special Items

Alongside traditional suitcases, some specific items require special handling and fees for checked or carry-on transport on Sun Country, like:

  • Golf clubs – $30+ each way
  • Skis or snowboard gear – $30+ each way
  • Infant strollers – $20 gate handling charge
  • Car seats – $20 gate handling charge

Surfboards, bicycles and larger musical instruments may also be accommodated for an additional cost. Verify individual item requirements and packing rules with a reservations agent when booking. Certain fragile or high-value items may not qualify for checked transport – discuss limitations to ensure important belongings remain secure.

Leveraging Loyalty Status

Members of Sun Country’s loyalty program receive free checked bags as an elite perk once they achieve Gold or Platinum status. Mileage accrual from paid flights earns higher tiers, enabling bag cost waivers. Loyalty should be linked to reservations to automatically apply for allowances.

Adding necessary bags during the reservation process makes travel smooth and budgeting exact. Review baggage types, dimensions and handling rules prior to airport arrival when flying Sun Country.

Process to check Sun Country Airlines Flight Status

Checking your flight status at Sun Country Airlines is a very simple task. Checking the flight status from time to time helps in being on time for the airport by letting you know whether the flight is on time or not. You can check your flight status online on the website, by calling the Sun Country Airlines office in your city or from the notice boards at the airport.

Here are the steps you need to follow to check your flight status:

  • Go to the official website of the airline.
  • Now, you have to click on the flight status tab.
  • You can check the flight status by cities for which you have to enter the departure and destination city names or flight number.
  • Now click on the continue button and your flight status will appear in front of you.

Sun Country Manage Booking Process

In case you want to make some modifications to your flight bookings, then you have three ways of doing it. You can either do it on your own through the website or you can call the local office and ask the representative to make modifications or if you have made a reservation through a travel agent, then you can ask him to make the required modifications.

The manage booking option of Sun Country Airlines allows you to make the following modifications in your flight:

If you want to manage your booking online through the website, then you have to follow the below mentioned steps for that:

  • Go to the official website of the airline on any web browser.
  • Click on the tab called My Trips
  • You now have to enter your last name and booking reference number.
  • Now, you are required to click on the Manage My Trip button.
  • From here onwards you have to follow the on-screen instructions.
Sun Country Toll free number
Online Payment issues +1-(800)-398-9089
Customer Support (651) 905-2737 , (651) 905-2778
E-mail [email protected]
Hours available Monday – Sunday: 6:00am – 11:00pm
Instagram link
Facebook link
LinkedIn link
Twitter link
YouTube link
Address Address: Sun Country, Inc. 2005 Cargo Road
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55450
United States


Q1. How do I get my e-ticket from Sun Country Airlines?

To access your e-ticket with Sun Country Airlines, visit and sign into your online reservation. Go to “Retrieve Reservation” to view and print your e-ticket, which contains your itinerary, flight details, and boarding pass barcode. E-tickets can also be retrieved via Sun Country’s mobile app for added convenience once the booking is confirmed.

Q2. How to add passengers to existing reservations on sun Country Airlines?

Adding more passengers to an existing Sun Country Airlines reservation is quick and simple by calling the airline’s customer service line at or managing your booking on Provide booking reference details and the additional traveler’s info and request to add them as an attached passenger on the same itinerary. Extra fares and fees will apply based on current pricing.

Q3. What is the cheapest day to book Sun Country Airlines?

Historical fare data shows Tuesdays and Wednesdays, on average, offer the most budget Sun Country Airlines ticket pricing. Comparing prices across days of the week when planning reveals dips attributed to lower midweek travel demand. Flexible travelers aiming for the lowest fares have the highest chance of discounts when booking or departing on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Q4. Can I book a flight for someone else in Sun Country?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines does allow travelers to book flights for someone else by providing that passenger’s details when making the reservation. Enter the beneficiary’s full name, contact information, and any special requests related to meals, baggage, seating etc, when prompted so everything is arranged accurately.

Q5. How to get the best deal on Sun Country Airlines?

Being flexible with travel dates and monitoring sales channels for exclusive promotional pricing represent two of the best strategies for getting optimal deals on Sun Country. Subscribing to email alerts and managing bookings via their online dashboard enables access to limited-time sales as they emerge.

Q6. Does Sun Country have last-minute deals?

Yes, Sun Country Airlines frequently offers last-minute deals and limited-time getaways, often exclusive to email subscribers. Last-minute promotions typically center around off-peak days or impromptu overnight escapes discounted up to 30%. Flash sales are sometimes released 1-2 days before departure, although availability is lower.

Q7. What are the options available for paying for Sun Country Airlines booking?

Ans. Sun Country Airlines provides you the following options of payment for your flight bookings:

  • Online Banking
  • Credit and debit cards, including Sun Country Airlines Signature Visa, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • Airlines Voucher
  • Rewards points
  • Flight Credit

Q8. What are the seat choices provided by Sun Country Airlines?

Ans. Sun Country Airlines previously offered first class seats but it no longer offers it now. An all economy configuration is offered now with the following three seating options.

  • Standard Seats
  • Exit Row Seats
  • Best Seats

The last two options i.e. the exit row seats and the best seats are available for an additional fee. The fee for seat selection ranges between $9 – $100 per seat for every segment. The fees depend on where your seat is located and what amenities are being provided to you.

Q9. What are the features of Best Seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Ans. Best seats are the ones which are located in the front section of the plane. These seats provide 34 inches of legroom, a moveable headrest, 150% additional recline, USB charging ports and standard AC power outlets. Passengers who book themselves for Best Seats receive priority in boarding along with a premium complimentary beverage.

Q10. What are the features of Standard Seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Ans. Standard Seats are just like any other normal seats in an Economy Class Cabin. These seats provide 29 – 30 inches of legroom, USB charging ports, and a standard recline.

Q11. What are the features of Exit row Seats on Sun Country Airlines?

Ans. The Exit Row Seats are those seats which are located on the exit rows of the aircraft. These seats provide 39 inches of legroom and a standard recline. People who want to book themselves in exit row seats have to meet the following criteria:

  • They must be at least 15 years of age.
  • Must be in capacity to use both arms, legs and hands must have enough strength to evacuate the plane in case of any emergency.
  • Must not be accompanied by a passenger who is under 15 years of age or requires special care and assistance.
  • Must be capable of understanding, reading and speaking English.
  • Must not require an extension for the seat belt.
  • Must be willing to help other exit row passengers if needed.

Q12. What Special Assistance can I request at the Sun Country Airlines?

Ans. At Sun Country Airlines, people who are specially abled can request for the following:

  • Special seating accommodation which has extra legroom for a leg brace
  • Stowage of assistive devices like a walker, a pair of crutches, a cane, etc. which are allowed for carrying free of charge.
  • Wheelchair assistance.
  • Escort assistance for those who are visually impaired.
  • Assistance through security

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