Traveling may be a thrilling adventure and every young flyer should try it – especially alone. With WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor program , be it visiting grandparents, a summer camp or even travelling alone; parents have a calm peace that their children between 8 and 17 years will safely reach their destination. This comprehensive guide goes into every detail, arms you with the know-how and resources to take your child on a solo flight without fear.


WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor policy ensures children traveling alone on WestJet flights receive special support and attention. This service available for youngsters, aged 8-17 years, makes sure that your child is comfortable from check in to the arrival of baggage. With knowledgeable WestJet agents from start to finish, your child will be pampered with fun amenities along the way.

Unaccompanied Minor Booking with WestJet:

I. Booking Options:

  • Online:
    • Visit the website on and search for the flight that you want .
    • Under the tabs “Children” or “Travel Information”, locate and choose an option called Unaccompanied Minor .
    • Submit an online form submission with child and guardian information.
    • Review flight restrictions and verify eligibility.
    • Make a deposit of $100 (including charges) per direction.
    • Forms and gate pass in a confirmation mail.
    • Print and complete the forms.
    • Make sure the child has a valid ID ( photocopy of birth certificate or government-issued ID).
  • Phone:
    • Contact WestJet at and ask for an unaccompanied minor reservation.
    • The agent will assist you in the process, clarifying any queries.
    • Over the phone, payment and form details will be given.

II. Check-In & Departure:

  • Get to the airport at least 90 minutes before departure.
  • Sign your child in at the WestJet counter along with presenting completed forms and gate pass.
  • If you have a valid ID, take your child to the gate area.
  • Continue to stay in the gate area or airport until the plane with your child takes off.
  • Make sure you are reachable by phone until the flight lands and your kid meets with a pick-up guardian.

III. Additional Tips:

Essential Documents & Requirements

Flying solo? Make the journey of your child more comfortable with unaccompanied minor westjet service. Here’s what you need:

Pre-Flight Essentials:

  • Download “Request for Carriage” form Then fill in with child’s details and flight particulars.
  • Valid identification:
    • Domestic flights: Original birth certificate. Photocopy not accepted.
    • International flights: Valid passport.
    • All departure and arrival guardians must present a valid photo ID for confirmation.
    • Reference documents include travel documentation for return itinerary Pack, boarding passes and payment invoice.

Additional Considerations:

  • Medical/allergy history: If applicable, especially for longer flights.
  • Clear doctor’s prescription needed for carrying your medication.
  • Double up Document copies for Print same number of sets across more airports check-in and arrival.
  • 3rd party airport transfer authorization for older children (>14-16 years, dependent upon comfort level.

Age Restrictions for Unaccompanied Minors

  • 8 years is the minimum  – children below this age cannot travel alone.
  • For Westjet’s unaccompanied minor policy, the maximum age is 11 years old.
  • 8-11 years old children and with good independent functioning are allowed
  • For mature children with a history of solo travel, there are rare exceptions.
  • 12+ years old children not allowed to the program – supposed mature enough travellers.
  • The remaining must go with adults over 16.
  • Age groups should check and carry birth certificates for confirmation.

Services provide Westjet’s Unaccompanied Minor Programme

  • Booking:
    • WestJet Reservation form submission online only:
    • 48 hours confirmation response via email.
    • 72-hour window to confirm booking and pay: 1-way flight fare + $100 for UMS fee each way.
    • 4 Unaccompanied Minors per flight.
  • Pre-flight:
    • Child’s photo ID copy (birth certificate or official government document) required at check-in.
    • Detailed information concerning travel given to guardians and children prior.
    • Pre-paid Wi-Fi may be purchased through WestJet website Or at the airport before boarding.
  • Airport Services:
    • Dedicated WestJet agent accompanies the child to check-in, helps him\her with Jesus baggage checking in process; at security area, via immigration (if any) up till boarding.
    • Baggage handling for the child’s luggage is given priority.
    • Agent boarding first in a pre-assigned seat near flight attendants.
  • Inflight Care:
    • Pre-selected meals based on dietary preferences provided. Additional snacks and drinks available upon request.
    • If required, flight attendants help in medicinal administration and visits to the restroom.
    • Age-appropriate, pre loaded personal entertainment system with help at hand in operating gadgets.
    • Flight attendants regularly check to ensure comfort areas and answer any questions.
  • Additional Services (Optional, Fee Applies):
    • 5-12 years old WestJet Kids’ Lounge access at Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ.
    • Pre-booked taxi or shuttle service to /from the airport (only available in specific cities).
  • Tips for Parents & Guardians:
    • Finally, plan well in advance and book UMS service early since there is a limit of 4 unaccompanied minors per flight.
    • Make your child familiar with airport routines and what to do during the trip.
    • Give explicit instructions and phone details of the approved receiving adult at the destination.
    • A comforting item like a favourite book or toy would be ideal for packing in order to put your child at ease.
    • It is worthwhile to buy the additional pre-paid Wi-Fi access for having fun and communicating during your journey in an airplane.

WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Fee Policy

This guide delves into the fee structure and regulations of WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMS):

1. Base Fee:

  • Flat fee of $100 CAD per direction (one-way trip).
  • Covers all essential UMS services:
    • Pre-flight booking assistance
    • Airport services include Meet & Greet, priority baggage handling and boarding assistance.
    • In-flight care services (food, drink, prescription meds & toilet helpers , entertainment and comfort as well as conversation).
    • Arrival Handover (Meet & Greet, verified handing over)

2. Additional Fees:

  • Optional services at extra cost:
    • WestJet Kids’ Lounge access: 5-12 years children in Toronto Pearson International Airport costs $ 25 CAD per child.
    • Ground transportation: It varies from city to another and for the service that you choose which is either a pre-arranged taxi or shuttle.

3. Payment Requirements:

  • 72 hours of UMS booking confirmation are due for payment on flight fare and reservation.
  • This fee should be paid together with the flight fare.
  • Accepted payment methods: major credit cards, debit cards or WestJet gift certificates.

4. Refunds and Cancellations:

5. Exceptions and Special Cases:

  • No UMS service for international flights or connecting services.
  • 4 Unaccompanied Minors per flight.
  • WJVP is not eligible for UMS where bookings are made through the WestJet Vacations package.
  • There is no application of the Guardian Fare Program (affordable adult fare for attending children from the age group between two and eleven years) to UMS fees.


  • There is a limited availability of UMS and must always be reserved in advance.
  • Carefully review all fee details and policies before booking.
  • Contact the WestJet customer service for any queries and clarifications.

Understanding WestJet unaccompanied minor fee policy’s specificities can lead to a hassle-free and safe journey for your child.

A critical detail for safe travel

Although WestJet doesn’t specifically name it an “Authority Letter”, the WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Consent Form performs a kind of crucial role. It is necessary for all children, age 8-17 travelling alone on domestic flights (direct/nonstop flights without changing an aircraft) to submit it completed and provided at check-in. This type of form protects the child thereby ensuring that all responsible powers are duly informed and authorized for the journey.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the key details you need to include:

1. Child’s Information:

  • full name and birth date.
  • Passport number (if applicable)

2. Parents/Guardians Information:

  • Ideally, both parents or legal guardians should sign. 3) If only one parent or guardian has signed the form, provide proof as to why the other did not.
  • Full name and kinship to the child
  • Valid email addresses and phone numbers , both home-based as well those which could be reached during travelling dates.

3. Travel Itinerary:

  • Flight numbers, dates and times of departure/arrival for all legs.
  • Departure and arrival airports.
  • Connecting flight confirmation (does not apply to the WestJet Unaccompanied Minor service).

4. Authorised Receiving Adult:

  • Full name and the relationship to that child
  • Contact information- phone number and local address (hotel name where applicable)

5. Additional Information:

  • Reason for the child’s travel (optional, but recommended)
  • Medical conditions or allergies of the child, if present (critically important for flight attendants).
  • In case of any unforeseen situations, contact information for emergencies.

Tips for Completing the Form:

  • Print and fill out the form legibly in advance.
  • 2 copies for redundancy, one to be kept by the airline and second at receiving adults.
  • Attach the child’s travel itinerary printout to both copies.
  • Make sure all signatures are legible and valid.
  • Make sure that the addresses and phone numbers of a receiving adult’s local place are easily available at check-in, on board.

WestJet Thoroughly Verifies Consent:

Be aware that the WestJet personnel will scrutinise Unaccompanied Minor Consent Form carefully at check-in and require the child’s identification along with details of an authorized receiving adult’s identification documents when arriving. This ensures that the right procedures are followed for the child’s safety and welfare during this entire process.

By furnishing the correct and full details about WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Consent Form you can enable your child to travel hassle free.

WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor ID System

WestJet Airline minor policy pays particular attention to the safety of unaccompanied minor passengers. They take it further than ordinary boarding passes by providing a special identification arrangement where their team can monitor your child all through his or her voyage. This system uses several elements to ensure smooth travel and quick recognition:

1. Brightly Coloured Wristbands:

  • Your child will be given a unique, easily distinguishable wristband with their name, flight details and seating number on check-in. This easily visible marker enables WestJet employees to rapidly find and help your child in the airport or on board.
  • The distinctive colour of the band distinguishes unaccompanied minors from other passengers, thus allowing flight attendants and ground personnel to identify them more easily.

2. Unaccompanied Minor Badge:

  • Your child will also get a special “solo kid badge” to place on their clothes instead of the wristband. This badge is a kind of reminder for flight attendants and other passengers that the child’s care has fallen under WestJet.
  • What makes the badge worse is that it also helps to highlight a child’s status as an unaccompanied minor, which means more attention and supervision by crew.

3. Discreet Passenger Awareness:

  • WestJet communicates the status of unaccompanied minors to nearby passengers in a subtle manner. This subtle awareness promotes more watchful eyes without singling out the child.
  • This awareness fosters a coordination with their commitment among passengers to assist WestJet staff in assuring the child’s comfort and protection.

4. Restricted Interactions:

  • WestJet does not engage the presence of unaccompanied minors with other adult passengers on board. This protocol reduces the potential for incidents occurring and ensures that the child remains focused on their journey.
  • Flight attendants are actively engaged with interactions monitoring to ensure the child is fine and provide gentle reminders.

Additional Tips for Parents:

  • Brief the child about keeping close to where they were seated. Tell them not to wander about in the cabin alone.
  • Train them to recognize the WestJet uniforms and name badges worn by their staff.
  • Warn them about engaging in conversations with strangers. Stress the need to follow established processes and inform concerning discomfort in crew.

By adopting this broad identification mechanism and promoting passenger consciousness WestJet ensures a secure and cooperative environment for unaccompanied minors in their lone trip. As a parent this knowledge about these measures would empower you with the assurance that your child is taken care of all the way.

WestJet’s Dedicated Care for Unaccompanied Minors: 

WestJet makes the ordinary airline journey for unaccompanied minors exceptional, going above and beyond to ensure that they are comfortable, safe during their trip. Beyond standard check-in procedures, their dedicated staff provides individualised care and attention at every step:

Boarding with Comfort:

  • In order to verify children’s credentials discreetly, WestJet agents work with pre-arranged questions and information without causing any anxiety.
  • They confirm a special inflight meal option ticked off during the booking process, even when parents do not remind them about their dietary needs.
  • Any specialized medical devices or support that the child may have will be very carefully stored and readily available whenever needed.

Inflight Journey:

  • WestJet staff accompany children to restroom areas when requested, guiding and reassuring them.
  • They help young children open snacks and beverage packs while helping them navigate around independently.
  • For flights involving multiple legs, employees from WestJet ensure baggage identification and recovery at layover hubs to mitigate possible hassles.

Arrival with a Smile:

  • WestJet agents patiently speak to any concerns or queries which could indicate potential nervousness regarding the disembarking procedures.
  • They bring comfort and a sense of security for children while waiting for family members, filling in the gap until they get reunited.
  • In minor illnesses such as colds and coughs, WestJet staff has basic first-aid aid.

Personalised Engagement:

WestJet realises the need to keep young passengers busy and amused. Their staff has friendly talks, plays games and provides colouring books or reading materials during travel time softening the journey eases anxiety.

WestJet’s Commitment to Safety:

Safety is very important for WestJet, and their Unaccompanied Minor service shows that. Their comprehensive protocols encompass:

  • Rigorous staff training: The employees of WestJet are trained in child safety, communications as well as emergency practices.
  • Continuous monitoring: Dedicated agents monitor unaccompanied minors throughout the journey.
  • Clear communication: Parents and Guardians get updates on the child’s progress at major milestones such as boarding, arrival, or connecting flights.
  • Emergency preparedness: There are established procedures to deal with any unexpected situations and ensure the well-being of a child.

Safety Commitment – At WestJet, the airline has done well to ensure that unaccompanied minor travel is a pleasant and stress free experience for children and their families. Understanding such exceptional features of service provision, parents can be confident in the fact that their young flyers are well looked after throughout their trip alone.

WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor Pick-Up Protocol:

WestJet ensures that safety and security are upheld in pick-up procedures whereby unaccompanied minors can only be released to authorised adults. Here’s how the process unfolds:

1. Verified Identification:

  • The receiving adult must ensure that they reach the airport pick-up point with valid government issued photo ID.
  • The details of the ID must also match exactly with what is indicated on the Unaccompanied Minor Consent Form.

2. Pre-Designated Guardians Only:

  • WestJet agents will only hand over the child to those individual(s) named in the consent form.
  • Last-minute modifications to receiving adults are strictly restricted.
  • If the need for a temporary guardian arises, ensure that valid consent is transferred in advance.

3. Arrival Gate Handover:

  • If ID verification is done, the WestJet personnel will guide the child to the arrival gate for pick up.
  • They will visually ensure the match between a child and an authorized adult prior to release.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Pick-Up:

  • Valid Photo ID: Ask the authorized guardian to bring a valid photo ID for identification.
  • Prepare for Questions: Instruct them to prepare for possible questions from WestJet agents related to ID verification.
  • Notify Staff of Delays: Use telephones to notify WestJet employees in the event of a delayed pickup.
  • No Exit Before Pick-Up: Emphasise that the receiving adult shall not leave without taking her child from the airport.

Critical Health Needs:

WestJet recognizes that children with chronic medical conditions require extra attention and preparation:

  • Abundant Medication Supplies: Pack plenty of physician-prescribed medications in the carry-on bag.
  • Staff Briefing: For WestJet agents, communicate possible emergency response requirements and any particular medical triggers that may arise.
  • Medical Aids and Comfort: Include all needed medical paraphernalia such as inhalers, glucose tabs etc. inside the kid’s carry-on bag and ensure that any alert bracelets are worn by them
  • Prescriptions and Doctor Notes: Take copies of prescriptions and doctor notes, if necessary.
  • Comfort and Trigger Minimization: Work with staff of WestJet to ensure that the trip is ergonomically comfortable throughout so as to minimise possible episodic triggers.

Additional Travel Tips for Kids:

  • These tips can further enhance the child’s travel occasion:
  • Pack the favourite snack box as well a handheld gaming console.
  • Ensure they have the emergency contacts of the airline handy.
  • Brief kids to withhold their personal information from the co-passengers.
  • Teach them to secretly take pictures of the encounters, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

It’s most interesting that even long haul journeys can look like bold, reassuring and maturing adventures for children undoubtedly needing to fly non-escorted on some trips of a lifetime – working together with the structured supervision from an westjet unaccompanied minor program and actively self preparing them.


WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor program eliminates the stress and hassle of air travel alone for kids aged 8-17. With specialist services, including a team of knowledgeable adults and significant safety provisions your child will enjoy the journey in comfort having gained their independence and eagerness to reach new destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor program allows for how old is the minimum age?

8 years old is the lowest age.

2. Is there a maximum age?

The program is for children up to 17 years old.

3. Can I book unaccompanied minor travel online? 

Yes, it is possible to book and pay for the service easily through WestJet’s site.

4. What papers do I have for my child?

You have to bring a filled out Unaccompanied Minor Form and photocopy of your child’s government-issued identification document.

5. What happens at check-in?

A WestJet agent will meet your child, check their travel documents and take them through the security lines to the gate of their flight.

6. What happens on the flight?

As a parent, your child will be looked after by the flight attendant to ensure they are comfortable and their needs met during the journey.

7. How will I know my child is okay? 

The WestJet app allows you to get real-time updates on your flight and communicate with the child.

8. Does the program include meals? 

You can reserve meals or snacks for your child from the time of booking.

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